Current Favorites & Sales

My heart is breaking a bit with the three week wind down until school starts. Though summer of course has its hiccups, this one has been great.  The juggle of kids, and work, and fun, and camp, and doing nothing is tough, but somehow we got there. So until that first morning comes, we are going to live it up. Or down, however you want to look at it. ha

Here are a few of my favorite things right now, but first do not forget the Nordstrom Sale is still on until August 5th! There is still plenty of greatness and they have even restocked a few sold out items I noticed. 
Scroll through for picks. 

And few of my other favorite things right now
1. I cannot believe I just ordered this wide legged jumpsuit. I should have been wearing it all summer long! comes in a romper too. 
2. Been getting a lot of questions on eye cream lately. This is the one I use every night. . It is an investment, but you only need a little bit and it WORKS. Even my dermatologist uses it! 
3. Everyone loves an LL Bean tote, but did you know you can customize them?! Just figured it out and now I have the perfect bag for tennis/workout gear. 
4. The Handmaid's Tale. Have you watched??? It is SO creepy and completely addictive. Excited to dive into season 2. On hulu and iTunes
5. You guys, this dressing. I am not kidding has gotten me to eat more vegetables than I thought possible. You can find it in the refrigerated dressing section in Produce (heinen's for you locals) and it changes your life. Great on rice and stir fry too. 
6. I am digging a good mom jean, and these Reformation ones are awesome. High Waisted to pull you in, thick denim that will not rip, and a great kick crop to show off your cute shoes at a great price. 
7. These cabana chairs come in so many colors and are perfect for porches and patios. Even a kids room! 
8. Been eyeing this light for over my island and realized that the Serena & Lily Tent Sale started! So many good finds. Especially bedding, baby, outdoor furniture, and even pajamas. 



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

It is Nordstrom Sale time! This one is great because instead of last season's leftovers, it is Fall and Winter items that are brand spanking new. There is SO much to go through, so luckily I saved you the trouble and looked at all 3500 women's items. Yep, clearly I am into it. There are also great beauty items to stock up on that never go on sale. 

Click on the image to see the item. 
Have fun, friends! 


Caprese Orzo Salad with Arugula

Whilst deep into summer, your side game better be on point. Because let's be real, side dishes are the stars of the menu during these months. This recipe came together in minutes just based on what I had on hand to go with some grilled chicken. It was a way to highlight sweet summer tomatoes and peppery arugula that rounds out the dish. 
It would be perfect to bring to a party and can be made in advance to savor later. You can also easily make more or less based on how many mouths you are feeding. There is nothing fancy here, but it surely will look like you slayed it at home or amongst friends.

Caprese Orzo Salad with Arugula
Imperfect Polish 2018
serves 6-8 as a side dish 

1 lb of orzo or any small pasta, cooked to al dente, drained, and rinsed with cool water
1 cup of balsamic vinaigrette (home made or bottled)
6oz arugula 
1 pint of cherry or grape tomatoes, halved
1/4 cup of pine nuts (toasted if you would like)
10 oz of fresh mozzarella, cubed (you can use more if you want!)
Balsamic glaze (you can find this by the vinegars)

Place the cooked orzo in a bowl and pour 3/4 of the vinaigrette over it. Season heavily with salt and pepper and toss to combine well. Taste and add more vinaigrette to your taste. You want it to be heavily seasoned as this is the dressing for the entire salad. Set aside

Get out a large platter or shallow bowl and place the arugula in the bottom. Spoon the orzo over the arugula leaving a border along the sides. Then sprinkle the tomatoes, mozzarella, and pine nuts on top. Lastly, drizzle with the balsamic glaze and season with some fresh ground pepper and salt. 

*You can make this an hour or two ahead of time and refrigerate. Skip the salt and pepper at the end and wait until before you serve to add it. 



The Chicest White Dresses

There is something so incredibly chic about a little white dress. They have an ease and always look expensive, even if they are not. And as one who tends to be a spiller (and tripper, and scuffer) they can scare me. But, that is what spot cleaner and dry cleaners are for, right? I pulled some of the prettiest shapes and fabrics of the season and for every occasion (even the beach) except weddings. That is still an absolute no-no. 



Summer Dresses to Live In Under $100

There is nothing easier than throwing on a dress to make an outfit. Add slides for day and a heel at night and poof, instant outfit. It really is the best part of summer. And it is those casual, comfortable dresses that get the most play. So in the spirit of trying to invest more in what we all actually wear, I wanted to find budget friendly dresses that you can wear to death all season long. 

