Five Fall Looks: From the Bus Stop to Date Night

The charm of Fall is upon on us. From the lit up leaves to the warm spiced coffees and little people in puffy coats. We love it all and are hoping it lasts for as long as possible. The coziness of it all is great, but can sometimes mean that style gets lost. There are so many cute pieces that are actually functional for all the phases of your day and can be worn well into winter. Loving all five of these looks so much and that you can mix and match almost all of them. 

Weekend Errands & Lunch

Drop Off & Starbucks Run
Jacket (comes in other colors. This one too!) / Soft Sweat Set / Shearling Boot (OBSESSED)

 Best Friends Birthday Party
Sequin Top (also in burgundy. SO GOOD) / Faux Leather Pants (comes in all sizes) / Leopard heels

Date Night 

Killing it at Work 

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Current Favorites

This week I made a conscious effort to slow down. Most of that is possible because I was super organized with the busy things so the free time was well plotted. I started using this planner pad and it really helped me with my week. That mixed with an uncluttered weekend makes for a smooth transition into Monday and I am into it. I could do without the seasonal allergies, but nothing a little bourbon and honey can't solve. Here are some of my favorites this week...

1. Made a trip to Zara and picked up this Poplin dress and I LOVE. 
2. Plowed right through The Politician on Netflix this week and it is everything. The characters! The Sets! The Plots! So good. Also listening to the soundtrack on Spotify. You'll thank me later. 
3. Sooo I know this Vitner's Daughter Serum is crazy expensive, but I can say that after three weeks I notice an actual difference in my skin. It also smells incredible and slathering it on in the morning is the perfect moisturizer before sunscreen. For a more budget friendly version, the reviews for this one are awesome. 
4. I love simple recipes that take a basic ingredient to a level you never knew it could get to. Cabbbage being something we do not usually crave, you would think making an entire soup out of it would be insane. But I made this Cozy Cabbage Soup with Farro by Smitten Kitchen and I tucked into like a blanket on a cold day. 
5. I bought this pajama set from Nordstrom and it is SO similar to the Eberjay set that is more than double the price! So soft and washes well. 
6. I installed this outdoor rug last week and it is gorgeous. It is a sisal, but with a texture that gives an oushak vibe. Would be just as good inside as it is inside. Especially layered with a smaller vintage rug! The price is amazing too. 
7. My favorite summer dress now comes in a fall print and I cannot tell you how flattering it is. Nips exactly in the right place and the puff sleeves are obviously the best part. 
8. My neck party is getting more attention with this little gold heart pendant added in. It is such a fun longer piece to layer with my shorter delicate necklaces. (psst.. it is super budg friendly too)
9. I have a son who refuses to learn to tie his shoes but is also wearing a giant shoe size that no longer comes in a velcro option. (insert eye roll) So amazon to the rescue and these bungee shoe ties. Easy to lace in any shoe and tighten up. One day we will tackle it, but for now I do not care enough to push it. 

Have A Great Week! 
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Fall Shopbop Sale! Up to 25% Off EVERYTHING

Because I know you have been thinking about all the things you want for Fall, but have yet to pull the trigger, let's get pumped for the Fall Shopbop sale where you get up to 25% off the entire site. Whohoo! 
They call this the stock up sale, because it really is a good one to get all those essentials for Fall you actually need. I always order undies, pajamas, and t-shirts, then add in the pieces that are missing for the season. This year I need a cozy coat for cold soccer games, another sweat set because of course, and a fun cocktail dress for an event. 

Here are some of my favorite picks too! 
Use Code STOCKUP19 at checkout

1. I just got this dress and worship it! So flattering and great to throw on and feel put together. 
2. The cult classic Loeffler Randall mules are a staple you can wear until it snows. Also in rainbow and leopard
3. How chic is this DVF wrap sweater dress?? 
4. A silky top you can wear with jeans to dinner. 
5. The colors and details of this Sea dress are so perfect. 
6. Loving this silky mixed print dress with sneaks for day or pumps for night. 
7. A super soft PJ set to put on immediately upon getting home. 
8. The perfect length faux fur coat to wear absolutely everywhere. This one too
10. Been eyeing this knit dress forever and think it is perfect for Fall
11. Good to get some new workout gear to keep motivated. Love this Terez top with these leggings
12. A cozy (not tight!) sweater dress to pair with boots and feel instantly chic
13. A long heart necklace perfect for layering
14. Vejas are never on sale! So this is your chance

