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You know when you are on a mission to find the perfect dress/outfit/shoes/bag for a specific occasion and it seems like no store could fulfill that need after hours of shopping? It seems to happen to everyone and the hunt becomes frustrating. 

It is the times when you are not really shopping for anything, nor need anything, or in my case can't wear anything or know how anything will fit in the coming months, when you find hundreds (slightly dramatic) of perfect Spring pieces that would be the most amazing additions to your closet. That was my Saturday. I drooled over everything and willed for my baby bump to melt off and my swollen feet to be presentable so I could at least try things on. Instead, I gawked and wished that everything would be just as cute in a few months. 

My first obsession are these amazing Bottega Veneta wedges...

The wedge is actually a glossy, bright pink and the leather is the perfect contrast. The studs and height bring it all home. It is taking every will of my being to not order these right now, but I see myself caving in the next week or two while I await the baby. 

Then I saw this Tracey Reese sequined floral top with an open back and bandeau paired with the perfect Rachel Zoe cobalt blue maxi skirt with a high slit....

Cocktails on a rooftop deck? Rehearsal dinner for a spring wedding? Date night with your man? It would be so freaking cute for any of those. 

There was so much more and some great trends that I spotted. I will be shopping and sharing with you soon. Think lace bloomers, soft pajama-style printed trousers a la Kate Hepburn, soft pastels and the brightest brights. Adore it all and excited to actually start shopping soon! 


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