Mother's Day Firsts

Mother's Day weekend is here and for the first time I am actually one of the ladies being celebrated. And to be honest, it feels a little strange. I always associate the holiday with Sunday's at home relaxing with my mom, breakfast made by my father, and dance recitals. 

My dance studio always had their annual show on this weekend. The long show, about five hours, was filled with many girls of all ages dancing for their moms on Mother's Day. I used to think that it was probably kind of a bummer for the moms to spend their entire day in a dark room, mostly watching other kids dance through number after number. They would have rather been sleeping in, laying around in pajamas all day, watching girlie movies, and eating pizza. I mean that is what I would want to do. 

But now that I am a mom, I can see why they all flocked to the theatre and watched every number and patiently waited for their daughter to arrive on the stage. 

They were Mothers. And they would sit through hours of anything to see just one second of their child beaming with pride doing anything remotely cute or talented. 

Because honestly I would listen to Thomas scream all day if I got just one laugh out of him. Luckily, I do not have to endure that kind of craziness (god bless the mother's that do). 

Being a Mother changes you. And not just in the in mushy ways that you love your baby. It changes the way you look and think about everything. Three months in I know at least that. Everything else is a mystery that I obsess over and hope to know more about or at least accept that sometimes there are no answers. 

Thank you to my Mom for sitting through all those shows and showing me that there is nothing greater than the moments you see your kid shine. 

I have a long way to go, but those moments are already starting. 


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