I have written and posted a lot of looks from Asos and people are always loving them, but are wary of ordering from the site. It can be hard ordering from a new store online, so let me assure you that it is awesome. The quality of the pieces that were as little as forty dollars was actually pretty amazing. There is free expedited shipping with your order and returns are as easy as putting the box back in the mail with a card filled out. I have been so impressed with what they have and the price point that I have gone a bit mad. 

Yesterday the baby slept way in, so I used the time to burn through some molla and get a ton of great stuff for a surprising little amount. I needed some more casual dresses and a couple of pieces for upcoming weddings. I hate spending money on maternity clothes, and while a couple of these are, most are not and I can wear afterwards as well. 

2. Cami Maxi Dress (also in magenta) $58
4. Maternity Swim Suit in navy $42 (had to do it, the bikini is just kind of offensive at this point in public)

I had ordered this dress before and I am obsessed with it. Great print, colors and easily dressed up for a night out or down for running errands. 

Here is to a great weekend and maybe you will fall in love with Asos as well. 

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