What I am Packing

To say that I am pysched on a vacation is a huge understatement. I need some sunshine, quiet, and endless chips and salsa. The quiet will be attainable since the kids are staying home. Which as anyone that travels with kids knows makes it an actual vacation, not just a trip. I love my kids, but mama needs a break from doing all the things. 

I am bringing a mix of new finds and my tried and true staples. 

1. Just got this Le Specs and I LOVE them. Oversized, seriously mirrored, and I love the neutral tone. 
2. These pool slides are an investment, but I wear them everywhere. And you cannot go wrong with these
3. This Sunscreen Oil is approved by my dermo and apparently amazing. Cannot wait to try it out. 
4. Hands down my favorite bikini and it is on sale in so many colors. 
5. A new sun hat with an extra parge brim and perfect shape. 
6. My favorite high waisted jeans shorts to pair with tees. 
7. A pretty cover up in a style I buy over and over again. This too. 
8. Just got this cloud paint from Glossier and I love the sweet hue it gived my cheeks. 
9. A wild new one piece swimsuit
10. I have this dress in red and love it. You feel instantly chic and the fit is so flattering. 
11. I love tan towels to bronze up my face since I cover it from the sun most of the time. 
12. And I use this magic powder for face sunscreen. If you do not own this, GET IT. It works so well, is super waterproof/sweatproof, and worth every penny. This size lasts a long time. 
13. These rubber Valentinos are perfect for packing. They can easily be worn to the beach and then later again for dinner. Loving these too. 

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and I will post from my trip! 


Current Favorites

I find there is a need to check in with myself a bit more this time of year. Do you? The grayness, the cold, the lack of fresh air can rake a bit on anyone. So I am trying to hygge and cook and watch things that are funny and play games with my kids and check in with friends. Because anyone can find themselves in a darker space than they would like when you are literally in a dark place. 
So these little favorite posts are always fun and light and I hope give someone else a bright spot even if they did not even know they needed it. 
Take care of yourselves friends, the sunshine will be back soon(ish). A few favorite things...

1. I have shared my love of this serum before, but this gel is its nighttime sibling. And it leaves my skin SO soft and glowy the next day. Using it 2x week. If you want both, this bundle is such a deal. 
2. Our guest room is currently getting a make over and I need a cute but affordable rug (doesn't everybody?!) I am loving the texture and color of this pretty rug
3. Have you watched Friends From College on Netflix? Matt and I plowed through it in less than a week and loved it. Funny, a little dark, but relatable for us 30/40somethings. 
4. Dylan's Candy Bar tackle boxes are the perfect assortment of gummies for your kids, teachers, or anyone that has a sweet tooth. 
5. I love tiny little earrings right now and these would be the perfect Valentine's gift. For yourself obviously. 
6. I get so many messages about these boots, but these Inuikii are half the price and so cute! Come in brown too. 
AH, there's two 6s! Ha
6. As a face picker I cannot help myself, but these little patches are helping me not pick and delete those little blemishes I hate. 
7. Everyone is LOVING this sweater and it comes in a pretty green and black too. Fave buy in awhile. 
8. If you have a trip coming up, it is Baby Foot time. You need a full week, but this foot mask goes on in a hour and you will NOT BELIEVE how much skin comes off your feet. 
9. Oh hi pretty pajamas for a holiday that I do not really care about but will certainly buy cute pajamas for. 



Sun's Out, Buns In

As I sit here in the Antarctic, I mean Chicago, there is no way I cannot think to a planned getaway next month. Because honestly that is what is getting me through these long winter days. 

ps: my kids are also here ALL OF THE TIME. And I love them and their little heavy bodies cuddled up with me on the couch, but one can only watch so many movies, bake so many cookies, and watch them fry their brains for many hours of ipad time for so long. We love and appreciate you, teachers! Can't wait to see you soon! 

Anyway, back to the daydreaming. 
While imagining the pool time and sunshine, the one thought that can be tough is the swimsuit sitch. I do not know if I am just getting older, but are all the swimsuits getting smaller? I mean all of them. Not just the suits that are clearly made for a 19 year old, I mean the "mom" suits too. Too high of cuts and "cheeky" bottoms are not great for basically every person on this earth minus two percent of the population under 30 and a Kardasian. I prefer my buns a bit more covered, mostly because it is more flattering and also because the inevitable wedgie is not a great look for a mom running after a kid. 
Is this just me? Or are you with me? 
Now I am not saying let's go full grandma, but just enough coverage to be comfy and not embarrass our kids. So I searched through to find all the cutest suits that have style for days but you can also rock with complete confidence and not worry too much about that cute bum of yours. 

