First Birthday Party

We did a test run on his actual birthday with a brownie and he was so mesmerized by the candle. Obviously he was not sure about this getting older thing. 

For his birthday party my Mom went all out baking. With the family business in construction, this picture as inspiration, and some amazing finds from Amazon, Grandma seriously out did herself. 

The little rocks are actually yummy chocolates and the tool picks were adorable. 

This cake blew me away. Grandma has skills. The "dirt" is crushed Oreos and the cones are actually candles

As if making the cake was not enough, she put together these beautiful flower arrangements. 

How pretty are the tangerines on the bottom. Easy fix to place the stems in between. 

I found some cute fabric bunting on Etsy that can be used over and over again. 

The birthday sign is from Target. Who by the way has the cutest mix and match paper plates, tablecloths, and napkins. 

Birthday hard hats. Yep, grandma thought of everything. 

He was not that into his cake, but made a decent dent. 

It was such a fun party and the best start to his next great year. 

He loves lounging in his new bean bag. I figured he would be spoiled with so many toys from family, a place to rest and have a bottle would be nice. 

Little man is getting way too big. 



  1. Ah, I see that Adele was "at it" again! Always so unique and elegant! Tommy looks GOOD going into his second year of life; off to a great start!

  2. Anonymous26.2.13

    He is just too adorable Erin!



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