Olive is the New Black

Olive green usually has a moment as Fall starts to roll around, but never like this season. It is everywhere and being mixed in to wardrobes as a neutral. More interesting than beige and a lovely hue that does wonders for skin tones of every shade, olive is your new best friend. Mix it with black and denim, or go crazy with pink and bright blues. Seriously, it goes with everything. I rounded up a a ton of great pieces that will get you excited for Fall and 

1. A winter coat that will last a lifetime. This one is a more affordable option. 
2. I just ordered this cute pom sweater from J. Crew on super sale. 
3. These jeans are the best color and coated to make them extra flattering. 
4. This off the shoulder Theory dress is so good and on sale. 
5. A t-shirt dress over leggings is my Fall go to. 
6. Classic Hunter boots in the original hue. 
7. This Saint Laurent bag is an investment, but would hold absolutely everything for years to come. 
8. A sweatshirt that is long in the back, always a staple. 
This one is a great lower priced option. 

1. A utility jacket that looks just as cute to the gym as it does for drinks. 
2. These Vince sneaks are the best. These are very similar. 
3. Love this update to a bomber. Nice and long. 
4. Aaannnd I want to live in this sweatshirt dress all Fall long. 
5. Pants that feel like sweats are a win. These are on sale too. 
6. Ruffles, off the shoulder, AND olive. Oh and on sale from J. Crew
7. These booties would be easy to throw on every day. These are cute too. 

1. A drape front jacket works every time, and a great price. 
2. This soft jacket could be an every day wear. 
3. Love a suede moment and this swing dress is so cute even if it is faux. 
4. Love the femme softness of this blouse
5. These leggings would be a nice switch up from the usual black. 
6. This shirt dress by BB Dakota would be great with tights and boots. (this one is cute too)
7. This tailored JOA skirt is so chic and great for work or a night out. 
8. A darker olive with a flattering cut, love these jeans



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