A Rug to Live With

Searching for rugs is a deep, dark, endless hole that can literally drive you mad. Rugs are such a large investment and the options are endless online. I have been searching for a new rug for our main living space for awhile. I have the used to be ever popular PB zig zag rug currently...

And while it is not terrible, I am just really over chevron. It would not bother me as much if we had a large ottoman or coffee table in this space, but this location is still used for major dance party action (one of my favorite parts of the day) and I want to keep it that way as long as possible. (note: the day my kids stop wanting to dance party will literally kill me) 

I have had my eye on a custom beauty with a price tag that makes you lose your breath. But even if I was in a position to make that investment, there are too many sticky hands and rogue snacks in my house right now for anything that precious. So I have been searching the retail sites and have found some great options. Because of the dark floors I would like to keep the color light and am debating whether to go with a pattern or simply a texture. 

Prices based off 8x10, but most come in many sizes. 
Pretty patterns...
1. Spendy, but beautiful from One Kings Lane $2999 
2. Even though it is dark, I love this Serena & Lily $1699
3. A little boho/tribal, looks lighter in pics Suzanne Kasler $1399
4. Don't love "fake" vintage usually, but this is pretty sweet  Pottery Barn $899
5. Love the subtle pattern Pottery Barn $999
6. Think this is my favorite of all the patterns Astoria Grand $1399

 And texture...
1. I love the texture of this from PB Teen, and with that price tag I would be ok with the clean up $499
2. This has a great braided texture RH Teen $750
3. Love this sweet honeycomb in blue by Dash & Albert $1180
4. I am a sucker for braided rope like this. Love the grey and white Dash & Albert $1417
5. A rug woven like tile is genius West Elm $629
6. Cozy cotton by Suzanne Kasler $679

As much as I love a pattern, I think I am leaning towards a solid texture instead. I torture myself with decisions like this and a solid color seems so much easier to choose. I can mix in more color and pattern with new pillows (Been eyeing this one with this one). Which are your favorites? What should I choose? Would love your opinions. 


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  1. I absolutely love Dash and Albert rugs (we own two). My choice is the sweet honeycomb blue, love it!



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