1. Classic Breton stripe dress (comes in other colors) $69 / 2. Embroidered Dress (comes in other colors)  $53 / 3.Tie front Shift Dress $69/ 4. Off the shoulder dress $47

5. Olive Midi Dress $76/ 6. Knotted Maxi Dress $88 / 7. Tiered Maxi Dress (also this one) $32 / 8. Channel Amal Clooney in this number (also this one) $77

13. Rainbow stripes dress $40 / 14. Own this and love it, comes in a ton of colors $69 / 15. Easy LBD $64 / 16. Stripe tank dress $59



9 Great Looks from the Nordstrom Sale

School gets out this week! There is this strange feeling of excitement and anxiety. Like what is the schedule? What will they do all day? How many times will I hear "Mom!?" I would say I am equal parts pumped and scared, we will see how that turns out. ha
To keep things fun for the first week of Summer, Nordstrom is having their Half Yearly Sale and it is full of new Summer items. Because we need to at least look like we have it all together and I am obsessed with all of these outfits. 

Jumpsuit / Bag / Shoes (cute 4th of July look!)



Summer Wardrobe: Splurge vs. Steal

So Summer is here. Did you notice? 
And in anticipation of days by the pool, warm evenings on the patio, and adventures with family, it is time to suit up.

 I wanted to come up with a list of the perfect additions for your closet in price points for everyone. All of it is amazing and in fact, the lower priced items might be my favorite grouping to date. 

So many sites are having huge sales too! I tried to pull as much from them, but you can check out Nordstrom, Shopbop, Net-a-Porter, J. Crew, and Loft for more details. 

So here is to a happy Summer, may we stay sane and stay cute. 

 Now, for a little splurging...

And a lot of Saving...



The Shoe You Will Wear All Summer

Pool slides and Birks are not a new trend, but clearly one with longevity. Mostly because they are so damn comfortable. No ties, no ankle straps, no blisters, just a soft place to put your feet on warm days. Plus, the slide in and go shoe will always reign supreme for busy girls. Bonus that the styles are getting cuter and cuter every single day so you can wear them anywhere. Here are some of the newest lot that would be perfect. 

1. Loeffler Randall $250 / 2. Matt Bernson $170 / 3. Rebecca Minkoff $100 / 4. Vince $195 / 5. Gucci $480 / 6. Jeffrey Campbell $105/ 7. Birkenstock $40 (comes in other colors) / 8. Solodus $99 / 9. Valentino $325 / 10. Treasure & Bond $69 / 11. Moncler $235 / 12. Adidas $45

Slide on, friends. 


Greek Chicken & Quinoa Salad

When coming up with new recipes, the best ones always develop from a place of love and what looks great at the market. On this particular day I was filled with a lot of love and excitement as my beautiful friend, who just had a baby, was going to spend the day at our house. And when eyeing the cheese section this Bulgarian Feta had me at hello. I had tried it before and knew that a fresh Greek salad with it as the star would make the new mama very happy. It is light and creamy, with a very mild taste. If you cannot find it (Heinen's has it for you locals) any feta would be lovely. 
I added Chicken to this recipe, but you could easily leave it out if you are not into it. I use light mayo to thicken the dressing as it saves a few calories instead of all the olive oil. You could just use oil if you would like (I know there are a lot of mayo haters! Although I will never understand it, I respect it). I make the salad in a way that allows for leftovers, just keep the greens to the side. This was the perfect light, but filling lunch that I know will be a staple to make all summer long. And if it gets that sweet baby over to my house often, super bonus points. 

Greek Chicken & Quinoa Salad
Imperfect Polish 2018
serves 2-4 

1/4 cup red wine vinegar
juice of 1 lemon
1 teaspoon dried oregano
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
salt & pepper
1/4 cup light mayo 
3 Tablespoons olive oil 

Whisk all of the ingredients together until well blended. Taste and adjust for seasoning. If too tart, whisk in a little more olive oil. Set aside

(note: measurements are loose, you more or less of what you love)
1 cup cherry or grape tomatoes
1/2 cup diced cucumber 
1/4 cup chopped red onion
7 oz Garbanzo beans, canned, drained and rinsed
2 cooked chicken breasts, diced (rotisserie or leftovers work great)
1 cup quinoa cooked according to box, at room temp or chilled
handful of chopped kalamata olives
Crumbled Feta (Bulgarian if you can find it)
Salad greens of choice

Place all the ingredients, except the greens, cheese, and olives in a big bowl. Drizzle with half of the dressing and taste. Add enough dressing to your liking. Place a pile of greens on each plate and spoon the salad mixture over the greens. Top with some cheese and olives and serve. 




