Welcome to December

And…. It's Christmas. 
I know it is a terrible cliche to say it is all coming a little fast, but I swear this year it is. We went to our first Christmas party yesterday and from now until the 25th it never ends. 
Our trip South was so wonderful and the break from the every day was so needed. 
Now it seems that the every day is nothing as it was before because it will involve something festive whether I want it there or not. 
Shopping, decorating, cooking, music, snow. 
All of great, some of it a chore, but I am excited. 

I will be trying to post some healthier cooking options (like this favorite) in between the sugar and madness that I am sure is taking over all your houses. I also will post a few more gift guides and posts to help you with your shopping this time of year. If I can get my *hit together, the decorating will be done this week. We shall see. 

If you want to check out the previous gift guides here are the links: 

I know I am going to try to knock some people off the list today. 


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