Hello Weekend

What do you have planned for the long weekend? I am hoping the weather stays decent and that I get a nap at some point. Big goals! ha Actually, we have some fun plans with friends a couple of days and maybe a trip to the pool if the kids are up for freezing water and chicken fingers. Meanwhile, here is some randomness you might enjoy… 

1. Kind of digging this packable sun hat with the big bow. So preppy Tuckernuck $60
2. Funny and so very true, these cartoons on how smart phones are ruining our lives. Helps me to remember to enjoy the weekend with the family sans phone. 
3. About to reorder this truffle salt. It is by far the best one I have tried for the price. True truffle flavor with just a small amount. I use it on popcorn, eggs, and risotto. 
4. Pizza night tonight and I am trying this dough recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I will let you know how it turns out. 
5. Looking at runners for the kids hallway. Something that can stand up to wet feet from the bath and possibly markers. Need a very long one and this gray stripe and blue stripe are the top contenders. Which one do you like? (dark floors, white walls)

Have a great Memorial Day friends. xo


New Suit

Though I am not ready to give up the bikini entirely, chasing after two small people at the pool has made for many almost wardrobe malfunctions that no one needs to see. So a new suit with less string and more coverage is a necessity and actually on trend.

I might try for a new two piece that has the ability to move with with me and not away from me. One a little sassy and the other a little sporty. 

Left: L Space Top $73 Bottom  $66 / Right: Bikyni Top & Bottom $50 each 

I have not ventured into one piece territory since middle school, but I am loving the look and the fact you can throw on a pair of shorts or skirt and head out the door. 

A little black suit sounds about right. Feels very French Riviera to me. 

1. Size up in this great v neck from  J. Crew $118 / 2. I love the simplicity of this one Gap $59 / 3. This is the throwback suit that you probably owned in the 90s. Love J. Crew $88 (on sale & comes in tons of colors)

Something in a blue or gray would be fun too. 

1. A classic tank in a fun color  Solid & Striped $148 / 2. The blocking of this suit would be so flattering Tory Burch $225 / 3. This is one of my favorites Marc Jacobs $148 / 4. Great suit if you like to show off some leg, but not your tummy L Space $132

Stripes and patterns can make it even more fun and even flattering. 

1. Another one of my top faves  J. Crew $98 (on sale and lots of color options) / 2. Gingham is so hot right now Solid & Striped $158 / 3. Kind of 80s/beetlejuice, and I like it Wildfox $150 / 4. The banding on this is so flattering Nanette Lepore $148

And I am always a sucker for a little ruffle action. 
1. This has a nice low back too Shoshanna $138 / 2. A little retro and I bet comfortable Toni Praver $149 / 3. The peplum comes on and off and it comes with straps. Zinke $136

You think you might take the one piece plunge? Join me! ha



Tips on Meal Planning

We all have the best intentions. 
We go to the grocery store, we try and get what we think we need for that day/days/week, we make a list, we scan the aisles, we unpack the bags, we know what is there. 
But then the week gets in the way, the kids are a nightmare, traffic is a joke, a meeting runs late, you need wine more than food. And spaghetti it is and groceries go bad in the fridge. 
This scenario is not only common, but also totally fine. 
We cannot all have it together and get a meal on the table each night. I certainly do not and I am one of the fortunate ones who actually have minor skills in the kitchen. It is even harder for those that are dipping their toes into the wide and overwhelming world that is cooking. 
But, there is hope and a few ways to make your kitchen a safe haven (experience or not) and not a stress and sweat induced room that gives you anxiety around mid day. 

Plan out your week, then plan out your meals. 
Take the time to get every one's schedule together for the week. Throw out the nights you know that dinner will be a struggle (take out! leftovers! scrambled eggs!) and focus on the nights you know that cooking is possible and plan around the prep time you have. Once you know how many dinners you have to put together, you can make a grocery list, and know exactly how your week is (most likely) going to go. 

Keep it healthy and work by the numbers. 
On the weekends we tend to have a diet free-for-all, so during the week I try to stick to a protein and veggie heavy menu. So especially for those weeks when I want to keep things simple, I buy one protein, one veggie, and ingredients for a salad for each night I cook. Proteins can always be grilled or roasted and veggies can always be roasted or steamed. It is simple and when a new recipe sounds like more work than any fun, this is the perfect plan. 