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Halloween Decor

As much as I love decor, I am not a huge holiday decorations person. Clutter and stuff makes me itch, which makes my holiday decor game pretty weak. 
I am recognizing that my kids caring about holidays and the magic of it all is pretty fleeting. And at the ages they are at now a more fun house for the holidays would make for good memories. 
So I am going to up my game this year and I am starting with Halloween. 
But let's be clear, I am not blowing up the house and stuffing every mantel. 
Just a few fun things with big impact so that my kids smile bigger and the season is just a bit more fun. 

Click links for details

1. A cute striped rug or runner is so perfect to break out for Halloween! Thinking a runner in the kitchen or entry would be fun. 
2. I can always get behind a wreath and this bat one is sweet. 
3. Obsessed with these bat plates! There are also matching bowls
4. A swarm of bats on the wall is always fun
5. Lizzo fans will love this door mat
6. Amber glass pumpkins perfect for candles or little lights
7. Drippy, flickering candles that work on a remote. 
8. Cute felt ball garland for the mantel. 
9. Love these gold skeleton candles
10. How fun are these skeleton hands making signs for the garden? 
12. I have these big spiders and the kids went crazy for them last year

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Weekly Favorites

This week did to turn out as expected, so instead of the schedule I had in mind I was forced to hang out more and take it easy. Which I realized was just what I needed. 
I did a lot more cooking (check out my insta for a new recipe!), had time to actually put on real clothes in the morning, and check off all the to dos I had been putting off (still looking at you closet clean out). 
I am excited to get back to my routine, but also going to remember that I need more days to hang and focus on work/home. 
Here are some of the things that made me happy and I want to share. 

1. With cool nights and mornings upon us, I am in need of a big cozy jacket to throw on over leggings, This one is perfectly oversized and comes in a few great fall colors. 
2. I posted about my new cookware on Instagram and can I tell you my love affair with it continues. I cooked WAY more this week just to try things out. It is beautiful, lightweight, cleans up like a dream, and has great evenness. I love the blue I got, but it also comes in pink/brass! And black for a classic look. 
3. I am trying to slowly clean up my skin care product by product. I will not go all the way with it, but I am trying products out in an attempt to be more non toxic. I am a devoted Olay Body Wash user, but decided to give this Plant Apothecary Calm Down Wash a try given the raves reviews. And I am OBSESSED with it. The suds are so soft and the smell is intoxicating (ps: I am not a big fragrance person). It also comes in Get Happy, Wake Up, and Get it On (wink wink). Or get a set, which I am considering. 
4. My tried and true faux leather leggings come in the best Oxblood color for Fall. 
5. It has recently occurred to me that not everyone knows about Yellowstone. If you have not dove into this Ranch/Cowboy drama starring Kevin Costner (but really starring the beautiful state of Montana) start binging NOW. The boys will love it too, so it makes for a good hang. You can watch demand on the Paramount channel. 
6. I made a small change to help me with my mornings by not sleeping with my phone next to me and getting this alarm clock. And I have to say it is making falling asleep and getting butt out of bed in the morning a lot easier. I like that this one is easy to use and dims to off so it does not light up your room at night. 
7. I recently invested in a new laptop and considering the dings in my old one, I am trying to be more careful with it. How awesome is this leopard laptop case? How cool to slide your computer out of it at meetings?
8. These might be the best white sneakers I have seen this fall and the price point is great. 
9. If you follow Busy Phillips on Insta, then you have seen her sporting these Irene Neuwirth necklaces pretty much every day. Can I tell you that a wonderful and creative woman is making the exact same ones for like 95 percent less than Busy's?! I love the two I got and how they layer with my every day necklaces. I got this one and this one. Check out Ava Fox Jewelry to shop or find her on Insta

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Fall Staples for Under $100

While I will mourn the ease of a breezy summer dress, Fall really is the best for fashion. Cozy sweaters, jeans, and the need to not get regular pedicures is fantastic. 
And while I will always love a good white tee half tucked into jeans and sneakers, it is fun to have a few stand out items that set outfits apart. 
There are a lot of fuzzy fabrics, leopard, and pink in fall fashion and I love it. 
Mix in some well tailored classics and you will love getting dressed as the leaves begin to fall. 
All of these picks are under $100 and needless to say I want them all! 

