Matching Lounge Set

You all gave me so many great ideas for new posts on insta! Thank you so much and I am hoping to get to most of them in the coming weeks. 

Multiple requests were made for a matching lounge set. Since we are settling in the depths of winter, this came as no surprise. You might be slipping it on to relax on the weekends, pulling it on for morning drop off, or wearing it ALL OF THE TIME. Either way, nothing feels more pulled together but ready for the couch like a matching sweat suit. 

I know some of you love a print or a bright and others gravitate towards neutrals, so included lots of options. 

*Note: almost all of these come in other colors if you click for details*
1. A super chic update on a velour tracksuit (top + bottom $220)
2. Pastel tie dye that I LOVE (top + bottom $218)
3. Hearts that are just sweet enough (top + bottom $46)
4. Full on leopard, I know you! (top + bottom also here $160) 
5. An Amazon velour suit score $34
6. Ombré is everywhere and bright yellow (top + bottom $177)
7. Retro striped track suit (top + bottom $160) 
8. Another Amazon score that looks just like Eberjay (top + bottom $26)
9. This burgundy set would be perfect with white sneakers (top + bottom $95 on sale!)
10. LOVE the color and stripe of this set from ASOS $51
11. I own this set and love it! I wear it to bed and for drop off $49

Happy Lounging 

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Workout Style

I know, workout clothes post in January, how groundbreaking?

But honestly it is one thousand percent true that if you have a cute outfit for the gym you are way more excited to go. Trying to hustle in pilled leggings and your old college tee is not really going to be the kick in the ass you need to get out the door. But leggings that make your booty look good and a perfectly flattering top, well that will get you there. 

In case you are wondering what my workout goals might be this year, I actually did not make any. I would like to keep moving my body in lots of different ways and to feel really good about how I feel inside. If the outside might gain some benefit, fantastic, but honestly I want to be able to do all the things well into my 80s and that is only possible if I stay in motion. 

Of all the exercise I do, Pilates is by far the best. I have osteoarthritis and have had it since I was 19, so joint health and strength is huge for me. I started going to pilates regularly after some terribly boring PT that did not feel like a workout. Luckily, I have found a studio that not only is helping me build a better body for my entire life but also gives me the workout that I need to feel satisfied that I actually got a workout. For locals, Tensile Strength is the absolute best! And for anyone (especially those who want to try or need a workout on the go) here is a mat workout video I did with my teacher, Jessica, that gets you sweating, stretching, and those abs burning. 

As for my other workouts, I love the Tuesday Tabata at SBC, tennis drills with my fave gals, running on a treadmill while watching Bravo, and my newest addition, the Pelaton. Still easing in but so far I like it. 

So while I am in motion, these are my favorite pieces that get me motivated and I feel fine wearing around town post workout. Each of them I have bought more than once and continue to grab when I see new colors on sale. 

1. & 2. GameSetStyle is such a go to site for me with the most curated items. Plus, they will put together a style box for you to take the guess work out. A muscle tank and Terez leggings never fail.
3. This jacket is crazy warm and the color combo is so fun. Goes way beyond the normal fleece. 
4. & 5. I am obsessed with this sport bra and its old school design, really comfy. And these leggings are comfy and cute, plus come in so many fun colors. Save when you do a set. 
6. & 7. I cannot tell you how many times I have bought this tank and leggings over the years. I have 3 pairs in black right now and reach for them over and over. 
8. Words cannot express my love for this tennis dress. I have it in white, but am coveting the black. 
9. & 10. The Maria line from Nike always has the cutest sets that are also comfortable. They always run small, so size up. I love how flouncy this skirt is and a matching top is always a great look. 
11. Of course I have a bubble gum pink fit and flare tennis dress?! haha it also comes in black and white and is honestly one of the best fitting dresses. 
12. &13. I thought I would always stay true to Lulu, but honestly Athleta has serious upped their game. These leggings are crazy soft and this top is the perfect length. 


