Valentine's Day Romper

We are about a week out from Valentine's Day. While I am not one to go out all out for the holiday, I do believe in a little something to acknowledge it. I have written love letters, sent out funny cards to friends and cooked a special meal, other than that I really just enjoy the pink colored peanut butter M&M's. 

I do believe it is fun to pick up a piece of lingerie to make bedtime a little extra special for your Valentine. I think rompers have just the right amount of sweet to sexy and I tend to gravitate towards them when shopping for lingerie. 

1. Victoria's Secret $42 (variety of colors)
2. Forever 21 $13
4. La Fee Verte $120 (also in navy)
5. Forever 21 $15 (also in black)
6. La Fee Verte $130


1 comment:

  1. i'm loving the romper idea for lingerie. i may have to go check some of these out!




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