Best & Worst Dressed: Oscars 2017

 The red carpet action at the Oscars last night was a real head scratcher. While there were some I loved, I also felt like even those were a bit forgetful. No? There were certainly some that were not great, but maybe not so bad that you will remember its awfulness. There was bit of a sadness to the whole thing, but let's find some love in there shall we? 

MVP of the night and certainly on the best dressed list is Hailee Steinfeld. 

She not only was a ethereal beauty at the arrivals, she also killed it at the Vanity Fair party. She has pretty much been on the best lists since she hit puberty, so clearly her stylist is doing her job amazingly.

My other Bests for the night...
Nicole Kidman pulls off the nude look without being washed out for the first time in history and looks stunning. The red lip is everything. Viola went a bit safe, but the fit is flawless and the hair is so chic. While Georgina looks like she may pass out (feed her Harvey!), I love this dress so much. Black with that green velvet trim is so interesting and beautiful. 

Best continued...

I worship velvet and this old Hollywood glam look on Taraji makes me love it even more. The jewels and hear are also spot on. LOVE Olivia's dress. This is fringe done right in my opinion, which is so hard to do. Jessica's hair is unfortunate, but the dress is beautiful. The necklace is questionable, but somehow the whole look comes together. If Brie's hair was different, she might have been my #1. Again, velvet is my thing, so I knew I would like it, but the draping is so pretty. and I actually like the shape of the top (controversial I know!). The hair just does not fit for me. Love the lip. 

These gals did white right...

Chrissy looks stunning. Love this update to a cape/train that Darby (girl from Scandal) has on. Simple, but so so pretty. This French actress's name eludes me, but I love her dress and overall look so much. While the cape thing has been done and that ribbon on her hip bugs so bad, I do think Karlie looks great. Naomi's dress is not dressy enough, right? But I love it and those shoes. 

These are looks that were just a bit off for me. Not bad, but not quite right...
Green velvet is a toughie, but I like this on Busy. Somehow those curves of the dress are a bit off for me though. The size of the top of Emma's dress could be a bit bigger. Otherwise, so pretty. Kirstin's dress looks even better at different angles, but the top was awkwardly fit. Otherwise I love it. Michelle does not look dressed up enough for me. And her make up (or lack thereof?) looks off. Pretty, yes. But she could have done better. 

Alicia wore two different looks like Hailee last night. 
I like the green she wore to the Vanity Fair party better than her Oscar dress. It is nothing to write home about, but ok. This black dress is a bit too saloon gal for me with the corset and ruffles. And the hair confuses me so much. This pains me because I have such a girl crush on her! 

 Emma also changed...
So the gold oscar look was pretty, but just not the right dress for her. She looks so great in bright and bold colors and this is kind of sad. The proportion of the fringe feels strange to me. And then she wins and changes into a blazer and slip dress, which I am a huge fan of. But NOT FOR AN OSCAR WINNER! Good lord, throw on the most bad ass gown you can find and celebrate lady! 

Scarlett went with too much volume for both looks and that cape?button down?sleeve? is so strange on her vanity fair look. The hair for the Oscars was also weird. 

These two ladies in red...

To be fair, Ginnifer was sad about Bill Paxton, so that explains the face. But this dress is just all together too much. And that hair, I will never understand it. I actually like the other red on Ruth. But along with the red eye, red lip, red hair piece, and red earring, it is a no. 

In other news...
How is it possible to dress two of the smallest people that walk the earth in unflattering gowns??? I saw Charlize's dress at other angles and it looked even worse. Felicity's could be so pretty too, but the color washes her out and the waist clearly is not showing her skeleton frame well enough. ha

And to round out the worst...
Halle had a lot of hair going on, which fine. But the dress is cheesy and that weird sash hanging down bugs. Janelle went for it, which I appreciate. But it is too much. The volume, all the texture/applique, the neck piece, the crown, the illusion. It is too much look for sure. Oh Dakota. Let's start with the hair, which is very Little House on the Prairie. Then the WRINKLED vintage gown. Which on it's own may have worked? Probably not, but with the hair it is a mess. And Leslie, I love the color, I even love the volume. But it is just too much volume and that extra tie bow in the front kills me. Love her hair and make up per usual. 

