Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2017

I missed the actual red carpet for the SAG awards, but did catch all the photos online. While nothing really blew my mind, there was some goodness there. And it was all so different, which make some happy. I thought these four ladies were on top...

I love Kirsten's entire look. It all looks effortless, yet glam. Sophie also pulls off the little bit old Hollywood glam, little bit cool girl loo here. The fit is perfection. I know this will be a controversial choice, but I really liked Claire's dress. The collar is aggressive, but really it is an interesting, pretty look and I love that she went for it. Viola's boobs are a little much, BUT she looks stunning. Hair, makeup, jewels, dress, love it. 

These four also were some of the top...

Octavia looks so pretty. Love the earrings and that big smile! Why does no one smile anymore? I know Natalie's look is very similar to the Globes, but she is really owning her Jackie-ness and pregnancy in this pretty white number. I am for sure over the pink eye, but I love a hot pink dress and this one is so beautiful with its structure and draping. And Busy could have toned down the lipstick, but I weirdly love this dress. I know, not everyone's taste, but she kept it interesting! 

There were a lot of stripes. Happy ones that I really liked. 
Colorful and glittery. I could do without that choker on Michelle and have added some bangles, but otherwise I really love all of these. Especially the middle dress. 

Other ladies that I generally liked, but not the best...
There was something off with the drape of Emma's gown and how it photographed. I like the idea of it and the fit of the under piece, but it is just not quite right. I am not sure who this blonde is, but I really like this tribalish dress. And Meryl looks so pretty! The dress could use some more fit, but I love it. Janelle went for it and I know you might think I am crazy, but I love it. The arm bands are a bit much, but I am into it. 

Emily looks pretty per usual. This dress washes her out a bit though. Love that Sophia is changing it up. Not wowed by this, but nice to see her in something different. The asymmetry of Brie's dress is a little strange, but is fit to a T. There is a definite weirdness in the lady parts area of Julie's dress which stinks, because I really love this look on her. Just needs some more flowers? And lipstick. 

Suiting had a moment per usual. I like Sarah's, but I will never understand that hair. I love a coat dress and this is great on Chrissy. Maybe not dressy enough? But I like it. Rachel's misses the mark just based on the cut of those pants. I love a velvet moment, especially blue, but not loving this. 

These next ladies are all just a bit off for me. 

I love Winona and her 90s spirit, but this dress does her no justice. And Thandie's dress is way too many ideas. Take off that arm wing and the horse/circus (?!) motif, and this could have been amazing. The arms on Kerry's dress are too heavy. The whole thing is kind of too heavy and that illusion on the bottom (eye roll). The fit of Amy's dress on the top bugs. Not even sure why, but it is strange and the jewelry makes it even stranger. 

Illusion, cut outs, flowers, cape, sequins. It is all a bit much, Kate. Like that lipstick on her though. I know the parrots are the thing on this gown, but if you took the parrots away, it would have been so good on Nicole. Kathryn is in a real head scratcher with those tassels (half belt?) and the ruffles. Love her, she just needs a new stylist. There is no denying that Rebecca looks incredible. Has she aged at all??? The severeness of this dress matched with the mock neck and draped puffy sleeve just throws it off. 

Taylor's dress is also one of those head scratchers. I know I do not like it on her (fit? ruffles?) and that necklace with it is even more confusing. If Taraji lost the bows (what?!) and had more beading over the chest, this could have been so much better. This green dress is prairie dress meets military. Not a great combo, and the styling is like grandma going to church in the Victorian Era. (not even sure where that comment came from) Tracey's dress could have been great if she had worn a bra. That is all.  

I cracked up at this picture. wtf is she doing?? Dress is really pretty though! 

And for my worsts...
Multi sherbet colored tulle with appliqué, ribbon, and a matching choker. Good lord, I hope she didn't pay good money to have someone dress her in this. I can totally appreciate a leopard suit, honestly. But the proportions and cut of this is tragic. Love her on Transparent, though. I know this is something that I am supposed to love, but I can't. The color combo is not good and the flower, even worse. Mayim does not do the stripe trend right in this. But I think at this point she is just trying to be on the worst list, right? 


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