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Clean Beauty Sweep

Happy New Year! 
The holidays have closed and the come down is real, so hopefully you are taking care of yourselves. Which could be basking in the joy that was the last couple months or possibly shaking the anxiety of it all or maybe both. ha
I am not one for resolutions. In years past I have mostly tried to add things into my year instead of taking them out. This year I may be on a bit more of a minimalist kick coming into 2020. Trying to get rid of the junk in my closet, the junk in my pantry, and the junk in my beauty products. Nothing drastic as I cherish Doritos and Pantene too much, but at least in a few ways to sort of clean up my act and those of my family. 
Clean beauty is now so mainstream that it is so much easier to make a few different choices and have a real impact on your exposure to toxins (pssst: I only minimally know what I am talking about, so take all this with a grain of she-is-not-doctor). 
Doing the research on what is "clean" and what is not is not only a drag it is real work. I found the app Healthy Living though and it is genius. You can scan the barcode or type in the name of any beauty or personal care product and it will rate it for you. The ratings include allergy, cancer, and developmental concerns. I look mostly at the cancer and developmental to make decisions on things I will buy again or try, but it is nice to have the whole picture. 
Now let's be clear, I am still using things that are not on the clean list all the time. But I have found some really great options that are clean that I think are the same or even better than my former dirty dog stand bys. 
Here are the products that I switched to and have been using (or bonus was already using and are clean!) that I am feeling great about using on myself and my kids. 

1. My skin is DRRRYYYY in the winter. I am on my second bottle of this body lotion and it is legit. 
2. I love these body washes, especially the Calm Down one. There is a different scent for what you are feeling or want to feel, which is fun. 
3. This Jason Body Wash is so great for myself and the kids. It gets nice a foamy and the coconut smell makes me feel like I am on vacation. 
4. I have been a Honest fan since my kids were babies and the body wash/shampoo and conditioner is still the one I go back to every time. 
5. Now that I am a bath person (what?!) a solid bath soak is now my favorite indulgence and this Martini one is crazy relaxing. 
6. You guys, I am not giving up regular deodorant. I tried, I really did, but I cannot do it. But when I am not going to sweat a bunch, I put on this natural one with a pretty scent. 
7. This Simple Micellar Water is the best make up remover. So gentle and lasts forever. I use it as a face cleanser when I am feeling lazy too. 
8. Good ole Bareminerals is the best way to even out skin in my opinion. And it has SPF which is hard to do with something clean. 
9. Glossier products are generally all clean and I love them, but if I had to choose one it is the concealer. For under $20 it is the best beauty buy there is
10. I know I have posted this serum a billion times, but really I love it. The smell, the consistency, and the results are amazing. I use it every morning 
11. Thank goodness Cerave products make the cut as I swear the foaming cleanser and lotion is what my skin loves best and what I slather on especially during break outs

Any clean products you are loving? You know I want to try them! 

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Gift Guide: The Lux List

Ok, this is the dream list. 
The one with the items we wait all year to ask for. 
Investment pieces that we will wear and enjoy forever and quite frankly you deserve it. 

1. A Hermès Evelyne bag in a incredible colors $2600
2. Diamond huggies to wear every day $355
3. Cozy Gucci boots that are fun and functional $890
4. A pink Moncler jacket $1,015
5. Golden Goose sneakers to wear ALL OF THE TIME $525
6. A Gucci belt bag with a retro vibe $790
7. A mother of pearl heart necklace to cherish $440
8. A YSL tote and crossbody bag for all the things $995
9. Valentino boots she has always wanted $1375
10. Luxury noise cancelling headphones because she lives on planes $399
11. A Valentino crossbody that is just big enough $661
12. A fun ski jacket for that upcoming vacation $635
13. Opps! Put two on this one! 
A Dyson hairdryer that will change her life $400
14. A classic but fun Gucci watch $1020
15. A diamond heart bracelet she will never take off $715

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Gift Guide for Her: Under $300

You know who needs ideas for what to get their loved ones most? 
So feel free to forward this one right along so you can make sure to get something you do not have to pretend to love. But really, I LOVE this list and anything on it would make someone so very happy. 

1. A hand knotted lapis necklace that she will cherish forever $172 (or this one!)
2. A suitcase set that is functional and cute $276
3. The softest faux fur coat in the best color $290
4. Lux leopard pajamas she could lounge in all day long $168
5. Cozy boots that are also super chic $295
6. Gucci sunglasses, because Gucci $275
7. An incredible clean beauty mask that you apply with this lovely brush like a spa $150
8. A puffer in a bright hue for dreary winter days $198
9. A Nespresso machine so she can make her own lattes at home $124
10. Beautiful leather gloves that are also fun $158
11. An Isabel Marant belt to add to any outfit $160
12. Cult sneakers that look great with jeans and dresses $150
13. A sweet Mama necklace $125
14. A diamond initial stud to up her ear game $145
15. A super chic white Staub for her love of cooking

