Losing the Leggings

While I try to not wear leggings ALL winter long, it pretty much happens. An every day look of soft leggings or your favorite skinnies with a blousey long top is just so easy to put together. And really it can be pulled together so chicly, even if your leggings are form Target. When it gets warmer, it is easy to just lose the leggings and throw on a shirt dress. Something that looks good enough to wear to work, dinner out, or running errands by just switching your accessories. These cool girls seem to get it. 

These are some cute options for this summer. Throw on with tights and a leather jacket come Fall and you will get so much wear out of it. 

From left: Asos  / Topshop / Equipment / DKNY

I am obsessed with the pink Equipment. Too bad it has a waist. Don't these all look comfy for a hot summer day? 



  1. Yes...now if only we had a hot summer day. I bought a cute striped casual dress at J Crew yesterday. Would be fun to wear today but nope, I am back in my leggings.

    Love the denim ASOS!

  2. Anonymous13.7.19

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