Perfectly Imperfect Christmas

When I started this blog and was coming up with a name and concept, Imperfect Polish really fit the bill. Mostly because we all like things to shine a bit, but being just like the perfect images that are on every web page/instagram/facebook update/pinterest pin is not real life. 

And though the blog is not as personal as others, I have tried to pepper in stories that bring us back to earth. This holiday season probably has one, two, or six not planned and certainly not perfect elements so far that you could tell me about. Right? 

Kids are crying in Santa's lap, dogs are pulling the christmas tree down, toddlers are throwing up all night, Grandparents are sitting at the airport, cookies are burning in the oven, packages are not arriving on time, some family members are arguing, and it is all totally okay. Because that is what Christmas (or whatever lovely holiday you celebrate) is really all about. 

Real, messy, and inconvenient life and celebrating all of its imperfections. That is where all the love is. The not caring about the horrible parts and embracing all the little amazing parts that come and go so quickly. Because they do. They are right up in there when all the not perfect moments are happening. Snuggles, and smiles, and impromptu dance parties, and conversations you will treasure, and moments that you may have never shared. 

So cheers to imperfection. 
May it bring you the most magical, loving, and memory making holiday ever. 
Merry Christmas. 

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