Outdoor Toys Round Up

It is almost that time of year when it is time to kick the kids outside for a good chunk of the day. Which of course is exciting, but there is some prep involved. We live out in the country and the kids get a kick out of exploring, digging in the dirt, and playing on the swing set. But, other distraction is always needed at some point. I dug through Amazon to come up with  options for us all so maybe we can kick back a bit while they entertain themselves. 

I wish that I loved bubbles as much as my kids. Never gets old. 
1. This bubble robot roams around and blows bubbles for you. 
1. I love these little sticks and again, someone is doing the blowing for you. Am I the laziest or what? 
3. I always get a huge jug of bubbles to have in stock. 
4. This is a little intense, but I feel like this machine won'e blow away and will go the distance. 

 Anything that moves usually gets a lot of play...
1. They have these swings at Maggie Daley Park (GO if you have not been) and they are so fun. The new tire swing I think. 
2. We have this roller coaster and even bring it inside in the winter. 
3. These little swivel cars look so fun (lots of colors). 
4. A classic car that gets years of play. 
5. The kids have been begging for a scooter. This one is good for the little ones (other colors) and this one for the bigger kids. 

 The kids love a little hang out...
1. This little play house is so charming. And apparently easy to put together. 
2. We have this classic little table. Great for eating, painting, play doh, everything. 
3. I am kind of into a tent this year. We tried putting our teepee outside, but was I would get annoyed having to bring it in. A tent could handle a rain storm or four. 

For the curious little one...
1. A little science experiment kit to keep them curious all Summer. 
2. Nice to switch up the usual sidewalk chalk with chalk paint
3. When you are expecting a crowd of kids, having a box of flying saucers around would be a good distraction. 
4. A sweet little gardening kit so they can help you. 

Sports fun and beyond...
1. Functional and cute, love this catch and throw set.
2. Because every kids loves a catapult of some variety.  
4. A great way to get your little baseball player started.  
5. A fun set to get little ones to learn to play catch. 

A bigger investment, but hours can be spent on these tramps and bounce houses...
1. This tramp is on the smaller side, but big enough for a few kids. 
2. Great tramp for the little ones.
3. A classic sized tramp with a great net and good price.  
4. We have a similar bounce house in our basement. The kids still play in it every day even two years later. 
5. A total kids fantasy. Bounce house and Tramp in one. 
6. This combines water, a slide, and a bounce house. Killer. 

 And finally, all things water for those hot days...
1. I love a splash pad instead of a pool. They are so cold and a pain. This one would get a lot of play from toddlers. 
2. Whoever invented the water table is a straight up genius. All the water fun with no danger of drowning. 
3. This sprinkler looks fun and shoots balls out of the top. 
4. If you are going to have a pool, then go with one with a roof
5. This little sprinkler is great for the little ones. 
6. And this slip and slide is down right perfect for hot summer days. 

Would love to know your favorite outdoor toys! I hope this helps you out. My prime is filled up with a lot of these. Cannot wait until it is actually warm! 

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