Current Favorites

This last weekend it really did feel like the world was coming alive again.
 Fresh breeze, birds chirping, cold rosé, tired kids after hours outside. 
So good. 
Finding maximum happiness in those moments helps fuel through the rest of the week and appreciate them so much more. Spring, I am feeling you. 
In addition to happiness in moments, there are a few things that are bringing a bit of sunshine as well. 

1. These Le Specs are making me look so much cooler at school pick ups. 
2. If you drink red wine, WineBlock is your new best friend. Simple slather a little on your teeth and lips and never worry about wine mouth again. Bonus that they are giving Imperfect Polish readers 10% off with code IMPO10
3. Currently living in these super flattering high waisted, cropped, kick hem jeans. Get them quick, they sell out. 
4. Target NAILS IT with this tank. I own it in every color and it honestly lays and feels better than my most expensive tees. Great tucked in or not. Buy 1 get 1 50% off this week too! 
5. This sweater blazer comes in so many colors and pulls together any outfit immediately. 
6. Just finished this book and loved it. Set in a posh long island coastal town, you get transported to the life and lies of a wealthy family. 
7. I have single handedly eaten this entire jar of salsa this week. Guys, I am not kidding it is the BEST. They also sell it at Costco. 
8. I am always looking for iPad alternates for the car and beyond. These boogie boards have been a big hit. Great birthday present too for any you have coming up. 
9. Sweaters are still getting a lot of play and this defuzzer is giving them new life. I even used it on some of my knit upholstered furniture. 
10. And if you are looking for a Netflix binge, Retribution was a good one. Set in a gorgeous Scottish setting, two families deal with death, lies, and relationships. 



Finally, Time for Spring Shoes

Now I do not want to be too optimistic, but I am putting my cozy boots away. If I have to bust them out again I may cry, but until then I am going to relish putting pretty shoes again. 
There are so many fun, girly shoe trends this season. 
Lots of bows and knots and plenty of different hues of pink to make us smile. There is something about Spring that really brings out the most femme pieces which is delightful. 
So far I am wearing these and these the most, but here are some other fun pairs that would be perfect through Spring and into Summer. 
Note: Almost every single one of these shoes comes in multiple colors. 

1. These lace up wedge espadrilles are so pretty / 2. A slim slide with just sweet enough bows / 3. I worship this pink mule / 4. The perfect dressier flip flop / 5. Liking sneakers with a little platform  / 6. Block heeled mules are everywhere and so comfy / 7. A bowed skimmer to pull any outfit together / 8. A bow tie ankle strap is so sexy / 9. Apparently these are one of the comfiest sneakers ever made / 10. The transparent trend done just right. These too / 11. Beautiful laser cut details on this espadrille / 12. LOVE these pool slides / 13. A robin's egg blue loafer / 14. Gorgeous heels for night out. Or these / 15. These espadrille wedges would look great with anything / 16. Simple, but chic slides / 17. The perfect on the run slide

Also, if you haven't yet, download the LIKEtoKNOW.it app! You can find my profile here and follow along to shop my posts on your phone. 
You can always find me here too of course. 
Love you my sweet readers! 



Shopbop Sale

The week is turning up my friends. 
There are 70s in the forecast and a four day Shopbop Sale to help us get out of the late winter blues. 
20-25% your entire order, including sale items. 
Florals and stripes and pastels to put a smile on your face. 
Thank goodness, because the way this week is going I need some pretty little things to do just that. I hope it can brighten your week too. Here are some of my picks. 

1.  A striped jumpsuit  / 2. The perfect mini bag, comes in many colors / 3. These white heels are everything  / 4. The denim cut of Spring.  / 5. Love the print of this floral dress / 6. Stripes and pom dress / 7. A sweet two piece set / 8. Party heels or these  / 9. A breezy jumpsuit / 10. Classic sneakers in a great hue / 11. The perfect Summer dress / 12. Neutral mirrored shades / 13. Chunky gold hoops / 14. A soft sweater with flattering cut outs / 15. A pretty camisole / 16. The prettiest mules / 17. Minimalist heels 

Use code EVENT18 at check out. 
Happy shopping. 


Spring at Home

I can currently hear the ice/snow/rain mix hitting the window as I write this. So while I would love to be writing about floral dresses and pastel sandals, those things seem too far in the distance to get excited about. sigh. 
But I am not one to get pessimistic. 
Springtime will come eventually, and if we can cannot wear all the fun things, we can at least surround ourselves with a few. 
Floral prints, pastels, and greenery can be just as good for your home as they are for your Spring closet. 