1. In case you haven't been able to tell, I am living for a matched sweat set right not. This white fleece one is SO good. (top)
2. A classic pump with a comfy stacked heel you can wear with everything. 
3. Wide leg pants are everywhere, but I love the color of these and the crop. (comes in other colors)
4. Is there anything easier than a jumpsuit
5. This faux leather/shearling Moto jacket is awesome. Would elevate any outfit instantly. 
6. Leopard flats make any outfit extra fun. 
7. Classic Sperry duck boots in white are so cute. 
8. Tie dye is the print right now and this sweatshirt could be worn with jeans or leggings. 
9. A blazer you can grab to chic up any look. (comes in other colors)
10. A chunky cardigan to wear with high waist jeans. 
11. A pleated midi skirt is such a go to when the dress code calls for something other than jeans. (comes in many colors)
12. A puff sleeve moody floral for work or a night out. 
13. My go to faux leather leggings 
15. Lady loafers to feel like a grown up

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Weekly Favorites

This week finally felt like things were settling in. The morning routines, the bustling afternoons, the early bedtimes. And while the open spaces between drop off and pick up has been glorious, is it sad to say I miss those littles more than I thought?! 
Even more this year than any other. It must be the bigness of them that feels to have sprung on me so quickly it makes my heart ache. 
Do not get me wrong, the freedom of the school day is being well used and very much enjoyed. I hope your Fall is off to a good start and you are enjoying every minute of it. Even the ones feel a little lonely without your sidekicks. 
Here are some favorite things this week. 

1. Zara is SO good right now. Picked up this sweet sweater this week. 
2. I am in full binge mode with Victoria. She wears nothing but puff sleeves, so I guess she is also my style inspiration and I did not even know it! 
3. Finally ordered this serum with a serious cult following. All natural and supposed to be life changing. I plan on slathering on each morning. Will keep you posted...
4. I am SO picky when it comes to booties, they are just not flattering on me. BUT, I am dying to try a white pair and these might be the exact profile to make it worth it. Under $100! 
5. I am making this Lemon Feta dip with tomato vinaigrette this weekend and cannot wait to dive in. 
6. This lime popcorn is crazy addictive and a new grocery store staple. 
7. My Reformation jeans are my most worn and most asked about. Full blown stiff denim mom jeans and I am here for it! ha
8. I get pretty GOOP-y in my car by listening to the podcast and now they have upped the ante by including a Goop beauty podcast each week. I LOVED the one interviewing NYC's top Dermo. 
9. Fun fact, I do not own a belt. So strange and it is time for one. I have always loved this Isabel Marant one
10. Hanna Andersson is having a huge back to school sale. 40-50% off. I snatched a bunch of things for the kids and new pjs of course. 
11. This charming dining chair combines two of my favorite elements, caning and natural wood tone. They are a great price too! 
12. While you can't win every tennis match, you can always feel like a winner when wearing leopard tennis shoes. At least that is what I am telling myself. 



Home Organization for Sanity

I had grand plans this summer to clean out closets and reorganize the kitchen/mudroom/pantry. Lofty and unrealistic, but now that school is starting I feel like it is actually doable. I am tidy by nature, but tend to let the spaces one cannot see get a bit out of hand. 
My sanity during the school year hinges on a semi-tidy house, getting my kids out the door without too much yelling, and a schedule we can all wrap our heads around. So I wanted to pull things that can help me with all these things and might make organizing a bit easier too. 