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Gift Guide: Under $100

I feel like this gift guide is not only great for the ones who love you, but also maybe for yourself?! I mean let's be honest, you are doing all the things, keeping things afloat, and bringing the holiday cheer every darn day. So maybe this is a treat yourself moment??? 
But this list is also perfect for those that need something extra special this season. All of these items scream luxury, but you can afford to get one for them and one for you. 
1. Gorgeous pearl and gold hoops $98
2. My absolute FAVORITE pair of pajamas, so soft! $55
3. The full set of Glossier serums for every skincare need $65
4. A custom name ring to wear her loves close $88
5. Chic Green Pans for clean cooking $60
6. Oversized cat eye glasses $69
8. Cult favorite serum that is also clean and free of chemicals $72
9. An instant camera that is the most fun at parties $90
10. A pebbled leather laptop case for the girlboss $95
11. A full set of the BEST eyeshadow sticks by Laura Mercier $90
12. Mongrammed jewelry case for travel $69
13. La Mer set because everyone loves it $90
14. An essential oil diffuser to help her chill out $90
15. A winter white tunic to wear with anything $80
16. My favorite slippers that are cozy and cute
17. A heart pendant she can wear and think of you $60

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Gift Guide: Under $50

A luxury gift does not have to be expensive and this list proves it in so many ways. From cult beauty buys to serve ware and jewels, this under $50 list is so good. Anyone would flip over these! 

1. Gorgeous birthstone stackable rings $36
2. The new Echo for all the things $50
3. Cashmere (!) gloves that come in many colors $49
4. The Glossier body set that I can vouch is amazing $46
5. The most amazing massager for knots $30
6. Super soft faux fur slippers $30
7. The crazy Hanacure mask that pops up in your Insta Feed $29
8. Beautiful ceramic mugs for her morning coffee $37
9. The perfect pitcher for margarita night $30
10. French candles that smell like heave $45
11. A chic hand knit headband for cold days $36
12. A killer Kiehl's set with all their best products $50
13. Fancy Jo Malone misters for travel $45
14. A leopard passport holder for the jetsetter $28
15. Classic leather sneakers to wear with everything $45

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Gift Guide: Under $25

So you want to show the love and wow them, but you want to keep the budget tight. The options under $25 have gotten so much better than a candle or a bottle of wine. Here are a bunch of creative and unique ideas that will be talked about all year round. 

1. A wooden keepsake box you could fill with printed photos, drawings, and momentos for a loved one $20
2. A super soft cozy robe $25
3. A sweet, purse friendly, planner that has lots of ways to keep her organized $21
4. Mulling spices to fill the whole house with the holiday spirit $14
5. Shearling inserts to make any shoes or boots cozy $25
6. Freezer glasses to keep your drinks super cold without any ice $20
7. Red wine mouth stain and teeth blocker, because everyone loves their red $13
8. Clean beauty favorites for the product junkie $23
9. An automatic pan stirrer for your favorite home chef $25
10. Soft, butter socks 
11. A personalized tumbler perfect for adding a gift card to $18
12. Alcohol infusers with the ingredients to make festive cocktails $25
13. Essential oil shower steamers for all that ails them $14
14. Fill up this guacamole saver then add chips and tequila $11
15. The Bright Eyes Sleep Set for bright mornings $25
16. The healing clay mask that has been used for centuries for clear skin $8

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Under $50

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Gift Guide: Hostess & Friends Bundles

Because two is always better than one, I put together some really cute paired up gift ideas perfect for hostesses and for your beloved friends. It can be easy to find one cute thing, but adding a little bonus to use with that gift takes it over the top. Plus, there is something for everyone and you will impress the hell out of them! 

4. A DIY kombucha kit $40 and a crystal infused water bottle $49 (you know, for that friend ha) 
6. Old school Santa mugs $22 and gourmet hot chocolate
7. A bread warming basket (genius!) and a fresh loaf from the bakery $30
8. A garden basket that can go straight in the sink, but is pretty on the counter and fresh pears $58
9. Gorgeous cheese knives and stinky French cheese to nosh with her $38

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Gift Guide: For the Moms, Grandmas, & InLaws

They are the ones who took care of us and the ones that continue to. The ladies who nurture and comfort us when we need it most. And who swoop in to babysit when the sitter cancels! 
The ladies in our life that deserve all the credit for our parenting skills and those of our men. The Moms, grandmas, and moms in law we all love and can give them a little something to make them smile this year. (ps: any lady would love these things!)