Just because I cannot help myself...
Selma has little girl hair and did she have a facelift? She is so pretty! Why oh why would be mess with a face like that! And Kristen is painfully small. I hate to shame anyone, but it is hard to look at and I know for a fact she does not eat cheeseburgers. Or probably cheese for that matter. 

The Vanity Fair Party has some memorable looks. Both good and bad...

RHW Slays
Even with a bump. 

I loved all of these sparkly numbers. I know Thandie's is a bit out there, but I love shape and embellished shoulders. You know I hate an illusion, but somehow this one feels fun and ready for a dance party. Allison looks painfully thin, wow. But This dress is so pretty and I love her make up (hope she had in n out there). Amanda has been missing the mark lately, bit this simple dress is so fun in metallic. J Anniston vamps it up and pulls off wearing her hair down and straight to a black tie event like no other. 

I loved all of the long sleeves. I would wear any of these in a hot second. Kelly is a bit out of the box in her tux and I like it. 

Two feminine looks I loved. Kate went full princess and looks like Grace Kelly. Not one other person on earth could convince me that this dress was pretty, but Kate does. Even that strange skirt portion feels right for spinning on the dance floor. 

And of course there were some that I will remember for the wrong reasons...
Ah, I love Mindy but this is horrible. Jessica went for a I dream of jeanie/50s housewife robe look? Not diggin it. You know I love Diane, but that sash hanging there makes me angry. And Gabrielle is a beautiful gal, but a half gown/half bikini is a no. 

Thoughts? Would love to hear from you! 


Refreshing a Space One Item at a Time

Like most people, when it is time to refresh a room's decor I start with one or two elements. A new rug, a new light fixture, a new chair or two. While we like to believe that everyone has the funds to redo an entire room from paint to furniture to rugs to lighting all in one magically swoop, that is not most people's reality. I know Pinterest has us thinking differently. So until the decorating gods bestow us with an unlimited budget, I pulled some of my favorite current home pieces that could easily be swapped into many different spaces for a quick, but highly satisfying refresh. 
1. I am eyeing these pretty chairs for our kitchen. They come in a bunch of colors and I love the natural fiber seat. 
2. & 3. Love these two side tables. The gray (comes in other colors too) has such great texture and the x base option has great lines. Comes in white as well. 
4. This is a such a pretty oushak rug. 
5. A big reclaimed farm table that can adjust for bigger parties. 
6. These dining chairs are perfect for a kitchen and come in a ton of colors. A nice modern update to a windsor. 
7. A soft jute rug with a banding that comes in different colors. PB Kids, not just for kids rooms! 
8. Love the shape and slightly rustic feel of this chandelier
9. Love this black and white spindle chair. Comes in a stripe as well. 
10. Spendy, but I LOVE this coffee table. Storage and a coastal feel is a win. 

Any great finds your obsessing over? 


Layer Up

This winter is so strange and somehow there is no way to not think about Spring in February. Mostly because it felt like it all weekend. I know some of you are hidden under snow and wet from the endless rain as well, so thinking of warmer temps and fun Spring looks is probably welcome. The transition from Winter to Spring is usually the time when your jackets and sweaters get the most use. Here are some looks that will be perfect for those in-between times of warmth and cold and quite frankly right now. 



Currently Coveting

I was at the mall last week for the first time in awhile, solo at that. Which was, not going to lie, glorious. I wandered aimlessly at Sephora to stock up on some essentials and of course picked up some new things to try (obsessed with this). Tried on one million things at Zara (did not buy anything). Hit up Apple to get a new charging cord that would not split. And spent some serious time at Nordstrom, but ended up taking note of things I liked and looked at them online. Which is insane, right? Do you do that too? I like keeping my wish list all in one place where I can see it, then pulling the trigger from the comfort of my own home. ha And then it is fun to share with you, obviously. So here are my current loves that are sitting in their respective carts, that I wish would magically appear at my front door. 