1. I have long coveted this chic wall calendar, but do not have a space for it. 
2. I think it is time for me to convert to these all glass jars for stock items and place this AMAZING tags on each. Will look like Ina's before I know it. 
3. You guys, why are water bottles so annnoying and always falling down off my shelves?! This cabinet holder for them is genius. 
4. I have a junk drawer and it stinks. Mostly because of the batteries hanging around in it. This would make me so weirdly happy to have. 
5. Baskets really are life savers when it comes to the pantry. I can group items together and attach a cute little tag because I am super organized and cute now. 
6. I love writing things down like the old days. This is a weekly planner pad that you can put the weeks schedule on, and to dos, AND meal plan. Cute enough to display on the fridge for sure. 
7. Putting out an outfit for each morning tidy in this day of the week closet hanger makes mornings to much better! Also comes in pink
8. A charging station that can charge everything from a phone to a fit bit would be fantastic. 
9. Storage bins that can fold up are so great for different sports seasons, winter cold weather boots/clothes, and laundry rooms. Use when you need them, fold up and put away when you do not. 
10. Between the kids sports stuff, my tennis stuff, extra water/snacks, and 1000 other things, my trunk is a disaster. I feel like a couple of these trunk organizers will clean up my act. 
11. I always felt these were the best bins. For toys or shoes or snacks. Really anything! 
12. Large thermal grocery bags changed my life in an embarrassing amount. No more having to rush home from the market and less bags to bring in. 

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Back to School For Mom

I know right now you are doing all the things. 
Getting new backpacks and lunch boxes. Soccer cleats and ballet shoes. 
Filling out all the forms, getting to all the appointments, and organizing the calendar. 
It is A LOT. 
It is incredible just how many to dos there are to just get to that first day of school. 
So once all the boxes are checked and the littles are ready to get after that next year of school, it is time for mama to enjoy her good work and splurge a bit. 
I pulled together some cute and comfy pieces that would be staples for your days pre and post drop off. No reason for your kids to be the only ones crushing those first days of school. 

1. The perfect sunnies to throw on in the AM / 2. Cute puff sleeve stripe sweatshirt / 3. The coolest floral jumpsuit! / 4. Dark straight leg jeans to make you feel instantly pulled together / 5. Cool girl sneakers / 6. A comfy leopard sweatsuit you can wear all day (pants & top)  / 7. A beautiful large tote that is also a crossbody / 8. Gorgeous leather slides to slide on and go / 9. A perfect soft sweater dress / 10. Gwyneth swears by this exfoliating instant facial to mask the exhaustion / 11. An easy dress to throw on / 12. A chic white sweater with ruffle sleeves / 13. Cozy Uggs to get it all done in the morning / 14. A classic sweatshirt in the color of the moment


Summer Lovin'

How is Summer going? 
I am trying to relish in the madness of it and really enjoy the moments as they are happening. Like sun soaked pool days, friendly tennis matches, and backyard bbq with lots of kids running about. And while there is always the ever looming "What is next/What should I be preparing for?" swimming in my head, this summer has been all about ignoring it. Just flying through it all and being (dare shall I say the buzz word???) present. 
A few fun new outfits can always make these warm days event better, so you know I have been scoping out a few new things. Here are some of the best...

1. I think I could live in this cute jumpsuit 
3. The perfect puff sleeve sweatshirt for cool nights
4. Just wore this breezy dress and love it
5. These pink jeans are high waisted, cropped, and the perfect hue
6. Just invested in these platform Golden Goose's and I am not regretting it one bit
7. This camo windbreaker is a great activewear topper
8. Such a sucker for a block print in an easy dress
9. Just bought this Nars oil infused lippy, and it is so moisturizing 



The Mom Crop

With the current rebirth of 90s trends came the inevitable crop top. I remember flipping through my Delia's catalog and circling the cropped tube tops and praying my mom would let me order them (she didn't). And while I never in my wildest dreams would think that I would be entering "crop top" in any retailer search, I have been. Even at "inching towards forty" the crop top is on my radar. Not the belly button showing/strapless tube top/tighter than necessary ones of my teens, but the slightly cropped/not showing any belly/goes great with Mom jeans kind. 

The cropped top and the high waisted jean are your new favorite combo, swear. With the jeans pulling you in and elongating your legs and the top in an easy fit that shows that off, you are golden. 
Here are some great combos and almost all of these can be mixed and matched. 
Click the number for the link! 

1 & 2 This TOP! Love it and I own these jeans and they are the best white I have ever gotten. 
3 & 4 A tie makes a simple white shirt special and I also own these pink jeans and worship them. 
5 & 6 High waist and light wash, we really are back in the 90s in the best way. Love them with a patriotic tee. 
7 & 8 J. Crew does a high crop really well and this seersucker top is perfect with it. (also in white)
9 & 10 I also own this shirt and it is the sweetest. How cute with these yellow jeans with white piping? 
11. & 12 This silky tee is a great crop gateway. And I LOVE these jeans. The cut is amazing. 

