The Perfect Fall Wardrobe

There are the things you buy and then there are the things you wear. 
You would think we would know what we really wear by now, but alas no. There are always those pieces that sit after one wear, forgotten in the depths of your closet. 
So as we start the new season, let's discuss the pieces you actually will wear. 
Too many times to count. 
These pieces flawlessly all fit together and will with the staples already in your wardrobe. 

1. The Sweater Dress: Cozy, but chic. They look great with boots or sneaks. This one is great too. 
2. The Draped Leather Jacket: Gives an edge to even the most femme outfit. This faux version too. 
3. The Cashmere Tee: I own this and want it in every color. Looks great with pants, jeans, skirts, even sweats. 
4. The Soft Skinny: Really we want to be wearing leggings, but when you have to wear jeans these are the best. 
5. The Crossbody: You need something that will hold all of your things and in a great color. 
6. The Pull On Pant: Again, it is like sweats but you can get away with them at dinner or a meeting. 
7. The Leather Sneaker: They can be worn with absolutely anything, even a skirt or dress. 
8. The Suede Skirt: Fall is all about texture and this skirt would get a lot of play. A longer version too. 
9. The Plaid Flannel: This is the softest fabric that drapes perfectly so you can wear with anything. 
10. The Knit Blazer: I always own this and want it in every color. It goes with EVERYTHING and is cozy, but refined.  
11. The Mule Loafer: They are a huge investment, but the ultimate slide on shoe. I also love these and these with less sticker shock. 


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