1. I did spot this dress on my Mall visit and it is the perfect weight. Something I would wear to its death come Spring. 
2. I am having a love affair with Loeffler Randall right now. And these sweet sandals with gold stars would be so great with skinny jeans in the spring and flouncy dresses in the summer. (comes in other colors)
3. Not that leather strap watches have ever been out of style, but there seems to be more of of them after the metal watch craziness of the last few years. This black one is so chic. 
4. J. Crew factory is having a site wide 50% off sale through the weekend. I would love these PJs and they always have good staples for kids. 
5. Again, Loeffler Randall love affair. I think I have been looked at every single bootie on the internet and this one seems to be the magic pair. (also comes in in all black)
6. My top game is poor right now. Every time I put on jeans I do not have a lot of options staring back at me from the closet. I would like to bite the bullet and just order three of these silk shirts ($88!) and wear one every day. They also come in a slim version and lots of color options. 
7. My Claire V clutch is always my go to for a night out and I would like another small option to grab that goes with everything. I love the mixed material of this Cuyana one that also comes in other colors. (this one would be fun too. And this)
8. I have lusted after a couple of these Serena & Lily stools for my closet, but this version is a lot more budget friendly and could be used in a million ways. 



Current Favorites

This time of year always has me concentrated more on staying in, hanging with the kids in sweats, and distracting myself from the winter cold (which we have a lot more of. ugh). My slow cooker is on full rotation, my one coffee has turned into two, and pajama days are happening way more often. Totally fine with it. In addition to those cozy days, here are my current favorites.  

1. I have taken my Housewives fandom to a new level and started listening to the Bitch Sesh Podcast each week. The hosts (Casey Wilson from SNL and Happy Endings & Danielle Schneider who I do not know, but now love) are insanely funny talking all things Bravo and beyond. So when I am in my car for long stretches I feel like I am gabbing with girlfriends about Erika Jayne and Caroline Stansbury. Love it. (ps: podcasts are free if you have not tried one yet!)
2. My lips are constantly dry right now. This Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm is so dreamy. It is thick, cool, and actually softens them up. 
3. This eye cream is a bit of an investment. But I have been using it for almost a year now and swear it works better than anything I have ever tried. It is also gentle, so no harsh redness. 
4. I needed a good girly suspense book next and so far Truly, Madly, Guilty is proven to be just as good as the author's other book, Big Little Lies
5. I am having love affair with these FRAME jeans. I swear they feel like your most comfortable leggings. So comfy, but slimming, and the perfect length. 
6. On the my last plane ride I watched four episodes of Divorce with SJP. Have you watched it? It was surprisingly hilarious. It is on HBO on Demand. 
7. It is most definitely red wine season and this Zinfandel is everything. Smooth, full bodied, but not a lot of tannins. It has also been easy to find. Heinous, Binny's, and beyond. 
8. We just ordered this tile for our mudroom/laundry room and while I tortured myself with the decision, I have loved this style for so long I figure I will for a long to come. Natural wood lockers with brass hardware are next. 
9. These Brain Flakes are a great alternative to legos if your kids need extra indoor activities. I even brought a bag of them with on our trip, which I was grateful for and they took up no space. (this is also helping with cabin fever. Oh and this)

Happy Weekend loves. 


The View From Above

While flying home on our last trip, I glanced out the window high above the clouds. I have been on many flights over my lifetime and enjoyed that majestic view from above. But for some reason this day it had me thinking. 

My thoughts went to all the many people below. The millions that we would fly over across the country. All much different from each other. 

People of many colors, who have grown up in very different families, who study or don't study a particular religion, who have been raised with different value systems, who have or have not been exposed to each others cultures, and who all face much different hardships. 

It is quite the tapestry and beyond complicated. We cannot pretend that we understand every one's struggles, opinions, and value sets. It is not possible. We can only hope to embrace our differences and respect that we are all living much different lives. Respect being the most important piece. 

Listening is a huge gateway to understanding. I know I am trying to do more of it during these times. Which can be difficult given all the noise surrounding our country's current divide. The world has painted us all in black and white (or good vs evil) and we know we are better than that. It is the gray that we all must lie in. The area in which we all have our own opinions and while some may be red and some may be blue, they are formed from our values, exposure, and beliefs. 

Those of different opinion are not your enemy. Those of different opinion probably have a story to tell you know nothing about. Those of different opinion may have open ears to your opinions. And wouldn't it be wonderful to hear all of those stories and opinions straight from the mouths of the millions of people below me that day? I would definitely be listening. 



Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2017

I missed the actual red carpet for the SAG awards, but did catch all the photos online. While nothing really blew my mind, there was some goodness there. And it was all so different, which make some happy. I thought these four ladies were on top...

