Weekend Wish: Channeling Gwyneth

There is just something about Gwyneth....

The girl says what she wants, has incredible taste, actually eats, and is honest about what it takes every day to look this great at 39. 

Some days I hate her, but only because I want to be her. 

Looking down at my giant bump right now and kind of want to cry, but I think these pictures will be great motivation to get back in shape for summer (not that I think I could even get close to this, but I can pretend). 

Her latest interview in Harper's Bazaar is refreshing and makes you just love her even more. You want to be her friend, her co-worker, and her travel buddy all at the same time. She does not BS in interviews and is honest about what makes her life work, which is like a breath of fresh air. 

My weekend wish is to channel Gwyneth. I will try to remember it is that realness she has to herself that makes her so great (the amazing wardrobe and genetics don't hurt either). 

Here is to a weekend all about you and exactly who you want to be. 


photos via Harper's Bazaar

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