My favorite purchases during quarantine

The roller coaster that was quarantine was quite frankly the strangest time. It was all things scary, confusing, and sad and at the same time, it had a lot of love in it since we were all forced to slow down and be a family unit every minute of the day as the world stopped around us. I am going to take a lot with me forward from that time, but only the good parts. Like slowing our lives down, not being so scheduled, and really having the time to cook and be more creative in the kitchen. I found myself not turning to retail therapy much during quarantine. Probably because there wasn't much time for it between my kids 1000 zoom calls and the 4pm happy hour that was absolutely necessary each day. But I did get a few things that I am still loving and thought you might like too. 

1. I want all things to be comfy and breezy and this Xirena is exactly that. This one is almost the same one! 
2. I read a few books, but The Dutch House was my favorite by far. Currently listening to this on my audible. 
3. This bath soak feels like heaven and legit feels like you had a martini after
4. Target NAILED IT with this dress. Comes in other colors too
5. This silky Natalie Martin dress (also comes in a short style) feels so luxurious and soft
6. I bought these Alexandre Birman on super sale and they still have a few sizes. These are almost the same color too
7. I have long loved Milk Street recipes and finally paid the very small fee to subscribe. The recipes have all been incredible and helped me mix things up
8. You all know I love the Vintner's Daughter serum, but I recently splurged on the essence and the two have become my morning indulgence. My skin has definitely improved and the ritual is my favorite part of waking up
9. If I could have a faucet of Watermelon La Croix that would be helpful. I am drinking it plain, mixing it with tequila, and adding it to rose spritzers. 
10. I went through two of these Glossier Moon Masks in the last few months. When my skin feels at all dehydrated, this instantly fixes it and makes my skin so smooth
11. Amazon find for the win. Generally only wearing this around the house and beyond all summer
12.  When I saw my lovely friend with this Target sweatshirt on I thought it was a pricey Shopbop find! It is the best quality and comes in lots of colors. So cute with denim or white shorts. 
13. Cute golf clothes are impossible to find, but I got two Foray outfits, including this skirt and I actually excited to play more this Summer
14. I have long wanted these leopard clogs and with all the sales I finally pulled the trigger. So comfy

I created a new page on the blog, My Favorite Things, where you can find all the things I am wearing and using and eating currently. Thought one place for my staples I love would be helpful. 

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