Bringing the Outside In

The spaces that end up most inspiring to me are those that actually look like they can be lived in. They are more casual and have an eclectic mix of patterns and textures that is easier to recreate than something that looks formal and totally "done." One material that I love in spaces is rattan and bamboo. It almost feels like these pieces are meant for the patio, but look fantastic in a living room or kitchen. Plus, it gives off that whole beach-y, relaxed vibe that makes your space look inviting and comfortable. 

I LOVE this living room. Totally eclectic and fun. 

These chairs make a fun statement and bring warmth to the room. 

Again, eclectic. Makes you feel like you can put it together with some things you already have. 

I have been eyeing these Ikea chairs for awhile. Look how great they look with a cushion and colorful pillow. 

Chairs are so insanely expensive, so the rattan options can give you some seating options that do not feel like they will break you. 

1. Pier One $299
2. Byholma from Ikea $94
3. Serena & Lilly $450 (Just for fun, but I kind of want one)
4. Stella from Home Decorators $299
5. Pottery Barn $179
6. Storsele from Ikea $119
7. Pier One $159
8. Almsta from Ikea $99
9. Furbish $795 (pricey, but look comfy)



  1. Where did you find the cushions for the ikea chairs? They looks great!

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