Designate each night as a certain dish. 
I recently read this on Cup of Jo and thought it was genius. To keep meals super simple, you make the same type of dish each night of the week. Example: Monday is stir fry, Tuesday is tacos, Wednesday is pasta, Thursday is soup and salad, and Friday is burgers. Then you just switch up the ingredients for those dishes each week so it does not get stale. 

Go to the market the least amount you can. 
Errands, ugh. The ultimate time suck. Plan your week, make a list, and get everything you need for the week. This makes you plan ahead and then you will be more motivated to execute your menus if the food is already sitting in your fridge. 

If you are up for an adventure, just try one new recipe a week. 
No one is judging you in the kitchen except yourself and whoever you may be feeding. Who by the way are lucky to have you and anything you make. So don't pressure yourself to go off your already well beaten cooking path if it keeps you sane. But if you are up for something new, pick one meal or even just dish a week. Low pressure equals better success and more fun. If you are looking for any new ideas look here or my previous cooking site

Do you have any tricks you use to get dinner on the table? I would love to hear them! 



The Summer Day Dress: Under $100

 Some of you are already well into Summer, other of us are still patiently waiting. We have been teased every other week with a glimpse, but soon I know it will be blazing hot and it will be time to finally ditch the jeans and lulu leggings and put on something breezy. By far the best thing about Summer is that one piece dressing is a reality. So a few day dresses that look as good for errands and summer camp pick ups, as they do for casual al fresco dinners and brunch with your babe makes getting dressed effortless. I am ready to stock up and I found plenty of options under one hundred dollars so we can have some fun. 

It is fun to play up some pattern with little dresses... 
1. Gingham is on point right now and so cute. Glamourous $72 / 2.  Poppy's look perfect on a shift dress Asos $68 / 3. Love this navy palm print. Glamorous $72 / 4. Sucker for a paisley Asos $40

Stripes are kind of always a good idea. I want them all. 
1. This dress is so sweet Loft $49  / 2. Breezy shift from Asos $54 / 3. I could pretty much live in this Asos $54 / 4. I like the bolder stripe and swing of this Asos $46

 Nothing like the feeling that you are wearing a t shirt all day. 
From Left: Gap $49 / Asos $27 / Asos $61 / Asos $45

(Clearly I am a fan of Asos. Specifically for every day prices like these dresses)

And when it gets nice and warm, a tank dress is essential
1. The drawstring is flattering Cheap Monday $70 / 2. Huge fan of the jean dress BB Dakota $75  / 3. Classic and comes in other colors Madewell $78  / 4. A little 60s nod Asos $40 / 5. Love this color Asos $33

And for those that need more day to night...
1. This color is stunning Madewell $74 / 2. The lace is so sweet Topshop $68  / 3. This has a fun split back Topshop $55 / 4. This has a cute scalloped back Asos $50

Pair any of these with a leather sandal or even a white tennie and you are set for your day. 



Wedding Season

These days there is not a whole lot of dressing up happening. I like to get it together for date night, but it certainly does not involve a cocktail dress. So for some of us, that wedding invitation or fundraising party are the best excuses to do a little shopping and put a unique and refined look together. And though my wedding wardrobe for this weekend (can't wait!) includes a bridesmaid dress, these are the looks that would look so great for your Summer line up. 

For a more modern feel...
Dress: Blessed are the Meek $230 / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff $95 / Shoes: Alive + Olivia $325

I am obsessed with the zipper lined envelope clutch. Comes in a bunch of colors too!  

This could work for any wedding, even black tie...
Dress: Notte by Marchesa $340 (on sale) / Bag: Santi $145 / Shoes: Sam Edelman $109

When the dress code is more casual...
Dress: Parker $192 (on sale) / Bag: Oliveve $130 / Shoes: Vince $395

Love a pop in a shoe...
Dress: Black Halo $390 / Bag: Inge Christopher $178  / Shoes: Pour la Victoire $195 

Can't stop thinking about this look...
Dress: Asos $235 / Shoes: L.K. Bennet $395 / Bag: Michael Kors $138 (on sale)

Because pink is always a great idea and this embroidery, love...
Dress: Asos $172 / Bag: Ted Baker $170 (obsessed) / Shoes: BCBG $325

Love a little preppy look...
Dress: Asos $118 / Bag: Lauren Merkin $175 / Shoes: Stuart Weitzman $398 

Love all these so much. Any of them your favorite? 


