Surprises, Sunrises and a Nursery

You might not be hearing from this girl for awhile. Last weekend the little babe I have been anticipating to come in three weeks decided to grace us with his presence early. He arrived just after dawn on Monday and has been filling up my days and nights with so much joy that I hardly (a bit of a stretch) notice how little sleep I am functioning on. Even with so little rest, sunrise with my little guy in his nursery is my favorite time. 

I wanted to share pictures of the nursery so you can see what I put together for the little man. This being one of the few posts you will see from me for awhile, I wanted to make it a good one. 

We always knew it was going to be a boy and I wanted to create a modern, yet cozy space that would be inviting for him and comfortable for us. The room started as an extra room used only a few times for overnight guests. 

I loathe that fan. It was the first thing to go. 
It is a good thing that I went through that whole nesting phase early, as the room has been done and it was so nice to come home to a finished room. 

The walls are painted Bunny Gray from Benjamin Moore, which is a pale gray but also changes to a light blue in certain light. The chevron rug is from Dwell Studio, which along with the glider from Room & Board, is one of the first pieces I picked out. What is great about the glider is that is wide and deep and covered in a soft, short velvet. Big enough to stretch out and super comfortable for Dad. The brown leather Moroccan pouf is from a store on Ebay and the initial pillow is from Jonathan Adler. We already had this twin bed from Crate & Barrel and turned it into a day bed with lots of pillows. 

The white furry pillow and the navy corded pillows are from Crate & Barrel. The white pillows and soft gray pillows are from Ikea. The chevron pillows are from WillaSkyeHome and the striped pillow is from ModernMarvelousHome, both on Etsy. 

I am completely obsessed with the animal prints from The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose. 

The black out curtains are from Pottery Barn Kids and do a really great job of getting the room dark during nap time. The curtain rod is from West Elm. 

The dresser is from West Elm, shelves are form The Container Store and the changing pad is by Nook. The glass containers filled with pacifiers and toys was something I had seen on Pinterest and loved. I also love that I found a place for my White Sox bobble heads on the top shelf and a mini version of the trucks used in the family business.   

The crib is Sparrow by Oeuf and the bedding is Pottery Barn Kids. I love the modern crib with the simple, preppy stars and stripes. The Love poster is by MadebyGirl, one of my favorite print shops and blogs. 

It is so fun to share this project with you and a great send off for me into a nice long break to take care of my son. 

Thomas Michael is the new love of my life and hopefully I will be back soon to share more about life after baby and how my world has changed. 

Until then, lots of love. 



A Little PS1 Love

Since my shopping lately has been a lot more about fantasy than actually purchases given my current state of bump, I thought I could get my fix by finally purchasing the wallet that I had my eye on. It came this weekend and I am in love. 

Proenza Schouler knows how to cheer a girl up. I am obsessed with the color and pattern and think it is going to be the perfect way to make me feel a bit more fashionable in my current state of perpetual leggings. 

What cheered you up this weekend? 



NYFW & Weekend Wishes

This week has been filled with a lot of online time scoping out fashion week. From the collections to the street style, it is almost overwhelming trying to look at everything. The ultimate time suck, but an amazing one at that. 

If I had to pick a couple collections that I can actually see myself shopping the most looks from, it would be 10 Crosby Derek Lam and Rachel Zoe. Not only are these more in the realm of my wallet than most collections, I also just genuinely loved all the looks. 

The fur coat, layered with the leather coat (love the color), on top of the leather skirt and printed blouse that hangs underneath is overkill, but so great. 
I have always loved shirts hanging underneath skirts, which is weird. But I do and the addition of this peplum sweater is adorable. 
I want every piece of the last look. Especially the vest and belt. 

Rachel obviously is going to give us some retro 70s fun along with some glamour. 

The nod to Julie Christie in the first look is fun and I love the muted colors. 
This cape is that perfect purchase to help you get over the weather being cold again. 
I love the printed dress, especially the cut and slit going on. 
Bright velvet plaid is now on my "need to try" list.  
Not sure what is going on with the head muff, but I love this white dress with the draping and center slit. 

