Mom Pride

My weekend wish is for all the Mom's to have a relaxing and pampered weekend.

Whether a new Mom,  those of you with an empty nest, or somewhere in between, I hope that you are spoiled rotten with love and kisses this weekend. You deserve it.

My own Mom is a long way away, and feels even farther on weekends like this. So I went through some photos of us over the years to help me remember what an amazing woman she is.

And what I have learned... is she really loves a hat. Are you dying over the beret? Because I don't know anyone else that could look that sassy in it.

Mom, your style, grace, and creativity is the reason I do what I do. I can only hope to be a sliver of who you are.

PS: Can we dig that pink Laura Ashley out of storage because it is amazing.



  1. Okay, the photo of the three of you outside the plantation of sorts, is SO regal... like old school Hamptons or something. I love it. And the beret photo needs to be framed wherever you blog from. What a chic image of your mommy. XO!

  2. Ursula McBrearty7.5.11

    What a fabulous Mother's Day surprise! I am so proud to have raised a magnificent and very talented daughter. You amaze me at every turn of your life. I will miss you tomorrow but we will make up for it next weekend.
    All my Love,

  3. Petie7.5.11

    As long as I can remember my friend Adele has had the most exquisite taste in clothes, furnishings, jewelry, basically just everything and it looks like her style and tradition has been passed on through the generations starting with her mother Ursula to her daughter Erin. It's so difficult to think of our Moms that are now gone but the memories of them live on through our lives and our grandchildren. Your mother Ursula was one classy lady and she will be ever in my heart. Kudo's to Erin ... your blog is really amazing and fun. I look forward to trying some of the recipes.
    Blessings and love to you and your very special mommy Adele Petie

  4. Anonymous8.5.11

    What a beautiful tribute to your mother, Erin! You captured who she is in photos. She is a very special lady and a dear friend to me. I know you miss her today but glad you will be with her soon. You are a loving daughter!



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