1. Literally called the "unicorn" of suits it is so flattering. Comes in lots of colors. / 2. Such a cute Striped Bikini. Top & Bottom / 3. Obsessed with this ruffle one piece, on sale! / 4. By far my most favorite bikini of all time. Top & Bottom / 5. A sporty cut bikini in a fun print / 6. My friends all RAVE about this rouched one piece. Also comes in solids / 7. This high waist number is so cute and comfy. Top & Bottom / 8. Marysia is such an investment, but absolutely worth it. The fit is perfection. Also comes in black / 9. I own this one shoulder and LOVE it / 10. Seamless high waist in a cute heart print / 11. This cross back suit is so good / 12. A sweet red suit (This one is cute too)



Show the Love: V Day Tops For You & Your Kids

With snow days turning busy schedules upside down, I thought it best to focus on something fun. Like wearing something cute to show some love. 
And with Valentine's Day approaching, there is the perfect excuse to sport something with a touch of kitsch. Something that I do not normally do, as I find most shirts with quotes or graphics not great. BUT, in the spirit of love, I am into it. 
Hearts and love for you and your littles. 



4 Winter Trends You Can Actually Wear

As we see all of the trends roll in each season, it can be tough to actually implement them. Many come and go and I do not given them a second thought. But some come that are fun or special enough to work their way in. 

This winter the four that I am sporting, in small doses of course, are faux fur coats, headbands, puff sleeve tops, and the almost dad sneaker. 

The faux fur coat is really just an excuse to look and feel your absolute coziest. The faux furs are SO so soft and are coming in the sweetest colors and cuts. 

I am currently channeling Blair Waldorf on the reg and I am LOVING it. A headband is a great way to get another day out of a hair wash and a fun way to jazz up the boring winter uniform of leggings and sweaters. 

The puff sleeve is one of my favorites in awhile, BUT beware of the too puffy shirt. I am talking a sweet little puff of the shoulder and not a while lot else, ladies. 

And lastly, the dad sneaker. Look, I am not on board with the crazy chunky pairs. But I can get on board with a pair of sneakers that can give me a little lift with a retro feel. 

Here are a few of each of these cute trends that are easily added into your closet. Make sure you are following me on Instagram as I will be posting more outfits sporting these fun trends. 

1.  Faux Fur Coat, comes in other colors $148 / 2. Knotted Headband, comes in lots of colors $18 / 3. Sweet Striped Puff Sweater $88 / 4.  Leopard Bow Headband $10 / 5. White Reeboks $75 / 6. Pink Nikes $130 / 7. Off the Shoulder Sweater $98 / 8. Velvet Puff Sleeve Top $18  / 9. Twisted Headband $25 / 10. Oversized Coat $130 / 11. Navy Sneakers $80 / 12. Leopard Coat $128 / 13. Pearl Headband $150 / 14. Pink Faux Fur Coat $168 / 15. Striped Puff Sleeve Sweater $180 / 16. Platform Pumas $80



One for Dinner, One for the Freezer: Rigatoni with Sausage

Do you cook every night? God bless you if you do. I actually love to cook, but the scheduling, preparing, and cleaning can get to be too much. I average about 4 times a week, with one of those being scrambled eggs for dinner (my favorite). 
What saves the day more than anything is when I have something homemade and frozen that can be popped in the oven for dinner. I high five myself when one of these gems is discovered in the freezer drawer and ready to be heated and devoured. 
Any recipe that makes a lot can be one of these meals for you too.  This and this can be doubled and are delicious. 
And this new recipe below I put together is SO good and cozy. The perfect meal to tuck into on a cold day and a total crowd pleaser. 

Rigatoni with Sausage 
Adapted from Ina Garten's Cooking for Jeffrey
Makes two dinners for 6 people

3 tablespoons of olive oil
2 large onions, chopped
3 lbs of Italian Sausage (spicy, mild, or sweet is great), casings removed
4 cloves of garlic, minced
salt and pepper
2 cups dry white wine
1 - 28oz can crushed tomatoes
1 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup tomato paste
2 pounds rigatoni

Chopped Parsley 
Crushed Red Pepper 
Grated Parm (this is kind of mandatory)

1. Heat the olive oil in a very large dutch oven or heavy pot over medium heat. Add the onion and sauté for 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally, until tender. 