Met Gala 2015: Best & Worst Dressed

Vogue prom is what it is called and it is by far the best red carpet of the year. People take risks (some that pay off, some that horrifically do not), which always makes it more entertaining than the Oscars and everyone goes. At least everyone on Anna's good list. Oh how I covet a spot on that. Until then, I can shamelessly critique from afar. 

The theme this year was a nod to Chinese culture. So there was a lot of red, which can be so hard on a RED carpet. ha Some pulled it off, including a few of my top of the top Best list. 

From Left: Jessica Hart gives a nod to the theme in such a gorgeous way. Bee Shaffer is so elegant in this garnet. The cherry blossoms are so pretty. Kate, always the golden girl, killing it in Michael Kors. And I know you might hate it, but I love Sienna's suit. The tassels, the cut, only she could do it. 

More after the break! 
And the other ladies that I thought looked great…

Maggie rarely gets it right, and this is a bit off, but somehow I love it. Amanda looks gorg in Givenchy. This Donna Karen on Lizzy Caplan is so regal. And while Rosie's dress is a bit severe, she looks insane. In a good way. 

Kristen has really never worn anything so feminine. This yellow is pretty on her. This green feathered Altuzarra on Keri really belongs at the top. It is stunning on her. Kendall looks pretty in this green, which is actually a strange color. Emily Blunt brings the perfect chinoiserie in Parda. 

There was little black, but I thought these were all great options in a sea of red. 

There were some dramatic entrances… 
Such a sucker for blue and white on Ivanka. And I have been dying for someone to wear this silhouette from the Giambatista Valli show. Love it on Allison. Kerry's bubble gum dress, not my fav. 

And lastly, some other good ladies in red...
I think Vanessa's shoes are what sell me on this look the most. Hailee looks like she did her own hair, but I like the dress. Helen slays it. I want to borrow that dress. And there are few people that could pull off Rita's dress, but she carries it so well. 

There were some good looking couples there. Olivia Munn's sleeve kind of bugs, but I like the dress. The Firth's look insane, per usual. And Chrissy and John look elegant and cool. 

Let's begin the not so great looks with this one.. 

Every time I see the Olson twins (who I admire and actually like their style so much) it reminds of the ballroom scene on the Haunted House ride at Disneyland. Right? They never look happy, they dress so frumpy, and the weirdly matching component is not good. Like they are being paid to scare us a little bit. Ashley (?) on the right, her dress could be stunning solo. 

And then there is the ever ending quest as to who can show up the most naked to an event. When will this end??? 

This is not a dress for the Met. It is a Vegas show girl costume. She had to show up last, she had to show up naked, do we really need to see this much of someone? Save it for your show, lady! 

So there were some ladies that really went for it. 
And while I admire it. I really do, none of these hit the mark for me. SJP's dress looks cheap (it is H&M, so maybe it is?! insert cringe face). Anne's hood is like half on and a weird shape. Solange. Where do I being? She looks like a dress up ray at Sea World. And the shape of Gaga's dress is all around bad. Love me some volume, but not everywhere. 

Then the princess of drama… 
I cannot get behind this. It is just too much. The color, the fur, the head piece, the amount of fabric. It is hard to look at. Underneath this was a pretty red gown that I think was better looking. 

Jennifer Lawrence looks really pretty, but this dress bugs. Can't even put my finger on why, but it does. Elizabeth Banks also looks rocking, but cheesy for this event. Kim went for it, and honestly it is not that bad, just kind of over this dress since we have seen it before (right, Beyonce?). And Jennifer's dress looks like a suit of armor. If it was short sleeved I think I would love it. 

J. Lo had a dragon slithering up her body. While there is no denying her amazing bod, I think we have seen enough of it by now, right? I am just kind of over the "gravity defying" cut outs. Much like Miley's here. At first glance, I actually really liked Emma's, but that belt started to bug. But now maybe I like it again. Too confusing. Reese is such a snore fest. 

It is a gala girls. The MET GALA. Wear a freaking gown. ps: Miranda's sleeves and Chloe's choker might be the worst things at this event. 

There was also a street graffiti battle… 
Guess what? No one won. 

