Time for Spring Breaking

Are you off somewhere warm? Hope so. 
I am a little late on my Spring Break packing post as I know that some of you might already be on yours or headed out of town, but my packing does not start until next week so here I am. Since the kids stuff takes up at least half of our packing space, I like to keep things light and coordinated. Makes it easy to not only pack, but to pick what to wear once you are there.  Here is what I am going to bring (either the exact or close match to) this year...

1. A straw bag that doesn't mind a little sand, but fits everything. Hat Attack $95
2. My fave mineral sunscreen powder now comes in spf 50. It is waterproof and gives you a nice even coverage. Sunscience $64 (lasts forever)
3. Worship these frames from Warby Parker $95
4. A actual packable hat that can get squished in your bag. J. Crew $34
5. Soft PJs that wash well, look nice, and are ok for your in laws to see you in. J. Crew $58
6. This suit looks great with cut off shorts and flips. Total 90s throwback. J. Crew $88 (many colors)
7. A breezy and sweet cover up. J. Crew $69

(Think I have enough J. Crew going on? Geez. But kind of obsessed with everything there lately and there seems to be a sale every day.)

These tops...
From Left: 
A gauzey, boho blouse with tassels that goes with everything. BB Dakota $85
Remember when tanks had shelf bras in them in the early 00s? Yea, J. Crew is making them again. $24
My love for Cloth & Stone runs deep, and this coral button down is so soft and perfect. $88
A forgiving, but sweet ruffle top for big dinners out. d.Ra $84

All the tops can be worn with each of these shorts...
1. Easily the best pair of lace shorts I have bought. Loft $59 (other colors available)
2. A sweet pair of floral drawstring shorts. Minkpink $59
3. My go to J. Crew cut offs. $79
4. Who doesn't love a skort? And I love the print/woven material. Cupcakes & Cashmere $100

Dresses for different occasions...
I am a sucker for Parker and I love this silhouette. $265
This dress could go from the beach straight to dinner. Loft $79 + 25% off today
A little ballet nod in a super flattering cut. Susana Monaco $170 (yellow also, $119)

I swear by the three pairs of shoes rule. All you need...
1. A wedge that matches everything when you want a lift. Loeffler Randall $275
2. A flip flop that can hang by the pool or be paired with a dress later. J. Crew $50 (also in back)
3. A white sneaker for everywhere else. Adidas $74 (check out the sizing notes when ordering)

Anything you cannot leave behind? Would love to hear. 
Happy Travels! 



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