2. Add the sausage and cook about 10 minutes until nicely browned, crumbling with a fork or spoon as it cooks. 

3. Add the garlic, 1 tablespoon of salt, and 2 teaspoons of pepper, stir and cook for one minute. 

4. Pour in the wine, bring to a boil, and add the heavy cream, crushed tomatoes, and tomato paste. 

5. Bring back to a boil, lower the heat, and simmer for 20-30 minutes until the sauce has thickened up. Taste at end and adjust seasoning if needed. 

6. Meanwhile, bring a large pot of water to a boil, very large! Add a bunch of salt and a glug of olive oil. Cook the pasta according to the box instructions, drain and add to the sauce, and stir to coat the pasta. 

7. Cook over low heat for 5 minutes to allow the pasta to soak up the sauce. 

8. Serve up the pasta in big bowls, garnishing with parsley, red pepper, and parm if you would like. 

9. Take half of the pasta and place in a casserole or gratin dish. Sprinkle with lots of parmasan and cover tightly with plastic wrap. Stick it in the freezer or bring to a friend. 

10. To reheat the frozen one, bake at 375 for 45-60 minutes until bubbling and hot. 



Sweats Weather

These last few weekends have been uneventful. 
Cold, Gray, and now snowy. 
Which normally would be something to complain about. But I am into it. 
Were basically hermits with unlimited screen time and countless meals of pizza. And if there was ever a uniform to go with that vibe, it would be the sweatsuit. 
And I am not just talking about a sweatshirt and sweatpants, I am talking a matched set. 
Because if you are going to go for it, you better go for it. Plus, the matched set looks pretty damn cute at Starbucks, drop off, and even over to a friends to hang. Oh yes, you can sport it out of the house friends. Just add cozy sneaks, mules, or fuzzy boots. 

1. Dying over this and it comes in lots of colors. Top & Bottom 
2. The softest material and flattering cut. Top & Bottom 
3. LOVE the stars. Also comes in pink. Top & Bottom 
4. This one is SO soft. Comes in other colors Top & Bottom
5. This Monrow number is on super sale. Top & Bottom 
6. Take it to a new level in CASHMERE! Top & Bottom 
7. Target FTW. Comes in lots of colors. Top & Bottom
8. Camo set for the win and on sale! 
9. I love the cut of both of these from H&M. Top & Bottom
10. Sporty, but put together. Top & Bottom

Happy Lounging. 


J. Crew Super Sale

I have a pretty tight policy that I only buy items that are on sale fro J. Crew
Because they ALWAYS DO. 
But this sale is by far the best they ever have had. I ordered so many things for under $200 it was insane. And things that I absolutely love, including some of those J. Crew staples that are on heavy rotation year round. 70% off already reduced sale items, plus 25% everything else. 
Use code GOFORIT
Bonus: This includes all men and kids
Here are my picks for you and a few of things that I ordered. 



Let's Go Bold

Fresh start to a new year and the start of what is usually a minimalist vibe.
 Resolutions, diets, home organization. 
That is all well and good, but I am BORED. 
I want color and fun and wacky to start the year. It is cold and gray and lame for the next three months, so let's at least have some fun with it.
Mix up some unexpected colors, throw on a print you would usually never wear, and try a bold lip. 
So when everyone else is gabbing about their hours organizing closets to find joy and new keto diets, you are laughing and smiling and joy-ing the hell out of the year full of life and color. 
To help you on your GO BOLD journey, here are some cute ideas to get you started.  

1. The best blue sweater / 2. A bright bag that can be worn many ways / 3. A pink faux fur coat / 4. a wide striped shirt for everything / 5. A marigold sweatshirt that says "love" / 6. Obsessed with this green striped sweater / 7. Cool green mirrored sunglasses / 8. Red hoops that instantly make life more fun / 9. Coral Golden Gooses on SALE! / 10. A pink puffer is always a good idea / 11. A soft and cozy blue coat / 12. A bright green sweater with fun sleeves / 13. I just bought these coated jeans and LOVE them / 14. A leopard dress to make any dinner/event so much more fun / 15. Blue suede shoes, because duh / 16. Worship this satchel/backpack that comes in a ton of colors  



Best Buys of 2018

Happy New Year! 
I was planning on writing something reflective and deep and then was over it. ha 
SO much happened this year and yet nothing that was not overcome or not enjoyed to its fullest extent. 
So good and bad, we can handle it, right? 
At least I hope to keep that feeling going into 2019. 
Stay active, eat healthy most some of the time, laugh with friends, appreciate family, and enjoy these kids before they get too big to want to hang out. 
And when the bad stuff happens, it is going to be fine. 
Seriously, it will. 

