Happy Mothers Day

I have a written a few different types of Mother's Day posts over the years. Tributes to my lovely mother, acknowledging how hard motherhood is, and lists of what I want (ha). They all have their place and all are a bit of a reflection of where I was at during that particular stage of actually being a mother or not. 

I know that many of you are in different stages of motherhood. 
Some are seasoned vets and may even have a grand child or two, some are held deep in the midst of teenage wrath, others might be half watching their toddlers just miss the edge of the coffee table as they jumped off the couch while you were reading this, one also might be reading this blurred eyed in the middle of the night with a newborn cradled in your arms, some might be anticipating their bump to become their child, and others may be experiencing the heartbreak of fertility issues.  

Regardless where we are, we are all in it together. I mean really no one is doing this alone. Through the ups and downs of the whole damn experience! And I am saying this only four years into it. 
I get it. 
I know you do too. 

Internet trolls may be commenting with extreme judgement on that Facebook Mom group you belong to, but I know you are rolling your eyes. 
And I know you are also telling your friend who just called balling because she just CAN'T breastfeed anymore, but she wants to, and she feels guilty, that you are so awesome for making it this far (1 day even!) and you will go get the formula for her. 
I also know you are the friend deflecting an annoying stranger who is telling your friend (who secretly has been trying for years to have a child) she shouldn't wait ANY longer to have a baby.
 I also know that you're the Mom who tells the gossipy moms watching XYZ sporting event that they need to get a life when they will not stop making comments about someone else's kid. 

I know you are all of these people and I love you. And I want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. Because you are awesome and because I/we need you in our lives. 
Everywhere. All the time. 

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