Back to School on a Budget

So I am experiencing Back to School as sort of a real thing for the first time with a soon to be Kindergartener. The kids' preschool has uniforms, so I have never felt the pressure quite so much to get things together. No whining from me though, I am so excited for the kids and happy to shop. ha Kids clothes are fleeting and inevitably stained within hours of wear, so investments should be kept to a minimum in my book. But, you also want things that will last an entire year and not fall apart in the wash. So I put together a few looks for both girls and boys from Nordstrom, with of course a few things for Mom to treat her self as well. Everything is under $50, with most being under $30. 

Girls up first...

1. Love a mixed print dress
2. A sweet floral top and retro jean skirt lasts into fall with a tee and leggings added. 
3. Love the mix of a more tomboyish hoodie with a sweet floral printed legging. 
4. How fun to channel Cher Horowitz in this baby tee and plaid skirt. 
5. Black knee high boots are so cute on little legs. 
6. Slip on prep sneaks with a little rose gold for luck. 
7. These are like little Rag & Bones. And who doesn't want a heel? 
8. These little ballet flats are so sweet. They also come in other colors. 
9. There is a lot of sparkle to this one, but the old school shape is so cute. 
11. Love this classic, but oh so pink back pack. 
12. A little Lisa Frank and I like it. And it is reversible. 

As much as I would love to send my son to school in button downs and khakis, I know he is way more comfortable (and happy) in options like these...
1. Love this waffle ringer and just got these jeans for Tommy. No fly to deal with! 
2. A classic henley updated in color block paired with pull on chinos shorts, no fly again for the win! 
3. A classic stripe tee and joggers look cute and keep them comfy all day. 
4. If they want to go character, I like these vintage tees. And all boys want to live in these, right? 
5. Leather sneaks with nothing to lace makes Moms really happy. Comes in other colors. 
6. Leather high top Converse class up the original a bit. Comes in other colors. 
7. These Nikes are a long time favorite in our house. 
8. Love these classic Adidas
9. A little surfer mixed with business from Vans
10. A stripe monster is cute always.  
11. Love the manly color block of this backpack
12. A character backpack done right. 

And a little something for Mom for killing it every day...

1.  An easy t-shirt dress that screams for leggings and sneaks. 
2. These are the cutest espadrilles
3. Sweatpants that can pass for real pants. (insert high five)
4. Remind yourself of this mantra when you drop your kids with two different shoes on. Because it is still true. 
5. Fake a rosy glow perfectly with this Nars multiple stick. Orgasm looks good on everyone, I am into Maui right now. 
6. This pj set is so lux for a fraction of the usual cost. Comes in other colors too. 
7. A cute shirt for back to school drinks with your friends. 
8. This legging always has rave reviews. Every outfit could start with them really. 
9. A sweatshirt long enough to wear over leggings. Also comes in other colors. 
10. I buy a pair of these every year. Love this color, but they come in a bunch. SO comfy. 
11. These masks are magic and perfect for a quick night time pampering. 
12. Are they slippers or fancy sandals? Let's say both. 


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