Looking back on the blog this year, I have to say there were times I was working on it and just did not feel that it was worth keeping up. But then per usual, you all surprise me by clicking around and showing me that you are still there and enjoying it. So thank you SO much! You are what motivates me to keep it up and as I expand my real estate and design services this year (exciting stuff!), I hope to bring you a better site and instagram experience to encompass it all. 

I know you all love the posts with the hidden gems, best values, and life hack type products. So I thought I would round up my favorite and most used buys of 2018. Would love to hear some of your favorite buys in comments!

1. A few drops of this magical serum each morning actually makes a difference in my skin. Less wrinkles and a bit of a glow. 
2. GUYS, if you do not own these faux leather leggings, BUY THEM. They are magic and absolutely anyone can pull them off. 
3. This open front sweater blazer has been on rotation all year. With jeans, dresses, leggings, everything. Comes in other colors and is on mega sale. 
4. So I am an eye cream enthusiast and this one is the real deal. Worth the investment, friends. 
5. This red wine mouth blocker came with me everywhere this year. Easy to put on and completely works! 
6. These faux suede leggings are AMAZING. They look like real suede and are basically free. Also come in other colors. 
7. This non-foundation foundation is the best light, but full coverage make up I have ever used. One little dot added to your regular moisturizer creates the perfect tinted moisturizer. 
8. I make a big latte in the morning and this keeps me caffeinated well until lunch by staying warm. It also actually fits in the cup holder of my car and comes in cute colors. 
9. These block heel sandals are super comfortable, come in a million colors at a great price. Love them more than most of my pricier shoes and going to order the closed toe version too. 
10. These boot cut cropped jeans feel like pajamas and look cute with any shoes. On sale. 
11. These Valentino sandals are plastic, but you cannot tell in person. So you can sport them to the pool or dinner just the same. 
12. I have noticed a difference in my skin and hair, tummy, and general health since putting a scoop of collagen in my coffee. It is totally tasteless too. 
13. This sun hat is the best. Albeit a little grandma-ish, it packs easy, keeps you cool, and blocks a lot of sun from face and chest. 
14. For those like me that loathe an underwire, this bra will change your life. 
15. Custom canvas totes are the answer to every bag problem you have for yourself and your kids. Love all the sizes and you cannot beat the price point. 



The Best Designer Post Holiday Sales!

So we made it. Wow, it was something, right? This year I tried to take a step back and not go crazy with anything. The schedules, the commitments, the presents, the cooking. Of course, it was all still madness but a hair less, which made for slightly less stress. And in all the very best parts were laughing with friends, feasting with family, and seeing the happiness in my kids through it all. 

Now you would think that shopping is the least of what anyone is thinking about, but actually it is one of the best times! So many sites have crazy good sales that include some of the best designers. I rounded up a few items from each site, but be sure to browse around for your favorites because I assure you they are there. So Netflix and chill and gift yourself a pat on the back. 

1. Valentino / 2. Tom Ford  / 3. Chloe (obsessed) / 4. Balenciaga / 5. Charlotte Olympia (obsessed) / 6. Joesph / 7. Alexandre Birman / 8. Valentino / 9. Maje / 10. Isabel Marant (best boots I own!) / 11. Proenza Schouler / 12. Valentino / 13. Mui Mui / 14. Veronica Beard / 15. Valentino (or these) / 16. Self Portrait / 17. Alexandre Birman / 18. Golden Goose (or these) / 19. Aquazarra  



2018 Gift Guide: The Lux List

Last gift guide of the season! 
You can see the rest of them here for other ideas at every price point. 
This of course is the drool worthy list. Investment pieces that will feel so special and last for many seasons. 
If anyone needs any help (I am looking at you, boys) with selecting. Email me

2. A classic and soft wool coat by Ganni
6. A pink Ganni puffer
7. New chic luggage
8. The coolest backpack/satchel by Senereve (other colors)
9. New soft, lux, organic cotton sheet sets approved by Gwyneth 
12. A throwback Gucci tote 
13. A Mason Pearson brush for the hair obessed
14. Gucci mules (other colors)
15. Diamond huggies, love
16. Platform Golden Goose sneakers
17. A beautiful Gucci wallet
18. Oversized Chloé sunglasses 

Happy Gifting everyone! 