Diane Kruger is one of my style crushes and even though this is Chanel, I can't. Lace pants? No. Eddie and his wife have been killing it, but her Valentino is not doing it for me. Olivia Wilde's choice of gloves and is that a headband? It is so confusing. And I do not know who this girl is, but her dress is freaking me out. And R. Pats tie? Not a good look. 

What did you think? There were so many, I could not even include it all! Would love to know your thoughts. 



Maternity Style

There are few things harder in life than having a baby. But what can seem almost as hard is clothing that growing bump and looking somewhat like your stylish self. And while your normal clothes can last you if they have some stretch, sometimes you have to break down and get the maternity versions. I pulled a bunch of options for a client recently that are great wardrobe staples you can wear throughout your pregnancy and that save you some money to buy clothes you really want post baby. 


1. This blouse could be worn to work with a camp underneath. Asos $50
2. A classic black blouse with flattering tucking.  Rosie Pope $44 (final sale)
3. A comfy grey sweater that goes with everything. Asos $40
4. A silky tank good for day or night. Asos $36
5. This is more of an investment, but you can wear after as well. Hatch $248
6. This top has a split back that gives it a modern feel.  Topshop $58
7. A super soft tank great alone or layering. Monrow $58
8. Stripes are surprisingly flattering when pregnant. A classic Breton is so chic. Asos $36

*note many of these tops come in other colors. Click on links to see. 
1. Paige makes the best maternity jeans. Whatever jean fit is most comfortable to you now is best for when you are pregnant. I would stick with just one pair in a dark wash. 
2. Love a draped pant and these are maternity. Olian $108
3. A skinny trouser is great for work or out at night. Rosie Pope $98

Casual Dresses...
1. Not a maternity dress, but perfect for a bump and summer walks in the city. Cheap Monday $70
2. I lived in this dress when I was pregnant. Add one of your own belts to lux it up. Asos $50
3. A maxi dress is a pregnant girls best friend. This one has a nice drape for your bump. Velvet $139
4. Another dress that I lived in. As you get bigger, this will be so nice and breezy in the summer months. Asos $22
5. The drape of this dress will grow with you, go up a size. ElevenParis $95
6. Super soft and great for layering or lounging. Splendid $70

For when you want to dress up...
1. The metallic and pleats of this dress is so fun. Add in your own skinny belt to lux it up. Asos $63
2. Not sure if you like this color, but mix in nude heels and a bright clutch or necklace and this is perfect. Hatch $144
3. This would be so cute for a shower or party with a white tank. Hem to a flattering length. Asos $36
4. This has a swing shape when you are not in the mood for something tight. Hatch $219
5. Probably one of the best cocktail maternity looks I have come across. Asos $172
6. If you like a floral, this non maternity would be great. Addison $208 

Dresses for day and night...

1. A white shirt dress is so chic. Invest in a slip to wear underneath. I like this brandAsos $63
2. A classic shift in a pretty color. Asos $45
3. This is non maternity, but if you go up a size can fit your bump for the first months. Madewell $138
4. Similar to the swing dress above, but add a statement necklace to dress it up. Asos $45
5. Non maternity, but roomy. Add a belt above your bump as you get bigger. Splendid $110
6. I love this. Chic but so comfortable. Add a bright bag or jewelry. Just female $136

The maternity struggle is real. I hope this helps you out. 


Let's Catch Up

Yes, I am alive! The month of April is gone, how did that happen? And how did I not write?! I promise to be better and am excited to get back to it here on the blog. 

We spent an extended Spring break in Florida with family this month, only after a weekend of stomach flu madness, so it felt very much deserved. The weather and beach was perfection and the kids kept us super busy. Seeing them play on the beach is probably my favorite thing in life, as were the adult only dinners with plenty of fresh seafood. 

So now we are back to the swing of reality finally and settling back into our daily routine. Which now includes a certain three year old waking up at 5:30 every morning (if you have any advice to fix this, please share). So I have added espresso to my mornings (hello dirty chai) and getting in bed earlier than I would like, but such is life. 

Here are a few things that have kept me entertained or inspired while I was away…. 

Got so compliments on these shorts. First venture to Loft, I was a fan. (on sale!) 

I read this in two days. Great page turner, similar to Gone Girl, not quite as good. 

My mom made the most delicious chocolate cake ever using this recipe

Obsessed with these new slides from J. Crew. (on sale!)

