Comfy, Cozy, and Cute

With the holidays over, we are now just in those lame winter months that have us gravitating to all things cozy. And while athleisure is most certainly a thing, sometimes getting it right can be tricky. I am the kind of girl that if I do not put on work out clothes in the morning, going to the gym is never going to happen. The trick is to add in some pieces to wear over all that spandex that makes it an actual outfit. I put together some full blown casual outfits and some great options you can throw on over your favorite lulus and still feel put together a bit. 

1. These yoga leggings have a cute slit and banding that makes them stand out. / 2. I love this ruffled sweatshirt so much. (this one would be cute too) / 3. Totally obsessed with these blue gazelles. How I loved these in middle school. 

You can never go wrong with the  (1) classic lulu leggings (the high waist is everything)  and (2) a striped sweatshirt tunic. Basically my uniform. 3. Love these leather Vans and a great price. 

1. I own these pants and love them.  / 2.  Nothing better than a chunky knit. comes in a few colors / 3. These slip on tie front sneaks are genius. Comes in other other colors too. 

1. I love a vintage looking sweatpants and these have a great zipper detail.  / 2. I know, a silk shirt seems fancy, but I love it paired with straight up sweatpants. Give it a little front tuck.  / 3. Classic Stan Smiths that apparently every girl in Paris is wearing right now. 

1. Soft, but tailored pants that look like real pants, but feel like sweats / 2. This soft chambray shirt would look great front tucked into the pants.  / 3. These pink kicks would be cheery on gray days

1. A classic adidas track pant in a slim legging like fit. Love the color / 2. An investment knit that is super soft. This one is great too ($23!).  / 3. I have these and love them so much. Comes in a bunch of colors. 

 You could throw on any of these dresses over leggings and call it a day, pulled together at that
1. Worship this tie sweatshirt dress. / 2. The easiest tee shirt dress to wear over your leggings.  ($18!) Own it, love it / 3.  Love this sweet little dress / 4. A super soft swing sweatshirt dress is perfect (this is also the best) / 5. This long dress looks cozy, but somehow super chic. ($26!) / 6. I think I own this dress in every version from every store on the planet. 

Hope your week is cozy and chic. 


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