I love Kirsten's entire look. It all looks effortless, yet glam. Sophie also pulls off the little bit old Hollywood glam, little bit cool girl loo here. The fit is perfection. I know this will be a controversial choice, but I really liked Claire's dress. The collar is aggressive, but really it is an interesting, pretty look and I love that she went for it. Viola's boobs are a little much, BUT she looks stunning. Hair, makeup, jewels, dress, love it. 

These four also were some of the top...

Octavia looks so pretty. Love the earrings and that big smile! Why does no one smile anymore? I know Natalie's look is very similar to the Globes, but she is really owning her Jackie-ness and pregnancy in this pretty white number. I am for sure over the pink eye, but I love a hot pink dress and this one is so beautiful with its structure and draping. And Busy could have toned down the lipstick, but I weirdly love this dress. I know, not everyone's taste, but she kept it interesting! 

There were a lot of stripes. Happy ones that I really liked. 
Colorful and glittery. I could do without that choker on Michelle and have added some bangles, but otherwise I really love all of these. Especially the middle dress. 

Other ladies that I generally liked, but not the best...
There was something off with the drape of Emma's gown and how it photographed. I like the idea of it and the fit of the under piece, but it is just not quite right. I am not sure who this blonde is, but I really like this tribalish dress. And Meryl looks so pretty! The dress could use some more fit, but I love it. Janelle went for it and I know you might think I am crazy, but I love it. The arm bands are a bit much, but I am into it. 

Emily looks pretty per usual. This dress washes her out a bit though. Love that Sophia is changing it up. Not wowed by this, but nice to see her in something different. The asymmetry of Brie's dress is a little strange, but is fit to a T. There is a definite weirdness in the lady parts area of Julie's dress which stinks, because I really love this look on her. Just needs some more flowers? And lipstick. 

Suiting had a moment per usual. I like Sarah's, but I will never understand that hair. I love a coat dress and this is great on Chrissy. Maybe not dressy enough? But I like it. Rachel's misses the mark just based on the cut of those pants. I love a velvet moment, especially blue, but not loving this. 

These next ladies are all just a bit off for me. 

I love Winona and her 90s spirit, but this dress does her no justice. And Thandie's dress is way too many ideas. Take off that arm wing and the horse/circus (?!) motif, and this could have been amazing. The arms on Kerry's dress are too heavy. The whole thing is kind of too heavy and that illusion on the bottom (eye roll). The fit of Amy's dress on the top bugs. Not even sure why, but it is strange and the jewelry makes it even stranger. 

Illusion, cut outs, flowers, cape, sequins. It is all a bit much, Kate. Like that lipstick on her though. I know the parrots are the thing on this gown, but if you took the parrots away, it would have been so good on Nicole. Kathryn is in a real head scratcher with those tassels (half belt?) and the ruffles. Love her, she just needs a new stylist. There is no denying that Rebecca looks incredible. Has she aged at all??? The severeness of this dress matched with the mock neck and draped puffy sleeve just throws it off. 

Taylor's dress is also one of those head scratchers. I know I do not like it on her (fit? ruffles?) and that necklace with it is even more confusing. If Taraji lost the bows (what?!) and had more beading over the chest, this could have been so much better. This green dress is prairie dress meets military. Not a great combo, and the styling is like grandma going to church in the Victorian Era. (not even sure where that comment came from) Tracey's dress could have been great if she had worn a bra. That is all.  

I cracked up at this picture. wtf is she doing?? Dress is really pretty though! 

And for my worsts...
Multi sherbet colored tulle with appliqué, ribbon, and a matching choker. Good lord, I hope she didn't pay good money to have someone dress her in this. I can totally appreciate a leopard suit, honestly. But the proportions and cut of this is tragic. Love her on Transparent, though. I know this is something that I am supposed to love, but I can't. The color combo is not good and the flower, even worse. Mayim does not do the stripe trend right in this. But I think at this point she is just trying to be on the worst list, right? 



Comfy, Cozy, and Cute

With the holidays over, we are now just in those lame winter months that have us gravitating to all things cozy. And while athleisure is most certainly a thing, sometimes getting it right can be tricky. I am the kind of girl that if I do not put on work out clothes in the morning, going to the gym is never going to happen. The trick is to add in some pieces to wear over all that spandex that makes it an actual outfit. I put together some full blown casual outfits and some great options you can throw on over your favorite lulus and still feel put together a bit. 