2018 Gift Guide: Under $200

So we are getting mighty close to the big day. Are you done shopping? 
I just got started and fine with it. 
In the age of 2 day shipping we can do that, thank goodness. 
So you still have all most of the time in the world. And hopefully with a little help here to make it even easier. 
These under $200 gifts are all super solid. A few cozy things, a few practical (but also fun) things, and something shiny. You honestly cannot go wrong. Loving this list. 

1. The coziest sherpa jacket $200 (on sale!)
2. A satchel/crossbody that comes in every color $168 (on sale!)
3. Google Home HQ that will help her do everything $129 (on sale!)
4. For the La Croix obsessed, a cute bubbler $143
5. A big heart ring that is so great $125
6. Chic silky striped pajamas $136
7. A wireless Bose speaker in rose gold $200
8. A cashmere wrap that will always feel special $198 (plus 25% off)
9. Cashmere slippers for coxy toes $154
10. The softest, comfiest robe there ever was $189
11. An Instant pot to make her life a snap $119-$147
12. A wide angle lens for her iphone $110
13. For the girl who cannot open the bottle, ever $100

Check out all the other gift guides here! 



2018 Gift Guide: Under $100

So would you be alarmed if I told you my tree is not up and I have done zero holiday shopping??? Yea, it is kind of scary to say out loud. I am pretty sure I am going to get my stuff together in the next couple days, but until then here I am avoiding it all on the blog! Way more fun to put together gift guides than do any actual to do list crossing off. ha 
When it comes to gifts, it is really just this simple. If you can imagine the person smiling when opening it, you've done good. I love all of these gifts so much and really try to knock out options that could be perfect for so many, but also feel super special and unique. 

1. The sweetest tiny star studs $35
2. Crisp old school pajamas you can monogram $95
3. Killer big cat eye sunglasses $68
4. A beautiful brass tray for jewelry $20
5. A chic velvet clutch $98
6. The best sweat pants there ever was $84
7. A pom beanie in a sweet hue $75
8. A super special coffee mug (psst: get 4 to make it a set) $23
9. A market backpack for your framers market lover $98
10. The coolest mixed media hoop earrings $80
11. A monogrammed oversized scarf $49
12. Super cozy slip on slippers $83
13. Glam gold ear buds $55

Check out my other gift guides HERE



Let's Get Festive

It seems like each day brings a new way to celebrate the season. Cinnamon spiked coffees, cookie exchanges, kids making ornaments, houses twinkling with lights, lots of sparkling cocktails. Man, it is the best.  The exhaustion can be real, so pace yourselves, friends. But one thing that can make it all even more fun, is a festive addition to your closet. Even just a piece or two that screams holiday gets you more excited for the event, plus makes getting dressed for them that much easier. So hear are some fun options that can wear with your other faves for a bright and merry December. 

1. Obsessed with this bowed white shirt / 2. Own this red sweater and love it! / 3. A super sparkly skirt  / 4. Crushing on these bow sneakers / 5. Glitter Mules, these too  / 6. Amazing sequin sweater on sale / 7. Cool girl hoops / 8. The perfect day to night red dress / 9. Comfy, but refined cropped velvet pants / 10. A cute cold shoulder top / 11. Velvet slippers you can wear everywhere/ 12. Cropped velvet jeans / 13. A pretty lace top / 14. Velvet leggings by Spanx  / 15. Sneakers with a festive twist / 16. The perfect velvet blazer / 17. A pretty sequin bow backed top / 18. A ruffled plaid top / 19. A starry clutch 

Happy Weekend! 
More Gift Guides coming your way next week! 
You can check out the other ones here


2018 Gift Guide: All Things Beauty

Each year there are so many new products to dazzle us, plus the tried and true favorites, that make the best gifts. And truly it is the gift that keeps on giving every time she reaches for it.
 There are a lot of ways to make a girl feel great depending on her taste. Here I tried to cover them all, from the luxury lover to the holistic healer. 
I am truly swooning over it all...

