Winter Fuzz

This is probably the most controversial post I have written, which is not hard when your main subjects are shopping and fun girlie topics.  

What are your thoughts on fur? Is it a Do or a Don't? 

It seems to be everywhere and I love how it is incorporated into these ladies looks...

I think the best thing we have going today is that faux looks and feels a lot like the real thing. Any of the above could be faux and to our novice eyes, the difference is hard to tell. Although, who am I kidding? These ladies like the real deal. 

So to keep things PC around here (and more economical), let's do some shopping for the faux variety. Although, I am curious to know your opinion. 

2. ASOS $128
3. Wyatt $198
4. ASOS $98 (obsessed with this one)
5. Juicy Couture $400
7. ASOS $76

Best part of shopping these looks now is that they are almost all on sale. I am debating between the ASOS  (4) and the Juicy toggle. Both are adorable and look warm, but chic. 

Would you be sporting these if they were real? I am still undecided. 


1 comment:

  1. I love fur, but I totally have to go the faux fur route! Don't worry, I don't have red paint in my purse for those that decide to contradict me :)

    It's interesting, I feel like when my mother has winter parties her bed looks like one big mink ready to take off on 4 bedposts! I often think that it's more of a generational thing: MINK. I also know how much hers was and can't even fathom spending money like that on a coat...interesting that I'm now posting this on your site when I haven't even told her my opinion.

    Love the Juicy one too...I feel like I could wear that for seasons to come. On the other hand, I really like the #3 vest but realize that it may be out of style in a season or 2. Who knows though...I'm not an expert :)

    Thanks for always sharing, Erin! Love to you and the baby!



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