1. These yoga leggings have a cute slit and banding that makes them stand out. / 2. I love this ruffled sweatshirt so much. (this one would be cute too) / 3. Totally obsessed with these blue gazelles. How I loved these in middle school. 

You can never go wrong with the  (1) classic lulu leggings (the high waist is everything)  and (2) a striped sweatshirt tunic. Basically my uniform. 3. Love these leather Vans and a great price. 

1. I own these pants and love them.  / 2.  Nothing better than a chunky knit. comes in a few colors / 3. These slip on tie front sneaks are genius. Comes in other other colors too. 

1. I love a vintage looking sweatpants and these have a great zipper detail.  / 2. I know, a silk shirt seems fancy, but I love it paired with straight up sweatpants. Give it a little front tuck.  / 3. Classic Stan Smiths that apparently every girl in Paris is wearing right now. 

1. Soft, but tailored pants that look like real pants, but feel like sweats / 2. This soft chambray shirt would look great front tucked into the pants.  / 3. These pink kicks would be cheery on gray days

1. A classic adidas track pant in a slim legging like fit. Love the color / 2. An investment knit that is super soft. This one is great too ($23!).  / 3. I have these and love them so much. Comes in a bunch of colors. 

 You could throw on any of these dresses over leggings and call it a day, pulled together at that
1. Worship this tie sweatshirt dress. / 2. The easiest tee shirt dress to wear over your leggings.  ($18!) Own it, love it / 3.  Love this sweet little dress / 4. A super soft swing sweatshirt dress is perfect (this is also the best) / 5. This long dress looks cozy, but somehow super chic. ($26!) / 6. I think I own this dress in every version from every store on the planet. 

Hope your week is cozy and chic. 


Best & Worst Dressed: 2016 Golden Globes

Hi Loves. New year treating you well? 
While I have lots of hopes of writing more personal essays this year and to share a big project I have been working on in my own home, right now there is just time for a little fashion. But I do hope that the first week or so into this cold winter has at least included warm meals by a fire or two, smiles from those you love, and full days in pajamas. 

While I was not able to watch the show on my couch like I prefer, I did have a good amount of time this morning to roll through all the red carpet photos. And what an eclectic mix it was. You know I love when things get shaken up a bit and this year it totally did. 

The top of my list this year includes some newbies and old favorites. 

Drew! I kind of gasped when I saw her. This dress is so her, but also so glam. She looks gorgeous and more importantly, happy. While I know this fabric on Michelle can be a bit heavy, I love it on her and she even pulls off a choker in a fresh way. Natalie is certainly paying homage to her character in this long sleeve yellow and is great for her bump (she is was so good in Jackie, btw). I am unfamiliar with this beauty (Caitriona Balfe) in navy and red, but I LOVE this combo and the shape of this dress. Ruth Nega brings something different in a good way in this Loius Vuitton. Love the metallic and the shape paired with the zipper. 

Also towards the top of the list...

Claire Foy somehow makes pink sequins work and it may just be the pairing of that soft blue sash. Love her hair and make up as well. I am a sucker for a good velvet and this Armani on Teresa Palmer paired with a red lip is classically perfect. Besides the strange ribbons hanging on the bottom, I love this fun floral on Renee Bargh (ps: I have no idea who half these people are). She looks young, fresh, and different in a good way. Though Mandy is bringing possibly a bit too much exposure to the carpet, she looked gorgeous in this caped chiffon. A smile could have helped a bit too. The girl from  Stranger Things nails it in Jenny Packham. Sweet, but not too much with a red lip and slicked back hair. The "kids" always get it right! 

There were quite a few trends that we saw this year. 

Not loving this on Emily. That glitter strip is awkward, but her hair and make up are pretty. Viola looks stunning in yellow, and keeps everything else perfectly simple. I actually like this DG on Keri, but the underwear under a dress thing is tired. And those shoes, nope. Love her lipstick. Dare I say Reese looks boring? This color is so pretty on her, but that dress is just lame. 

I am loving Lola Kirke (???) in this pink number. The hair is not great, but I love that it is down. Jessica is a real head scratcher in this blue. At first glance it is pretty, and then it seems awkward? Too sweet? On the fence. Laura Dern looks great in this. Does she ever age??? Busy is actually one of the only celebs I follow on Insta and I love her. But this dress is hurting. The placement of the flowers is strange, otherwise it could have been a great simple black dress. Olivia's could have been good I feel like, but it is just too much. Especially with under cleavage? Can we stop that already? 