1. This is the ultimate La Mer  set, this one too. / 2. I have heard first hand that this Dyson hair dryer is life changing and worth every penny / 3. These lip masks are an Insta sensation and actually work! / 4. This Herbivore set smells amazing and the products are so beautiful / 5. If you want to give GOOP products a try, this is the perfect starter kit / 6. The Glossier serum set to cure whatever is ailing your skin / 7. The ultimate Charlotte Tilbury set in her most loved hues / 8. Collagen and Glow supplements to give her morning coffee super powers / 9. The OG in green beauty, Tata Harper , that always is at the top of every beauty list,/ 10. The brand new Goop Glow powder that Gwyneth is raving about / 11. A Dybar set for her very best hair day, this one too / 12. This lighted mask looks scary, but is supposedly life changing for skin! / 13. The most amazing shower and body essentials from Glossier / 14. An assortment of the very best sheet masks.

Check Out the Other gift Guides: 



2018 Gift Guide: Under $25

Gifting season is here!
 Have you started yet? I wish I could say that I am "shop in advance" type person, but I am still getting things together days before the big day. 
Which is fine for those living inside my house, not so much for those that I need to gift during the month. Specifically the amazing teachers, friends, hosts, co-workers, and overall helpers in our lives. And while you want to spoil them, budget certainly comes into play when you have a lot of people on the list. So here are eleven great ideas that anyone would love that are under (some way under) $25. So gift away and enjoy that smile on their faces when they open it. 

1. Slippers never fail! Love that these come with an eye mask / 2. Rainbow chocolates perfect for snacking / 3. Cozy mittens in a fun print / 4. Because one can never have enough of this hand cream and balm / 5. An initial catch all for their desk / 6. Eye masks that are magic / 7. The softest socks there ever was (other colors) / 8. An initial key chain to her heart / 9. The perfect travel kit for the one that is always on the go / 10. A luxurious Kiehls duo that feel super special / 11. A monogram pencil holder for all the things


Check Out My Other Gift Guides


The Best Sales This Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! How was your holiday? 
We are still basking in the glory of stuffing and snuggles with cousins. It has been a great week. 
And with that extra couch time I cannot avoid the excitement of scrolling through a few great sales. Namely from retailers with site wide discounts that I order from again and again. These end tonight! So hop to it. 

J. Crew: 50% your ENTIRE purchase with code TGIF 
Shopbop: 15%-25% your order with code MORE18
Intermix: $50 Off every $250 you spend + A Huge Designer Sale 

 Here are some picks from all three sites

1. A Show Stopping Romper / 2. The Perfect Holiday Dress /        3. My Favorite Sweater, comes in lots of colors /  4. A Sweet Lace Dress /  5. The Perfect Winter Jacket, comes in lots of colors /       6. Stretchy High Waisted Jeans / 7. Femmine Velvet Mules / 8. A Preppy Puffer / 9. A Smart Velvet Blazer / 10. A Festive Boys Shirt /  11. The Cutest Girls Velvet Dress / 12. A Pretty Fair Isle Sweater / 13. Vintage Gucci Bucket / 14. Soft Loungey Joggers / 15. Cozy Winter Boots / 16. Classic Kicks



What to Wear: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the best, right? 
Family, friends, cooking, football, good wine, and the inevitable lounge afterward. 
Though I know not every Thanksgiving is stress-free or drama-free, the thought of all those smiling faces gathered around tables gives me all the warm feels. 
Do you dress up for Thanksgiving? I would say our family tends to be casual dressy, but I know plenty of dress codes are happening. I would say pants are off the table, because zips and buttons in the mid section are no friend to this holiday. 
It is safe to say I want EVERY ONE of these as the prints and colors are giving me all the holiday vibes. So cheers to full tummys, happy tables, and the perfect dress for it all. 

1. A white sweater dress always looks lux. Staud $185
2. I am OBSESSED with this dress by C/Meo $180
3. This Free People sweater dress is AMAZING. Also comes in other colors $168
4. A super chic velvet jumpsuit from J. Crew $148 (but 30% off today!)
5. I love a Fall Floral. Madewell $119
6. Leather and a ballet neckline by Bailey 44 $168
7. Love the print and classic silhouette of this Madewell $160 
8. This print, color, length combo is perfection by Faithfull the Brand $168
9. A velvet wrap dress that looks so soft. $88
10. Veronica Beard makes the most flattering dresses $595
11. A classic sweater dress by Madewell. Comes in other colors $118
12. This is THE color right now and this Topshop dress looks comfy $68
13. The softest chambray dress. Perfect with high boots. Cloth & Stone $148
14. A little 70s vibe is perfect for the day. Endless Rose $95
15. A boho vibe in rich colors by Natalie Martin $210



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