1. An unexpected printed pillow for your sofa
2. A pastel buffalo check rug, comes in many sizes
3. A great little sign for an entry or mud room
4. Love the patter on these bistro chairs 
5. A succulent wreath that will last all season
6. A cool planter for a lonely corner  
7. Beautiful floral dinner plates
8. Give me all the scallop bedding please
9. These pink wine glasses are screaming for Rosé
10. A sweet little floral painting 
11. Pretty green tumblers to jazz up dinnertime
12. The cutest chip and dip platter there ever was
13. A live wall herb garden is genius! 
14. I love the soft colors of this Anthro Rug 

Happy Weekend


Spring Break Skincare

Are you headed out soon? Whether to the snow or to the sun, skin always need some extra love when you travel. Mine tends to freak out upon arrival, then never really figures itself out again until well after being home. I will bring my usual regime, plus some other products to help me out. Mostly my travel staples revolves around how to avoid a sun burn/aging myself anymore and faking it in the most natural looking way. So besides my trusty (old lady?) hat and shades, these are what I am packing. 

1. I think I write about this sunscreen powder every year. It is THE BEST face sunscreen you will ever use and so long lasting. I wear it everywhere and it stays on while playing outdoors. 
2. These face pads are great for exfoliating and take you from pale af to bronzed up in a matter of hours. Totally natural looking too. 
3. When you want to wear make up, but do not want to wear sunscreen this setting mist is AMAZING. Just spritz after applying your make up and you are covered. 
4. The perfect balm that smells like vacation. 
5. Not organic or fancy, but this face stick is the best for kids. Stays on forever. 
6. Nothing feel fancier  and more soothing than a face mist
7. I am getting that brown lip line action from the sun now, so this lip screen has become a staple. 
8. I know it is probably filled with terrible things for me, but I never streak with Jergens and think the firming actually works a bit. 
9. The reviews for this Jet Lag Mask are raving. and I love the name of the brand, Summer Fridays. 
10. If you have not tried any Ouai hair products, do it! They smell like heaven and work amazingly. Love this travel kit with dry shampoo, wave spray, and hair/body oil. 
11. I wear this absolutely every day. It soothes, has just a hint of tint, and has real protection. 



Wear Now, Wear Later

 This in between-y season is strange. It is sunny and close enough to spring to start wanting to pull the florals and pastels out. But really it is still pretty cold. At least here it is. 
So if you want to buy something, you want it be fresh for now but last until well into Summer. All of these pieces can be worn in both colder temps now and paired with lighter items later. 
And perfect  for you Spring Breakers. 

1. A pretty white blouse always works and pairs as well with jeans as it does with shorts.  / 2. A leather moto jacket in the prettiest blue for layering / 3. Light joggers in to wear with sweaters now and tanks later / 4. A sweet floral dress to pair with tights now and sandals later / 5. White loafer mules to slide on. Comes in other colors  / 6. High waisted pink jeans to wear with bold brights now and summer whites later / 7. Love these white mules / 8. A scalloped sweater that also comes in pink / 9. A striped blouse you will wear to death / 10. Off the shoulder white to wear with everything / 11. Slides and loafers and sandals in one 

1. A soft chambray dress to wear with boots or sandals / 2. A LBD that will always feel comfy and put together  / 3. A knit shell that looks chic with black pants or jean shorts/ 4. A super soft jumpsuit to wear with a leather jacket now and scrappy sandals later / 5. Pull on pants for work that go with everything / 6. Cute kicks to pair with jeans and dresses / 7. Drawstring chambray pants to wear with sweaters now and tanks later / 8. A cozy striped tee to layer now and pull on for breezy nights later / 9. A great green top that will always feel special / 10. Ruffled off the shoulder to layer under a jacket now / 11. Love these soft suede slide on loafers in coral. Comes in other colors. 



Spring Dresses for Every Invitation

Here comes the sun and dress season. 
Thank goodness. So ready to have some pretty little things that get me excited for an event or just a casual meal sitting outside. 
Here are some perfect Spring dresses and the best part is all of them are under $200 with a bunch even under $100.  

Casual options for showers and Spring bbqs...