There were some that did Metallics right, like these ladies. Emma looked beautiful, do not love that necklace with it, but love everything else. Annette looks beautiful and perfectly age appropriate, if not looking amazing in general. Priyanka looks stunning in this gold brocade and I love her lipstick with it. Naomi is basically perfect in this Armani. The styling is simple, yet gorgeous. 

These metallics, maybe not so much
I love that Sophia dropped the mermaid, but this is a lot. And her hair reminds me of Kevin Federline. I actually do like Chrissy's look, but the dress was gapping at the arm hole in so many pictures it bugged. And Sarah's could have been on the top, but I cannot get behind the short lining and see through skirt. So over that look and this one is so noticeable. 

What Cavallari was doing there is beyond me, but I love this dress on her. Elsa always looks gorge, I again I am over the illusion dress, but otherwise it was nice. This dress on Traci is confusing to me. That weird short lining ruins it I think. and the short hem is awkward. Love her hair and make up though. 

Tuxes were also a thing
I worship Kathryn Hahn in almost every show and movie she is in (cried laughing at her character in Bad Moms). The red carpet has been a struggle for her. I think she is nailing this tux though. Few can carry it off and I think she did. Kristen is also doing a tux-ish gown good. She looks stunning. Rachel on the other hand, is not convincing me. The vest/shirt is not great, neither is the hair. I get the androgyny thing, but something more femme with the shirt and styling would have made it better. 

White was everywhere, again
You know I am Sienna's biggest fan. I would have done something else with the hair and ditched the pearls, but I like the dress. Love Thandie's entire look. Jillian wore a full blown gown, too bride for me. Love her in the Fall though (on netflix). Louise's pose kills me, but I love this dress and the shoes. Kirsten's could be great, but again, that slip line across is a bummer. 

Some went simple, but pretty
I think I am partial to the green on Jenna because I just wore a dress like it and loved it. Goldie is kind of always a winner in my book. She looked great. Amanda is usually a wild card, so even though this is kind of boring, the color is beautiful on her. Julia knows what works for her and sticks to it. Love a black and white. Brie looks scary in this photo! But the dress is pretty and she clearly went for the siren look. 

There are always looks that sometimes it is hard to tell if you love it or not. Last night maybe more than ever. 
Now first off, Blake just had babies back to back and looks fantastic. But, this dress felt strange. I think it is those pockets? I love Felicity and I think I would have loved this dress with one or three less elements to it. I love her bangs and make up though. I think (or hope) that Anna was happier last night than this photo shows. The color of this dress is what is throwing me off and the fact that it looks like one of her boobs has a sling. It is pretty, but kind of sad. Lily went for the full princess. She is probably one of the few that can pull it off. I think it just goes a bit over the top, but it is kind of her thing. 

I actually really wanted to like this leopard on Keri, but it is a lot. I go from loving it, to hating it. Maybe that is the point? Everyone raved on Jessica, but the bottom felt a bit heavy. She clearly looks stunning, but not the biggest fan of the dress. I also really wanted to love this Gucci since I love a pink dress, but it is just a bit too much ruffle. Maybe one less layer of it on the bodice, lose the bow and it could have been a winner? 

Another trend we saw that I cannot quite wrap my head around is cold shoulder full sleeves
I am not loving it. I think it is the scale of all of them. Hailee's are probably the best, with Nicole's being the worst (those ruffles). Nicole is giving us a whole lot of Moulin Rouge, although the dress itself is actually gorgeous, minus the sleeves? gloves? 

The bottom of the list for me...
By far the absolute worst is Cuba. That jacket is WAY too small. It is almost comical (maybe it was on purpose??). Guliana's mock turtleneck kills me. The whole thing is kinda cheesy. Anna, who god bless just had a kid or three, looks so great, but this dress is doing nothing for her! Great color for her, but not flattering. Carrie also upped the cheese factor from Guliana with this number. The combo of the color, ruffles, and cut outs are a no. I am unsure of this young pixie's name, but I think she is currently making out with a Jonas Brother. This is a classic too much going on dress. The mesh, the dolman sleeve, the belt, the asymmetry. I feel like she wanted to class herself up but also wanted to have as much see through as possible. Hard to do and look chic. 

What were some of your favorites?? Least?  You know I love to hear your opinions! 


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