There are a lot of amazing products, places and design out there. Imperfect Polish is a way to share with you what I find inspiring and helpful.

Although, let's get something straight, I am no expert. I am striving to be one of those people that can perfectly design a room on the first try or find the perfect blouse. Just like everyone else, I am searching for things to help me out.

When I come across something that is great, be it a new tote or a perfectly eclectic living room, I always want to snap and share it. This blog gives me the outlet to do just that and find even more inspiration from the readers.

Since leaving the corporate world of sales and marketing, focusing on my family and my true interests has been such a blessing. And this little blog has turned into so much more. With closet consultations and interior design work, the skills and knowledge I have learned through my experiences with the site have turned into other ventures. 

We are all striving for greatness, or at least a comfortable elegance that some people seem to be just born with. I am still trying to find out how to get it or at least where to find it on sale.



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