Best & Worst Dressed: 2016 Golden Globes

Hi Loves. New year treating you well? 
While I have lots of hopes of writing more personal essays this year and to share a big project I have been working on in my own home, right now there is just time for a little fashion. But I do hope that the first week or so into this cold winter has at least included warm meals by a fire or two, smiles from those you love, and full days in pajamas. 

While I was not able to watch the show on my couch like I prefer, I did have a good amount of time this morning to roll through all the red carpet photos. And what an eclectic mix it was. You know I love when things get shaken up a bit and this year it totally did. 

The top of my list this year includes some newbies and old favorites. 

Drew! I kind of gasped when I saw her. This dress is so her, but also so glam. She looks gorgeous and more importantly, happy. While I know this fabric on Michelle can be a bit heavy, I love it on her and she even pulls off a choker in a fresh way. Natalie is certainly paying homage to her character in this long sleeve yellow and is great for her bump (she is was so good in Jackie, btw). I am unfamiliar with this beauty (Caitriona Balfe) in navy and red, but I LOVE this combo and the shape of this dress. Ruth Nega brings something different in a good way in this Loius Vuitton. Love the metallic and the shape paired with the zipper. 

Also towards the top of the list...

Claire Foy somehow makes pink sequins work and it may just be the pairing of that soft blue sash. Love her hair and make up as well. I am a sucker for a good velvet and this Armani on Teresa Palmer paired with a red lip is classically perfect. Besides the strange ribbons hanging on the bottom, I love this fun floral on Renee Bargh (ps: I have no idea who half these people are). She looks young, fresh, and different in a good way. Though Mandy is bringing possibly a bit too much exposure to the carpet, she looked gorgeous in this caped chiffon. A smile could have helped a bit too. The girl from  Stranger Things nails it in Jenny Packham. Sweet, but not too much with a red lip and slicked back hair. The "kids" always get it right! 

There were quite a few trends that we saw this year. 

Not loving this on Emily. That glitter strip is awkward, but her hair and make up are pretty. Viola looks stunning in yellow, and keeps everything else perfectly simple. I actually like this DG on Keri, but the underwear under a dress thing is tired. And those shoes, nope. Love her lipstick. Dare I say Reese looks boring? This color is so pretty on her, but that dress is just lame. 

I am loving Lola Kirke (???) in this pink number. The hair is not great, but I love that it is down. Jessica is a real head scratcher in this blue. At first glance it is pretty, and then it seems awkward? Too sweet? On the fence. Laura Dern looks great in this. Does she ever age??? Busy is actually one of the only celebs I follow on Insta and I love her. But this dress is hurting. The placement of the flowers is strange, otherwise it could have been a great simple black dress. Olivia's could have been good I feel like, but it is just too much. Especially with under cleavage? Can we stop that already? 

There were some that did Metallics right, like these ladies. Emma looked beautiful, do not love that necklace with it, but love everything else. Annette looks beautiful and perfectly age appropriate, if not looking amazing in general. Priyanka looks stunning in this gold brocade and I love her lipstick with it. Naomi is basically perfect in this Armani. The styling is simple, yet gorgeous. 

These metallics, maybe not so much
I love that Sophia dropped the mermaid, but this is a lot. And her hair reminds me of Kevin Federline. I actually do like Chrissy's look, but the dress was gapping at the arm hole in so many pictures it bugged. And Sarah's could have been on the top, but I cannot get behind the short lining and see through skirt. So over that look and this one is so noticeable. 

What Cavallari was doing there is beyond me, but I love this dress on her. Elsa always looks gorge, I again I am over the illusion dress, but otherwise it was nice. This dress on Traci is confusing to me. That weird short lining ruins it I think. and the short hem is awkward. Love her hair and make up though. 

Tuxes were also a thing
I worship Kathryn Hahn in almost every show and movie she is in (cried laughing at her character in Bad Moms). The red carpet has been a struggle for her. I think she is nailing this tux though. Few can carry it off and I think she did. Kristen is also doing a tux-ish gown good. She looks stunning. Rachel on the other hand, is not convincing me. The vest/shirt is not great, neither is the hair. I get the androgyny thing, but something more femme with the shirt and styling would have made it better. 

White was everywhere, again
You know I am Sienna's biggest fan. I would have done something else with the hair and ditched the pearls, but I like the dress. Love Thandie's entire look. Jillian wore a full blown gown, too bride for me. Love her in the Fall though (on netflix). Louise's pose kills me, but I love this dress and the shoes. Kirsten's could be great, but again, that slip line across is a bummer. 

Some went simple, but pretty
I think I am partial to the green on Jenna because I just wore a dress like it and loved it. Goldie is kind of always a winner in my book. She looked great. Amanda is usually a wild card, so even though this is kind of boring, the color is beautiful on her. Julia knows what works for her and sticks to it. Love a black and white. Brie looks scary in this photo! But the dress is pretty and she clearly went for the siren look. 

There are always looks that sometimes it is hard to tell if you love it or not. Last night maybe more than ever. 
Now first off, Blake just had babies back to back and looks fantastic. But, this dress felt strange. I think it is those pockets? I love Felicity and I think I would have loved this dress with one or three less elements to it. I love her bangs and make up though. I think (or hope) that Anna was happier last night than this photo shows. The color of this dress is what is throwing me off and the fact that it looks like one of her boobs has a sling. It is pretty, but kind of sad. Lily went for the full princess. She is probably one of the few that can pull it off. I think it just goes a bit over the top, but it is kind of her thing. 

I actually really wanted to like this leopard on Keri, but it is a lot. I go from loving it, to hating it. Maybe that is the point? Everyone raved on Jessica, but the bottom felt a bit heavy. She clearly looks stunning, but not the biggest fan of the dress. I also really wanted to love this Gucci since I love a pink dress, but it is just a bit too much ruffle. Maybe one less layer of it on the bodice, lose the bow and it could have been a winner? 

Another trend we saw that I cannot quite wrap my head around is cold shoulder full sleeves
I am not loving it. I think it is the scale of all of them. Hailee's are probably the best, with Nicole's being the worst (those ruffles). Nicole is giving us a whole lot of Moulin Rouge, although the dress itself is actually gorgeous, minus the sleeves? gloves? 

The bottom of the list for me...
By far the absolute worst is Cuba. That jacket is WAY too small. It is almost comical (maybe it was on purpose??). Guliana's mock turtleneck kills me. The whole thing is kinda cheesy. Anna, who god bless just had a kid or three, looks so great, but this dress is doing nothing for her! Great color for her, but not flattering. Carrie also upped the cheese factor from Guliana with this number. The combo of the color, ruffles, and cut outs are a no. I am unsure of this young pixie's name, but I think she is currently making out with a Jonas Brother. This is a classic too much going on dress. The mesh, the dolman sleeve, the belt, the asymmetry. I feel like she wanted to class herself up but also wanted to have as much see through as possible. Hard to do and look chic. 

What were some of your favorites?? Least?  You know I love to hear your opinions! 

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