Best Essentials for Mom During Social Distancing

Well here we are. These are crazy times friends, but like everyone is saying let's just do what is best and hope for the best. And while embracing the family time is so great, there WILL be moments that you are going to lose it and feel completely overwhelmed/stressed/anxious/sad. 

So let's prepare for that and surround ourselves in a few things to make this time great. 

Getting outside, cooking more (or at least attempting!), listening/reading interesting things (minimum scrolling!), and staying in touch with friends through it all will make for a better time. 

Here are some essentials that I think will keep me cozy, sane, and happy that I thought you would like to. 

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1. My absolute favorite sweatsuit set in the sweetest pattern. I have the black floral set. 
2. A super moisturizing face mask for glory skin $22
3. Excited to dive into Glennon's new book
4. A plush fleece to for cuddling and cool walks outside $50 (was 50% off!)
5. These soft sweatpants that I live in and come in a ton of colors $35 (use code 24hours for 40% off)
6. If you are a SATC fan, you will LOVE this podcast! So good
7. Stress always brings on the chin zits, so I am stocking up on these Killa Zit Stickers that really work  $29
8. Manicures are probably out the window and this fool proof to apply Nail Glow makes your natural nails look perfectly polished $28
9. My hands have been ravaged after scrubbing my hands, this is the BEST hand cream $12
10. Died laughing over Ali Wong's hilarious, inspiring, and dirty (!) book penned for her daughters. Listen to it doing laundry or chores to make it so much better
11. This Nordstrom pajama set is my go to and easy to just keep wearing all day ha $65
12. Spring for these slippers! Worth every dollar, I walk around in them ALL DAY LONG $60
13. Extra caffeine will be a must, so make a big batch of this yummy cold brew for your fridge $9
14. Also worth the money is this insanely relaxing bath soak from Goop. It honestly feels like you are drinking a martini, but better yet make one for you to drink in the bath. $35

Would love any other must haves you all are enjoying during lock down! 

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