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First day of school back from "Spring Break" and I have to say that things are not going great. As a mom my patience is worn thin most days and as a TEACHER, well let's just say I would be fired pretty quick from the real gig. Settling in with the fact that this is all happening and has become what our day will be, quite possibly for the entire rest of the year. So keep calm and hang in there mamas. 

In the meantime, here are some things keeping me sane, entertained, my home school running, and well fed...

1. You know how I feel about a sweatsuit, but can I make a case for the house dress?! Living in this Amazon one that comes in a bunch of colors. $28
2. Since I am now within steps of my pantry AT ALL TIMES (ugh) I am trying to find alternatives to my favorite chips for snacking. These truffle almonds are AMAZING $4
3. Easter celebrations will look a lot different this year, but this sweet bunny wreath can make any room feel sweet and springy $28
4. Games everyone in the family can play is hard. One of my personal favorites is on heavy rotation here, Mexican Train Dominos. Even my 6 year old is into and won some rounds! $26
5. I barely have craft materials around, so school materials are non existent. I just ordered this dual sided white board for the kids schedule and to work on school work. $28
6. I just finished this great thriller (but not scary) book and loved it. Will be a movie soon too! 
7. I am still without fancy AirPods, so I have one or both of these ear buds in most of the time. Great for calls, sneaking a show while the kids are doing school work, or listening to podcasts while folding laundry. $29
8. If you stick this hydrating and soothing mask in the fridge and slather it on after washing your face you will 1000% feel like life grand. And bonus it makes your skin plump up and glow. $22
9. I wore out my first pair of these slippers which are on my feet 24/7 at this point. Worth every penny and the coziest without being too hot. $59
10. I posted this recipe on my Instagram, but it deserves a double post. It was incredible and I slurped up the sauce for days. 
11. A gallery wall project could be a fun way to stay busy at home (you know, in between TEACHING SOCIAL STUDIES! and these frames are all on sale. Print the photos through the Walgreens app for pick up. 


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