On Display

As I wrote in this post, I have been looking for an organizational solution for my jewelry so that I can see it all and make the selection process much more fun. I ended up getting this glass display case from Ikea and I love the results. 

I have laid out all the pieces that I actually wear at the moment for easy access. 

I laid pieces out by category so I can see all the options. The cabinet has plenty of space so each piece has plenty of space to be seen and then replaced later. 

A vintage necklace display and my (creepy) hand mannequin offer a few other places to place items so I can browse easily. 

The bottom shelf is the perfect place to display clutches. The cabinet comes with doors, but I opted to leave them off for easier access. 

A hand-me-down crystal tray gives me a place to put the pieces I wear almost every day. 

There is plenty of wall space above, so the hunt is on for a few items to hang to personalize the space. A mirror is a must, since it will allow me to try things on and check out how they look. 

I keep other pieces in my original jewelry box and when I am ready to switch things out, this display makes it easy. I like how it feels a bit like a boutique. They always say to shop in your own closet and this certainly makes me feel like I really am. 



  1. I love this idea! I've been looking for a solution for storing all of my jewelry. If I don't see them, I forget I have them. So cute!

  2. Where did you find that vintage necklace cloche? I've been on my own hunt :)



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