It is fun to channel Rachel a bit and look around for dresses that you think will land on the red carpet at the Oscars. These should at least be options for some of Hollywood's ladies. 

If I was going, it would be between the Rodarte and the J. Mendel. Loving all the gold. 

My wish this weekend is to find some of these in my closet come Fall (slim chance). 

The DVF dress is so vampy with the neckline and the sleeves. For something serious, though. 
Buffalo check at Michael Kors had me at hello.  
Nothing like an all white outfit (never happening) to love. The coat and skirt are amazing from J. Mendel. Charlotte Ronson wore the cutest sweater for her bow, which was also on the runway. 
 There is something about this BCBG dress I love. 

Here's to more shows to come and fun fantasy shopping to do! 



Loving Wide Leg Silk Trousers

The idea of a pair of wide leg silk pants that create an ease in your look is very appealing to me. There has been a lot of inspiration for incorporating this piece in your closet. 

I have seen a lot of great options while shopping. Loving the idea of a print, but the pin dot versions like the pink and blue below are better for the faint of heart. 

Right to Left: Elizabeth & James $325, Leith $198, Alberta Ferretti $995, Elizabeth & James $365

Will you be sporting some softness anytime soon? 



Best Way to Choose a Paint Color

I spent the morning playing with this fun tool from Sherwin-Williams, Chip It. You simply give the URL of a photo and it will give you paint colors to coordinate. How fun to use when starting a design project in your home? You can use any image that inspires your space and it will give you the perfect color palate to follow. 

You can use your favorite look from Fashion Week...

A favorite bedroom with a pop of color...

An outfit that you have your eye on...

The dressing room you are obsessed with...

Or a photo of your favorite place...

You can actually add it to your toolbar much like Pinterest so you can Chip It whenever you stumble across something you love. This makes picking colors a whole lot easier and so much fun. 

Happy Chipping! 


Browsing for Spring

You know when you are on a mission to find the perfect dress/outfit/shoes/bag for a specific occasion and it seems like no store could fulfill that need after hours of shopping? It seems to happen to everyone and the hunt becomes frustrating. 

It is the times when you are not really shopping for anything, nor need anything, or in my case can't wear anything or know how anything will fit in the coming months, when you find hundreds (slightly dramatic) of perfect Spring pieces that would be the most amazing additions to your closet. That was my Saturday. I drooled over everything and willed for my baby bump to melt off and my swollen feet to be presentable so I could at least try things on. Instead, I gawked and wished that everything would be just as cute in a few months. 

My first obsession are these amazing Bottega Veneta wedges...

The wedge is actually a glossy, bright pink and the leather is the perfect contrast. The studs and height bring it all home. It is taking every will of my being to not order these right now, but I see myself caving in the next week or two while I await the baby. 

Then I saw this Tracey Reese sequined floral top with an open back and bandeau paired with the perfect Rachel Zoe cobalt blue maxi skirt with a high slit....

Cocktails on a rooftop deck? Rehearsal dinner for a spring wedding? Date night with your man? It would be so freaking cute for any of those. 

There was so much more and some great trends that I spotted. I will be shopping and sharing with you soon. Think lace bloomers, soft pajama-style printed trousers a la Kate Hepburn, soft pastels and the brightest brights. Adore it all and excited to actually start shopping soon! 



BAFTA & Grammy Fashion Re-cap

There were two awards shows on yesterday, the BAFTA's in the UK and the Grammy's. The BAFTA's had an amazing selection of fashion that was a great sneak peak into what we might be expecting at the Oscars later this month. The red carpet was so good, that I actually did not have enough material to do a worst dressed list. Here are the highlights..

Then there is the Grammy's. Which is usually a mixture of way too many rhinestones, a freak show, and grown women wearing prom dresses. The Grammy's are fun and I like that you see some people take some risks, but there are limits, people. My first three favorites were just as good coming as they were going. 

