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Though I try to never apologize for not writing, there is a daily pang of guilt when I do not. My "day" jobs (here and here and here) keep me busier than ever these days, so this fun space of mine gets lonely. And I get lonely for it. The creativity, sharing, and excitement seeing that people actually read what I write about is a high that I certainly enjoy. So here's to hoping you haven't given up on this little site since there are huge gaps in writing! 

I can now say that I have travelled to Europe with two small children. And while there were certainly challenges, it was also very cool. Jet lag is very uncool, but I guess at least not a surprise. We went to the southern coast of Spain and it was beautiful. Gorgeous beaches, fresh seafood every day (my dream), delicious wine, great golf, and even better weather. Biggest tips for a trip like this for kids is don't assume they will sleep on the plane (one did, one did not), try to get them on the new time zone right away (helps you too!), we brought a double jogger stroller and it was fine, and lastly (maybe hardest for me!) just go with the flow. It is an adventure and everything is kind of all over the place. Go with it and they will too. If anyone is planning on a trip like this soon, email me and I can go in more detail! 

I actually read books while I was away! It is so sad how psyched I get for myself for actually reading something other than a magazine these days (even that is tough). I tore through All the Light We Cannot See. It was very good, but you have to like a book that jumps around. And speaking of another book that I read that jumps around a lot (and I mean in time, not just in character), Dark Places was my next choice. It is by the same author as Gone Girl and I thought was right on par with that book. I really need a new light, girly read next. Any suggestions??? 

I also have been terrible about cooking since we got back. I usually meal plan the entire week, keep healthy stuff in the house, and regulate take out to just a weekend treat. Not happening at all. So this week I am starting on the right foot with my classic Mexican Lasagna, Grilled Skirt Steak with Chimichurri, and Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Lettuce Wraps on the menu. Let's see if I follow through! There has been no shortage of pumpkin in our house already as these are on heavy rotation. So at least I have been making something!

What have you been watching? I am into Narcos on Netflix right now. If you can put up with the violence and blood, it is really great. I also am completely smitten once again with the Ladies of London. The one liners from Caroline make my week.

And lastly, if you are in the market for some new sweaters this Fall, these cashmere numbers are on super sale. I snagged both and will live in them as it gets colder. You can find them here.

More posts to come this week, fingers crossed. 

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