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My Current Skin Routine and What I Am Adding in for Summer (for the littles too!)

The battle to fight wrinkles, lighten dark spots, ease redness, and fight adult acne (THE WORST!) continues. And now with summer here, extra sun protection is a must. I am trying to have a less is more approach by finding products that are effective and results can be seen fairly quickly.  Cleanse, tone, moisturize, and protect are the simple steps I am using currently and my skin is into it. 
The kids skin and hair is also in need of lots of extra attention from the sun and pool, so I load up on these to keep on hand all summer long. 

1. Cerave is my tried and true cleanser. It gets your face really clean, but is also gentle. 
2. I also love cleansing with micellar water! So gentle, but effective. I use it a lot when my skin does need quite as much of a clean or needs a more calming cleanse. 
3. I tone (pat, pat, pat) with Biologique Recherch√© P50. The price tag is bananas, but it is incredible. If you do not tone, you need to! This Glossier toner is also great and much more budget friendly. 
4. Cerave moisturizer plumps up skin but is so gentle and calming. 
5. I do not wash my face in the morning. I throw on some lotion and then Elta sunscreen. I like the tinted one, but it also comes in clear. It works so well, calms skin, and evens out skin tone just a hint. 
6. Another investment, but totally worth it, is this eye cream. It plumps up and smooths out the damage that I have already done (i.e. AZ sunbathing for years with no SPF! ugh) while preventing it from getting worse. 
7. I love this drugstore hero for a smooth and realistic tan without the sun damage. 
8. For face tanning, I swipe tan towels and then use my hands to blend it in well. Avoid your hairline and make sure to blend it down your neck and chest. 
9. My hair texture changes in the summer a lot. I comb styling cream into my hair and it is so much smoother whether I blow dry or not. Usually not. 
10. My lips tend to get a lot of melasma in the summer, you know that lip liner effect? Spf lip balm fights it and these smell just like summer.
11. This oil sunscreen is awesome and so moisturizing! 
12. Everyone has a spray sunscreen in their bags for the summer. Easy to apply for the kids! 
13. Mary gets the worst green hair from the pool, so this shampoo and conditioner is a must. 
14. Reapplying sunscreen at the pool on kids is impossible. Love Wetskin Sticks for an easy way to reapply while kids are still wet. 
15. This sunscreen powder is a lifesaver. It works for hours, is sweat proof, and waterproof! It is the easiest way to reapply and with a little tint it is great for outdoor events over make up. 
16. If green hair still appears on Mary, I use these crystals to wash out the tint. It is magic! 

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Puff Piece

When I was little, there was a lot of dress up. While I played a lot with other kids, I also really loved just being on my own playing pretend. I would try on costumes in my room and twirl in front of the big antique mirror while making up stories. And to no one's surprise, those costumes leaned heavy on princesses. Now even as grown ups, it is nice to wear something that feels nostalgic and might even take you to a different place. The puff sleeve trend is certainly taking me back a little and it is also just a really pretty detail that elevates a dress instantly. Even if you do not gravitate towards super girly pieces, a little puff can add just a touch of femme to simple summer dresses. 

Here are twelve sweet little numbers that I would love on repeat all summer long

1. OBSESSED with this blue floral dress, pictured above / 2. Flattering white shirt dress  / 3. Great soft floral dress with ruffles  / 4. The stripes and wrap effect of this dress is SO flattering  / 5. A t shirt dress to live in / 6.  The prettiest floral dress for an event / 7. Love this tangerine dress / 8. A sweet as can be soft blue dress / 9. This pink printed dress is so fun / 10. Simple black dress, love the neckline / 11.  Cute khaki dress to wear anywhere / 12. This white dress screams summer

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Family Pizza Night

I have been attempting a smooth and delicious family pizza night for a solid three years now. Let's just say between the not-so-great-dough recipes, insane messes the kids have made, and some burnt pizzas that disappointed us all, it has been a ride. BUT, now we have come to a point where it is a somewhat relaxing, easy, and fun night for everyone involved. Most importantly me, who on many occasions flipped out mid pizza night for lots of reasons because apparently I am more of a perfectionist than I thought. Man I love a little self diagnosing ha 

So here is the deal. Like most things in life that involve kids it is best to set expectations low. The pizzas are going to be odd shaped, they are not going to be exactly like your favorite pizza joint, and someone will spill grated cheese all over the floor and then proceed to step on it. And it is FINE. Pour yourself a glass of wine, get everything prepped, and let the family memories begin. Plus, it really is delicious thank goodness. 

