Secret Lives of Moms: Holiday Traditions

I would like to start by wishing all of my very supportive readers the best Thanksgiving weekend. On the list of things to be thankful for, you are undeniably one that hits it at the top. And I may not even know you! But I do. Every week I am so thankful to have a space to be creative, chat with you, share stories like this series, and generally just feel like I am passing notes in math class with my friends about what outfit we want to wear tomorrow. 

The holidays always bring out the best (and maybe worst ha) in everyone. I love the decorating, the cooking, the general merriment of it all. And because there are so many of us that are possibly starting some of our own traditions with our budding new families, I thought it would be nice to hear some from my mom posse. So this week's question is… 

What holiday tradition do you look forward to most (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, etc) this time of year? 

"My favorite holiday tradition is spending Thanksgiving with my family.  I love spending time with my siblings and seeing them as aunts and uncles (my son is the only grandchild)."

"Every Christmas Eve since I can remember, my mom would bake a two layer red velvet cake with homemade cream cheese frosting and after dinner, we would light birthday candles and sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. 
We are not the most religious family, but I think it really helped us all remember what the holiday was all about... And what kid doesn't love a birthday party?!
We would open a few presents after we had our cake and always prepared a snack for Santa and his reindeer too. I will definitely carry on this tradition in my home with my own kiddos."

"Since our daughter was born we stood firm that we would travel to my parents at Thanksgiving and always stay home for Xmas. Three years ago we started a new tradition of putting the kid down early and cooking a delicious surf and turf for Christmas Eve at home! Then Christmas night we sleep at my in laws so we can party with them and have another delicious meal." 

"Since our first daughter was born, my husband I started the tradition of buying a special ornament for each member of the family every year. Now that our family has expanded to four, it's a special day when we pack up into the car, and drive to a magical Christmas store where they are now old enough to pick up that perfect ornament and bring it home to place it on the Christmas tree. I've had to start putting their names and year on the ornaments though so we remember who's is who!"

"One of my favorite Christmas traditions as a child was getting new pajamas on Christmas Eve. Since getting married, my husband has jumped on board and gifts me a new set each year on Christmas Eve. Since my son came along, he too gets a cute pair of "jommies.""

"Thank the Lord for daughters to pass on our traditions.  One of my favorite memories of my mother is skipping around the family room to the tune, which of course was blaring, "I Believe In Santa Claus"... by no other than Dolly Parton! I miss the days of skipping with my mom, but I know that she's right there with my daughters and me when we show off our dance moves. There will be skipping this holiday season....oh YA!  I hope that you all reading will find your skipping song with your special someone."

"Every year, without much planning to it (since there is a 24 hour marathon on cable) we watch A Christmas Story. It is such a classic and so funny, so even if you just watch pieces of it over a glass of wine or while making cookies you all get a laugh together."

"We always have William Sonoma Mulling Spices on the stove all season long. Makes the house smell amazing! We also set up our miniature ceramic Dickens village the weekend after Thanksgiving. It's mine and has become a tradition for the big kids to set it up. They love the miniature sledding hill and it's so great to see them enjoying it like I did as a kid."

"I am so excited for the holiday season and this year I have found myself in the Christmas spirit much earlier than usual. Being a new mom, I think Christmas will forever change for me! One of my favorites traditions is decorating our tree while listening to Christmas music and sipping on cocktails. I love looking through and hanging our ornaments. There is something so special and fun about filling a tree with ornaments that hold sentimental value and endless memories."

This gets me seriously excited for tomorrow and the upcoming holidays. I hope yours is fantastic. 

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