My Nightly Skincare Routine

I have always been a girl who loves a product. From the magic scent of Love's Baby Soft to the perfect hot pink Mac Lip Glass and every must have magic cream all the editors of Vogue love, I am into it. I used to try it all (at the same time) and wait for the magic to happen like it does on the smooth skinned celeb that was raving about it. But my skin gave me a big wake up call a couple years ago by giving me something called Dermatitis (a lovely face rash that would not budge) and I had to do a clean sweep and reevaluate my beauty product obsession. 

My dermo put me on a skincare product diet, which I am not going to lie was painful. Nothing but the simplest of products and no make up for a month. And as I very slowly started adding in a product here or there I noticed my skin was MUCH better than when I was using the entire anti-aging section at Sephora. My A-ha Moment! I do not need all the things. I just need a few and my skin wants to be a minimalist. Lesson learned. 

The edited products I use now are my tried and true. I would give them all 5 star reviews and have bought them many times over. Some are pricey, but this is a high/low mixed list as I have found that a higher the price tag does not mean it is going to actually work. This is my nighttime routine and I will share my other product suggestions soon! And make sure to follow me on Instagram and LiketoKnow.it, I will keep posting videos and tips! 

Step 1: Cleanse
CeraVe is the brand my dermo recommends and I worship it. I use the foaming cleanser when I have worn make up and the hydrating if I have not. 

Step 2: Treat
I sometimes skip this step all together using one of these only 2-3 times a week.
 I use a retinol serum to combat fine lines. This is a MUST people! 
Or this SKii essence which is basically magic water that makes your skin glow. No really, it reverses all signs of aging. 
Or a spritz of refreshing rose water feels like heaven after a long day. 
Or I use this crazy good hydrating sleep mask. It is a K Beauty product with a mass following. You wake up with baby soft skin and calmed redness. 

Step 3: Hydrate
Forget all those $300 creams, ladies. This drugstore CeraVe lotion is chock full of peptides and hydrolaunic acid that plump up skin and keep it soft. 

Step 4: Do Not Forget the Neck
You can certainly just use what you are using on your face on your neck and chest, but I recommend a specialized one to really work on those lines and prevent as much jaw sagging as possible. Neck wrinkles are kind of my new obsession to combat, I know weird, but you will thank me later. 

Step 5: Eye Cream
If you do not use eye cream, you're nuts. The skin is so delicate and shows age so quickly. I swear by this one. Worth every single penny! One pump a night is all you need. Tap it all underneath, on the sides, and your lids. 

Step 6: Eye Mask
I live for my eye mask and weirdly cannot sleep without now. I like it because it blocks any light that may disturb my beauty rest. Including electronics or phones you might have in your room. It also helps prevent pillow lines on your face and this one has anti-aging properties that work on those eyes all night. 

Let me know any questions you have about these products or skin care in general! 

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  1. Anonymous1.6.21

    Hi, Erin! I'm beyond obsessed with your blog especially your posts about skincare! Would you be able to create a post about your morning routine as well?



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