If I could change anything, I would take away the high neck of Taylor's dress. Rihanna's Armani dress is amazing and the styling is perfect. Carrie is a most improved for me. She usually chooses over-embellished gowns that are styled too old for her. This is a gown, but she looks pretty and classy. 

My other favorites...

This is probably the shortest worst dressed list I have had for the Grammy's, which possibly makes the Grammy's now something to actually watch for the fashion and not just the shock value. These ladies, though could use some serious help. 

What were your hits and misses from last night? 




Weekend Wish

I am excited the weekend is here and that I have some fun plans on the agenda, but just enough so that I can also relax. 
The Waldorf-Astoria just took over the Elysian Hotel in Chicago and I can't wait for a spa day there today. Pregnancy has gone from blissful to uncomfortable, so the spa will be an amazing retreat. 

How cute are the previews for The Vow? Excited to see that with some girlfriends this weekend. Nothing like a good old fashioned chick flick on a winter's day. 

If you have Homemade Pizza Company in your area, try it. It brings new meaning to "take out" and their cookie pies you bake at home are amazing. 

I think these leopard shorts need to be my first purchase of serious animal print. How cute with a bold colored blouse and sky high platforms for spring? 

Going to pop into Barney's to check out two concealers that are always raved about online. YSL Touche Eclat and Cle de Peau concealer. Have you tried either of them? I will let you know how that goes. 

My weekend wish is that I get to enjoy all of the above and my back stops hurting. I know, super boring, but that is my main wish right now. I hope you have the energy to do all that you want this weekend, even if that is staying in and relaxing. That is what February is all about in my opinion. 

Happy Weekend! 


Red and Beige All Over

This color combination has been all over Pinterest and I am loving the bright red with the neutral beige. 

via Elle.com

The addition of a little pink clutch and a stack of silver bangles is kind of genius. 

While I cold not find these exact pieces, I found a few that could complete the look for us. 

1. Audrey Long $198
3. DKNY $195
4. Arden B $44
5. Mother $147 (sale)
6. Carven $360
7. Marc Jacobs $560
8. Milly $235
9. ASOS $14
11. Low Luv by Erin Wasson $59



Chanel Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser

When I think of cleanser, my first thought is not essential oils. But I have been reading so much about cleansing oils that I wanted to try some myself. While picking up some red lipstick at the Chanel counter (they make the best), I was introduced to Chanel's Sublimage skin care line. The salesgirl described it as Chanel's "luxury" line. I don't know about you, but just the mention of Chanel screams luxury to me, so I knew that I was in trouble when she started testing the products on me. 

The Essential Comfort Cleanser was the most intriguing product to me. First, because it was a cleansing gel made up of mostly oils. And second because it made my skin so incredibly soft, instead of the usual tightness that I get from the harsher cleansers I use. 

The fun thing about this cleanser is that you apply with no water, steam your face a bit with a hot towel, then gently wipe away the day from your skin. After a quick rinse and pat dry, your skin feels incredible. Soft, clean, and full of moisture without feeling greasy. 

I have added this cleanser to my routine as the best make up remover and the perfect ritual after a long day. I am still using other cleansers, but this one has a time and place when I feel my skin needs a break from the harshness of the acids and soaps that help my acne-prone skin. 

The bottle is of medium size and the price tag will give you sticker shock, but you just use a bit with each use so it will last for quite some time. I do love the feel of it and I would like to try some of the other products in this line soon. 

Have you tried any oil based cleansers? 



Valentine's Day Romper

We are about a week out from Valentine's Day. While I am not one to go out all out for the holiday, I do believe in a little something to acknowledge it. I have written love letters, sent out funny cards to friends and cooked a special meal, other than that I really just enjoy the pink colored peanut butter M&M's. 

