Chanel Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser

When I think of cleanser, my first thought is not essential oils. But I have been reading so much about cleansing oils that I wanted to try some myself. While picking up some red lipstick at the Chanel counter (they make the best), I was introduced to Chanel's Sublimage skin care line. The salesgirl described it as Chanel's "luxury" line. I don't know about you, but just the mention of Chanel screams luxury to me, so I knew that I was in trouble when she started testing the products on me. 

The Essential Comfort Cleanser was the most intriguing product to me. First, because it was a cleansing gel made up of mostly oils. And second because it made my skin so incredibly soft, instead of the usual tightness that I get from the harsher cleansers I use. 

The fun thing about this cleanser is that you apply with no water, steam your face a bit with a hot towel, then gently wipe away the day from your skin. After a quick rinse and pat dry, your skin feels incredible. Soft, clean, and full of moisture without feeling greasy. 

I have added this cleanser to my routine as the best make up remover and the perfect ritual after a long day. I am still using other cleansers, but this one has a time and place when I feel my skin needs a break from the harshness of the acids and soaps that help my acne-prone skin. 

The bottle is of medium size and the price tag will give you sticker shock, but you just use a bit with each use so it will last for quite some time. I do love the feel of it and I would like to try some of the other products in this line soon. 

Have you tried any oil based cleansers? 


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