Mary's First Birthday

Though first birthday parties are never remembered by the person being celebrated, there is something really special about completing that first year. Plus, I cannot resist getting Miss Mary dressed up and the house all decorated, even for a small event. 

I had some pom poms I had never used when I was decorating her nursery and attached them to the chandler over the buffet. It was a very fancy meal delivered from the local barbecue restaurant that we love. There are times that you want to cook and times you do not, this was my best decision of the day. 

My mom was once again in charge of the cake and dessert (see her other work here). She never fails to impress everyone with her skills. Not only was it pretty, it was delicious. 

I knew my mom had also gotten some flowers at the market and while I was getting ready, she whipped up these arrangements. I came out to beautiful blooms strewn around the house and tables. They were gorgeous and would have never happened if she had not been here. 

The birthday girl wore a dress I wore as a child, which makes it even more special. The flower crown was a fun idea that was made by Barrington Flower Shop. Surprisingly she kept it on all evening and was upset when it was time to take it off. Love this girl. 

Someone was really excited about blowing out candles and it was not Mary. Tommy really enjoyed "his party." 

This is such a classic picture of Mary. This is how she looks at everything. She studies whatever is in her path before figuring out how to approach it. And after some serious thought, she decided she was not interested in cake at all. She did not want to mess up her pretty dress. 

We went a little overboard for this little lady, but so fun and worth it. It was a great day. 

I hope your long weekends were fun and full of love like ours. Here's to a short week before another hopefully beautiful weekend. 

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