1. Obsessed with this sweet striped dress / 2. Time to break out the white and I love the exaggerated sleeve / 3. Poplin stripes with just a bit of skin / 4. A feminine silhouette in a sweet stripe

For the slightly dressier event
1. Strapless bow dress in a pink gingham / 2. LOVE this breezy tie front dress, comes in other colors / 3. I am a sucker for a ballet inspired dress in a comfy fabric 

A fun print and silhouette...
1. A sweet floral print and a little ruffle  / 2. Preppy belted gingham / 3. Statement making ruffled floral / 4. A breezy floral jumpsuit 

And for when it calls for cocktail or more formal...
1. A pretty pink sheath / 2. Muted back and white floral / 3. A sweet off the shoulder / 4. Simple but statement making hot pink 



Best & Worst Dressed: Oscars 2018

Did you watch last night? Honestly I watched the show to see the song from The Greatest Showman sung and it was towards the darn end! I digress... 
So I know the Oscars is supposed to be the big show. The one we all wait for and all the dazzle it brings. But this year felt a bit subdued and pulled back. Plain even? Maybe it was because of the recent political and cultural stances that have been taking place on the carpet. But regardless, I missed seeing some real stand out and risky dresses tonight. Even if it is a miss, at least it happened? There were some really beautiful moments though and not too many misses. Although you can be sure I found them and will be pointing them out. 

First My Top Three: 

J. Law is giving us disco queen and I love it. The dress fits perfectly and she really went for the whole vibe. Margot is STUNNING in this white off the shoulder. The fit and drape is beautiful and I love the hair so much. Nicole rarely misses and this was one of those statement dresses I needed. The color is SO good. Even her pose is perfect for it. The hair bugs, but other than that it is perfect. 

Other Favorites: 
Zendaya is so beautiful in this. I think it has a smidge too much volume. But, the entire look from the hair, jewels, tone of dress, I am in love with it. Allison was looking painfully thin on the last carpet, and she may well be still, but is looking more like the girl we love here. Glam hair and makeup with a beautiful classic gown. Jen went for siren and I love it (see ya Ben!). This is exactly the kind of statement she needed to make. I have never seen her this vamped up and it suites her. 

Gal's look is pretty. There is something about it that I do not love, but cannot even put my finger on. She really cannot do wrong and clearly pulls it off. It was gorgeous on stage. Viola does color so well. To wear this color is risky, but the simple silhouette and fun hair and hoops rounds it all out perfectly. The hem of Saiorse's dress is driving me nuts, but the shade of pink is beautiful on her and the bow is the perfect touch. 

Helen is kind of a snooze, but per usual stunning and I love her hair. Laura also kept it so simple. Which I can appreciate, but she could have done something so much better. Her hair is so pretty. Jane is 80. That is all. 

Metallic can be such a good way to go on the carpet, but these missed the mark for me. 
Molly just had baby number 3 I think, so clearly she is an alien. But I think the chest is not doing her justice. Also, why was she there? Lupita's dress goes too costume for me. If this was just a gold lame in an interesting cut I think it would have been stunning. Sandra's hair kills this look for me. It is so severe. And I wish the neck of this did not go up and was a subtle scoop. So minor because clearly she looks amazing, but would have helped. 

Some other lovelies. 
This gorgeous girl's name eludes me, but this is the perfect shade of blush. Keala was in The Greatest Showman which might be on my top 10 fave movie list now. She was amazing and looks so pretty here! Greta pulls off yellow, which is so hard. This has an orange tone and I love it paired with an unexpected red lip. 

These are two head scratchers, but...
This is the dress that Rita wore 50 years ago when she won an Oscar. Which shows that if you wear the right dress it becomes a classic. She rocks. And I KNOW that you will think this on Audrey should be on the absolute bottom, but you guys, I kind of like it! lol The sleeves are a bit much, but it is interesting and she went for it. You think I am insane, right? 

Ok, so my worst dressed of the night...
Selma's dress was clearly a couture gown, but it needed to be reigned in. There is too much and those ruffles on the bottom cheapen it. Whoa there Lindsey. This is like a futuristic saloon girl who wants to punch someone int he face. She should have stayed to her sportiness and showed off that all american girl style she is known for. While I like Emma's suit, it is NOT DRESSY ENOUGH. There is probably a way to do a tuxedo on Oscar night and it could be amazing. This is not it. 

Leslie's is not that bad. Just came off cheesy to me and I did not like the fit of the front. She is the coolest still though. Taraji's dress is just all wrong with too much going on. The draping, mesh and long sleeves with the slit is not a good combo. Oh and Maya. Also a favorite who never gets it right and this blows my mind. I think it is actually a jumpsuit? But it just looks like a bag. With some tailoring this maybe could have been ok???

The worst were not even that bad, right? 
What did you think???


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