1. A monogram tote for all of the things (comes in other colors) $179
2. Because she loves a fancy cream $90
3. The most beautiful copper bird feeder for her garden $78
4. The softest pajama set I love (comes in other colors) $65 
5. A faux fur throw to cuddle in (comes in many colors) $34
6. A gift certificate to Winc because she loves her wine
7. & 8. A marble cookbook stand for her kitchen and a wonderful new cookbook $20, $18
9. Blow her mind with the best invention your pedicurist will envy $25
10. Sweet copper plant markers for her veggies and herbs $18
11. A super soft robe she will never take off (comes in other colors) $38
12. Because she is into CBD, some bath bombs to relax with $15

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Gift Guide: Tweens & Teens

When the kids are too big for toys shopping can get tough. The options are fewer, the price tags bigger, and the ability to please is harder. SO, I dug around for what I think even the most discerning would love under the tree. There is a little something for everyone. From the techie to the fashion forward and lots in between.  

1. A game that allows them to use their phones, but really they are interacting with each other $34
2. A new smart Alexa that does everything, including wake them up $49
3. A funky sand phone case (also in blue) $40
4. A waterproof bluetooth speaker they can clip to their backpack $22
5. Gold huggies that she will die over $42
6. Ancestry kit so they can trace their roots $49
7. AirPods are THE things right now
8. A henna tattoo kit because it is way better than the real deal $21
9. A drone that hooks up to their phone and makes videos $70
10. An outdoor projector and screen for the ultimate hang with their friends $80
11. A handheld music mixer to put together their one beats $100
12. A Happy book to help them smile more $13
13. A photo printer so they can finally get all those photos off their phone $80
14. A Glossier make up set because all the cool girls love it $54
15. Fuzzy slippers that she might even wear out of the house (other colors available) $29

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Gift Guide: For the Kids

I went a little bananas on this one, but I know it can be hard to think outside the box or know what kids will actually play with! I pulled inspiration from lots of sources, including my own kids. A lot of these things are on their list or we own them and they play with them time and again. Because there is nothing that drives me up the wall more than sending money on a toy that is forgotten about the day after Christmas. 

1. A crystal growing kit they can do on their own $14
2. A hoverboard, because obviously $98
3. Klask is like mini indoor hockey and a great sibling/family game $46
4. A magnetic chess set because they love chess club $37
5. LOL surprise box with so many things it will take hours to unwrap $80
6. A sweet tent pod for the yard or their room for reading $60
7. Gravity Maze is a great STEM game they will love $30
8. Sushi Go Party is a card game for the whole family $20
9. Root Beer Making Kit for your soda lover $16
10. A smart watch that they can call or text you from, plus 100 other things $140
11. Make Your Own Fairy Garden they can paint and then watch grow $25
12. Gumball Machine Maker, my kids are begging for this one $39
13. A cozy robe (comes in other colors) $39
14. A little indoor garden for your green thumb or little chef
15. I cannot boast about Osmo enough. It is such a great interactive way to use iPads and learn STEM, math, and reading $70
17.  A Japanese game that will be the competition of the house $57
18. This Pencil Nose Game looks hilarious $24
19. Nintendo Switch, if you really want to go for it $300
20. An incredible problem solving puzzle that will use their little brains $14

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Gift Guide: For the Guys

We love them, but man are the men in our lives hard to shop for. Our better halves, our dads, nephews, and brothers are not great with coming up with ideas either. I tried to think outside of the box on this one and really come up with ideas that will make them smile. Because isn't that the best part of gift giving?! 

1. Take him back to the 90s with this retro North Face puffer $249
2. A Yeti Man Purse for all his craft beer and White Claws
3. Sporty Bose Wireless ear buds that he can wear at the gym and for runs $149
4. The ultimate 3 day emergency kit for his car or boat with all the essentials $175
5. Because guys want a little Gucci in their lives too $210
6. A draft growler to show off at parties $148
7. A cool marble charger for his beloved iWatch $120
9. Occulus Virtual Reality googles to blow his mind $149
10. Golf Course dart board for office boredom $120
11. Under Eye de-puffer stick that you can steal from him after long nights $20
12. A monogrammed travel case for all his chargers and cords $49
13. A car seat massager! $116
14. The muscle massager all his friends at Crossfit are raving about $299
15. Old School Clue for him to play with the kids
16. An egg cooker for the microwave to make eggs for himself in the AM $36
17. Cozy Sorel Slippers for padding around the house $70
18. The absolute cutest puffer cozies for outdoor bonfires $15

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