If you want to have serious design envy check out this Domaine Home feature. ps: The designer and client are both friends. Lucky me! 

This weekend is finally supposed to be nice, thank goodness. So we will be outdoors and enjoying some time with the kids in the sunshine. And luckily, some time without them too. ha

Happy weekend! And it is good to be back.  



A Ridiculous Dip & A Reality Check

While Monday usually gives me little satisfaction, this Monday feels incredible.
 Let me explain by starting with our Friday. I had a great day and a fun play date with the kids and after nap time whipped up one of my favorite appetizers (shared to me by one talented friend) and posted this picture on my Instagram at 5pm. 
Life was grand. 

Then the kids would not eat, were whiney, and clearly not themselves. We bathed them and got them ready for bed. 
And then it hit. 
The stomach flu. 
Like a hurricane that rocks your entire house, we had been hit and it was not pretty. 
The parents are spared. 
At first, 
and then it was our turn. 
The entire weekend was horrible and there was nothing to do but survive. 
So while the picture above may look like the perfect weekend image, what happened after was the reality. I considered putting up a picture later, but honestly did not have the strength. 
Luckily, we are on the mend and eating solids again. 
So just a really nice reminder that things are not always as they appear in cyberspace. Actually pretty much never. 

Now back to that dip. I had posted this recipe before if you want to check it out. It is very easy, can be made in advance, and it such a great starter. I highly recommend it. 

I hope your weekend was much more fun than mine! 


Little Blue Box

Though Tiffany & Co is one of the most iconic jewelers in all of the world, it has been some time since I have checked out their goods. In college you craved that little blue box so much and hoped it was holding a Tiffany link bracelet that paired perfectly with your black canvas Kate Spade. And while a link bracelet would still look classic with an arm party today (seriously, dig it out), there are some chic and modern options that will be classics for years to come but have a cool factor that works well with today's vibe. 

The new T collection gives us all something to add to our wish list and I am dying over those green braided earrings. There are some real investment pieces (or should I say pipe dream?) scattered in here, but also some great options for every budget. Like those black onyx drop earrings and the horseshoe necklace. And if I lived like Angelina Jolie, I would snap up those green, diamond encrusted earrings in a heartbeat. Have fun exploring! 


PS: Don't forget Mother's Day is coming. hint, hint boys. 


Calabrian Grilled Pork Ribs

I am a magazine junkie. I tend to reach for them more than books (which I am trying to change) and often times it is my resource for inspiration. Bon Appétit has always been on the roster, but over the last couple of years it has gotten good. Really good. The content is easy to read and recipes are usually brought down to mortal level from top chefs around the country. Plus the editing and styling is so fantastic and modern. My favorite section (an oldie but goodie) is in the front where people write in for recipes from their favorite restaurants. I love when it is a place I have been and even better if it is a dish I have tried. In March's issue, they shared a ribs recipe from a delicious Minneapolis restaurant, Bar La Grassa, that I loved so much (check out this recipe I already tried at home) and I knew that I had to try it. I never make ribs. But I will be making these again and are such a fresh departure from your usual goofed up BBQ sauced ones. The sauce is so rich in flavor with a surprising lightness and requires very little ingredients. You are to finish these under the broiler, but you could finish on the grill which makes this recipe a summer stunner. 

Calabrian Grilled Pork Ribs
Bon Appétit March 2015
Serves 4

1 rack St. Louis stlye Pork Ribs (2-3 lbs)
Kosher salt, freshly ground pepper
5 fresno chilis, seeded if desired (Anaheim work too)
10 garlic cloves 
1/2 cup olive oil
1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar (sub any white vinegar if you want)
1 tablespoon fresh rosemary leaves
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley for serving (left this out)
Lemon wedges (for serving)

Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Place a double layer of foil large enough to wrap ribs on a rimmed baking sheet (to catch any drips). Set ribs on top and generously season with salt and pepper. 

Pulse chilis, garlic, oil, vinegar, rosemary, and red pepper flakes in a food processor or blender until mixture is almost smooth. Rub ribs all over with the marinade and pour excess over top. Wrap tightly with foil. 

Roast ribs until meat is tender but not quite falling off the bone. 2 1/2 - 3 hours. To check doneness, run a paring knife through 2 or 3 ribs; it should slide easily into flesh. 