I do believe it is fun to pick up a piece of lingerie to make bedtime a little extra special for your Valentine. I think rompers have just the right amount of sweet to sexy and I tend to gravitate towards them when shopping for lingerie. 

1. Victoria's Secret $42 (variety of colors)
2. Forever 21 $13
4. La Fee Verte $120 (also in navy)
5. Forever 21 $15 (also in black)
6. La Fee Verte $130



Wedding Dress Illustration

I wish I could take credit for coming up with this gift idea for your favorite bride, but instead I will just share how adorable it is. After seeing it on the wall of my favorite bride/new mom I had to find the Etsy shop that it came from. It was a present from one of the other chic bridesmaids from her wedding and I only wish I would have known about it sooner. It would have made some after-wedding gift giving a lot easier. 

This Etsy shop makes customized illustrations of the wedding dress and will incorporate any other elements you might like to add. From bouquet flowers, to a quote, to an accessory, she will make it happen. The above is the exact print of my friend. 

I can say from seeing it first hand, that it looks great as part of a gallery wall of wedding or other favorite moments. It would be the perfect gift to send a month or two after the wedding madness so that your friend can enjoy her dress every day in a totally different way. 



Weekend Wish: Channeling Gwyneth

There is just something about Gwyneth....

The girl says what she wants, has incredible taste, actually eats, and is honest about what it takes every day to look this great at 39. 

Some days I hate her, but only because I want to be her. 

Looking down at my giant bump right now and kind of want to cry, but I think these pictures will be great motivation to get back in shape for summer (not that I think I could even get close to this, but I can pretend). 

Her latest interview in Harper's Bazaar is refreshing and makes you just love her even more. You want to be her friend, her co-worker, and her travel buddy all at the same time. She does not BS in interviews and is honest about what makes her life work, which is like a breath of fresh air. 

My weekend wish is to channel Gwyneth. I will try to remember it is that realness she has to herself that makes her so great (the amazing wardrobe and genetics don't hurt either). 

Here is to a weekend all about you and exactly who you want to be. 


photos via Harper's Bazaar


Winter Fuzz

This is probably the most controversial post I have written, which is not hard when your main subjects are shopping and fun girlie topics.  

What are your thoughts on fur? Is it a Do or a Don't? 

It seems to be everywhere and I love how it is incorporated into these ladies looks...

I think the best thing we have going today is that faux looks and feels a lot like the real thing. Any of the above could be faux and to our novice eyes, the difference is hard to tell. Although, who am I kidding? These ladies like the real deal. 

So to keep things PC around here (and more economical), let's do some shopping for the faux variety. Although, I am curious to know your opinion. 

2. ASOS $128
3. Wyatt $198
4. ASOS $98 (obsessed with this one)
5. Juicy Couture $400
7. ASOS $76

Best part of shopping these looks now is that they are almost all on sale. I am debating between the ASOS  (4) and the Juicy toggle. Both are adorable and look warm, but chic. 

Would you be sporting these if they were real? I am still undecided. 



On Display

As I wrote in this post, I have been looking for an organizational solution for my jewelry so that I can see it all and make the selection process much more fun. I ended up getting this glass display case from Ikea and I love the results. 

I have laid out all the pieces that I actually wear at the moment for easy access. 

I laid pieces out by category so I can see all the options. The cabinet has plenty of space so each piece has plenty of space to be seen and then replaced later. 

A vintage necklace display and my (creepy) hand mannequin offer a few other places to place items so I can browse easily. 

The bottom shelf is the perfect place to display clutches. The cabinet comes with doors, but I opted to leave them off for easier access. 

A hand-me-down crystal tray gives me a place to put the pieces I wear almost every day. 

There is plenty of wall space above, so the hunt is on for a few items to hang to personalize the space. A mirror is a must, since it will allow me to try things on and check out how they look. 

I keep other pieces in my original jewelry box and when I am ready to switch things out, this display makes it easy. I like how it feels a bit like a boutique. They always say to shop in your own closet and this certainly makes me feel like I really am. 



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