Here is how I prep: 

1. Make dough and get it to room temp if if has been refrigerated (I just made this dough and it was bananas good. This one is also great with different time lengths and crazy easy. OR buy it at the store!) 
Dough Before

Dough after 24 hours

2. Make Sauce (you can TOTALLY buy this too. But I am including my recipe below that I worship)

3. Prep your ingredients (grate cheese, cook sausage, slice onions, whatever you like on it. Place each ingredient in a little bowl for easy access for little hands) I also find this is a great time to use up random ingredients in my fridge. 

3. Prep Pans (I like to use big jelly/sheet pans and spray them down with a good coating of cooking spray. I do one pan for each person)

4. Preheat a CLEAN oven to 500 degrees. (you might want to throw a fan on too, it can get smokey)

5. Roll out dough/stretch dough into pizza "shapes" on a really well floured surface, then transfer onto the pans (I say shapes because how they get pizza into perfect circles is a mystery I have not solved and maybe do not care too)

6. Top & Bake for about 10-15 minutes, until the crust is browned and middle is bubbling. (hint: just a thin layer of sauce does the trick)

7. Eat too much, laugh a lot, and admire each others pizza. 

Simple Pizza Sauce
Makes enough for 4 large pizzas

1 can whole tomatoes (preferably San Marzano)
1 large or two small cloves of garlic, minced
1 teaspoon of salt

Set a strainer over a glass bowl and pour the can of tomatoes in it. Let it sit for about an hour (see pics below). Pour out the water in the bowl and place the tomato contents in the bowl. Add the garlic and salt, then blend it up (immersion blender or standing blender). Taste and add more salt if it needs it. Done! 



The Best Memorial Day Sales & Picks

Memorial day weekend always brings on the patriotism, a little taste of Summer, and most importantly, killer sales. This year the sites I shop the most have seriously upped their discounts and best part is it can help everyone (including my house) get summer ready. 
Here are just a few: 

Nordstrom up to 50% off Women, Kids, Men & Home
J. Crew 40% Off. Use code WEEKEND
J. Crew Factory 60% Off Entire Site
Serena & Lily 20% Off use code SUMMERPREP
Pottery Barn (Including Teen & Kids) 15-30% Off use code SAVEMORE
Net-a-Porter up to 50% off designer everything
Shopbop Up to 40% off thousands of items
Lou & Grey 40% off 

Here is what I have on my weekend wish list...

1. Two huge trends in one top, yellow and puff sleeve
2. This is such a sweet take on rainbow and love the high waist bottom. Also comes in a one piece
3. This rug is gorg and for the price you can get the REALLY big one you always wanted. (this one too)
4. I just bought this jumpsuit and I will live in it all summer. Looks like an outfit, feels like pajamas. The DREAM! 
5. I have always loved this woven fixture. Would look so pretty over my island or the guest room. 
6. Slides with ruffles that will look chic, but not kill your feet. 
7. The sweetest flutter sleeve dress for Mary. 
8. Again with the puff sleeve, I know! But this dress hugs in all the right places and has such a great print. (and this one)
9. I swear by this boys seersucker swimsuit. And for the price you can get multiple for the inevitable popsicle stains.  
10. Clear is everywhere and while I wasn't sure I loved it until seeing this crossbody
11. A soft as can be PJ set (top & bottom $37 for both!) you can also lounge all morning in. Since you DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE LUNCHES OR DO DROP OFF. ha (or this one)
12. The perfect time to upgrade your sheet game. Simple white sheets with a simple seam that comes in lots of colors. 
13. Alexandre Birman bows are just the cutest. These espadrilles seem easy to throw on and feel great in. Love the red with navy, black, and white dresses and outfits. 
14. The chicest woven bag that can hold everything but also looks refined enough for a dinner out. 

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