Skincare While Traveling

 You know the power players on your vanity when you have to decide what to bring with you when you travel. I had limited time to make the decisions, but I know that hydration and protection were at the top of my list. My skin always gets ravaged after being on planes and any change in climate is immediately shown all over my face. Here are the all star products that were worth hauling around with me and I used each and every day. 

From Left: 
Biologique Recherche Creme Masque Vernix

I would slather on the the Vintner's Daughter every morning and let sink in. It really helps with inflammation and redness and provides additional moisture in the AM (ps: that bottle lasts a long time). Then I would slather on the SPF and enjoy the day. 

At night after cleansing, I would dab on the Lotion P50 (Glossier makes a great similar product) to tone and balance, then smooth on some the Ordinary Serum for extra plump/moisture. My favorite is slathering on a good amount of the Creme Masque Vernix that has honestly changed the tone of my skin. Then a little mini eye massage with the eye cream and dab on lips. 

Locals, if you are interested in the Biologique Recherche products, I highly recommend going to Wellness for Eternity for a consult and purchasing there. 


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