Heat broiler. Once ribs are cool enough to handle. Remove foil and reserve juices. Place ribs on a clean rimmed baking sheet and broil until charred in spots and marinade has formed a golden brown crust, 8-10 minutes. Transfer to a cutting board and let rest for 10 minutes. 

Slice meat into individual ribs. Drizzle with reserved juices and top with parsley. Serve with lemon wedges (squeeze them over the ribs, it is heavenly) 

Note: instead of broiling, you could grill over a very high heat for a few minutes as well. 



Busy watching one of my favorites get married this weekend. That and the thought of Spring has got me all giddy and totally not focused on writing this week. Cheers to a great week and weekend to you and hopefully something fun to celebrate as well. 



The Classic Shirtdress Today

Vogue 1967

Audrey knew what was up. A shirt dress is one piece that can look polished and put together with no fuss. For work or errands during the day with flats, then add heeled sandals for the evening. It is the perfect piece. And luckily there are some modern pieces that would look so chic this Spring. 

1. Love the color of this classic style. Asos $68 (on sale)
2. A total investment piece, but this would be a staple from Spring well into Fall.  Love the block print design so much. Ulla Johnson $415
3. You could wear this lose or add a tan belt. The color brings out the utility of it. Asos $40
4. A soft chambray makes you feel like you are wearing your pajamas. But so much better. Velvet $150

5. This peach number would look cute with white sneaks or stripy tan wedges. Splendid $138
6. This dress would look just as great for meetings as it would a dinner out. Black Halo $298
7. A soft fabric keeps the drape really flattering. Also in black. J. Crew $99 (on sale)
8. There is a reason the classic white shirt is a classic. Madewell $118



Current Skin Routine

Though I professed my problem with being a product junkie before, I have recently started simplifying my routine. While I used to dabble in dozens of products on a weekly basis, I am currently down to just a few. My skin has seen better results and I feel like I can really see the affects of each product much clearer. Here is my current day and night line up. 

Good Morning…

1. I worship this sunscreen. It packs a punch with plenty of protection, plus a wide range of anti-aging ingredients. It is insanely light and I let it soak in while I brush my teeth. If I only put one thing on, it is this. SuperGoop City Serum $20

2. Glossier is making some kick ass products. I actually love all of them, but this moisturizer is great for daytime. You can layer on based off how dry your skin may feel that morning and it helps with even skin tone. Priming Moisturizer $25

3. One of the best drugstore finds, this BB cream evens everything out without feeling like a heavy make up. The extra SPF is a great bonus. Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream Anti Aging $12

4. You have to find the right color that works for you, but this Bobbi Brown cheek and lip duo lasts and makes me look way more rested than I might be. And it lasts forever. $27

5. Though I am trying to go more fresh faced and make up free, mascara is essential. And Dior never fails. This DiorShow Iconic Overcurl makes you look awake and polished. $28 

6. I discovered this DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo when it was suggested by a lovely lady in this post (one of my favorites) and my old dry shampoo was ditched immediately. My hair can last well into the week with a few sprays each morning. $14

 Good Night…

1. I love a cleanser that is gentle, but can also take off make up and grossness from my day. This Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel does not dry out your skin, but gets the job done. $36

2. My dermo has me on a very strong hydroquinone and rentinol prescription for my melanoma and anti aging right now. Which my skin cannot take every day. On off days I either use no serum or this Algenist Retinol firming & lifting serum. I used it religiously before I was put on a Rx and the results were real. It is pricey, but you use just a tiny bit each night so it lasts. $98

3. And speaking of pricey, nothing make me happier than finding a drugstore gem that I love. Though I am not as good as I should be about natural products, I love this Neutrogena Natural moisturizer. It has tons of good for your skin ingredients and gives me that extra moisture I need at night. $11

4. I switch between the Neutrogena moisturizer and La Mer depending on my current skin condition. Talk about high low! But this one jar of La Mer has lasted a very long time and when my skin is extra dry it feels so great. There is a reason everyone swears by it, but it is really best for dry skin. $85

5. Eye cream can basically save your life. So if you are not patting on any at night, get with the program, lady. My current favorite, which I think does its job really well, is Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm. It combats dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness. $65

6. My hands take a beating each day and regular manicures are just happening right now. I massage in this Glossier Balm Dotcom to my cuticles each night and it helps keep my hands in top shape minus the professionals. $12

Any products you are swearing by lately? You know I can't resist. 


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