Oscars 2013: Best, Worst, and the In Between

The red carpet was pretty fantastic last night. The show was even good. What was up with E! only being able to to do red carpet interviews for like half an hour? It turned into a Super Bowl halftime report. ABC apparently locked out everyone else so they could show off Kelly Rowland's amazing interview skills. 

There were two clear stand out ladies last night. The Best of my Best list...

Jennifer's dress was the perfect color, fit her beautifully (she looks rocking), the hair is gorgeous, and that necklace deserves a best dressed all on its own. The ruffles down the back were so pretty. Naomi killed it in Armani Prive. It was clearly made for her and she seriously turned it out. I love the soft hair with the severity of the dress and simple jewelry. 

The rest of my Best Dressed list includes...

Jessica looked gorgeous. Nothing surprising, but the beading made it special. 
Obsessed with this look from Samantha Banks from Les Mis. Simple, young and that necklace was amazing. 
Reese's return to the Oscars in Burberry was flattering and a great color. 
I cannot believe that Halle made my best list, but she nailed it in Versace. Back to being that Bond girl.  
Kerry's dress looked even better on TV. The color was so pretty and so was the beading on top. 
I do not love Stacy's hair, but this dress was gorgeous, covered in metal beading. 
Zoe's dress also looked a bit better on TV, the fit, bodice and bow was different, in a good way. 
I knew we would see this Marchesa somewhere and Olivia looks perfect in it. 

I like to call this my Eh list. While these ladies no doubt look beautiful and their dresses are pretty, they probably could have done better in my opinion. 

Nicole's hair is great with this dress, which I am not the biggest fan of and cannot put my finger on why exactly. 
Charlize's dress looks like Anne's from the globes. While pretty, it could have been better, right? 
Anne! Come on lady. You can do better than this! The color is pretty, so is her make up and the necklace, but I could not get past the nipple action and how much like an apron this looked like. 
Sandra's dress was pretty, but maybe too old for her? And that bag was way off. 
Jennifer was too predictable. Again, looks great, but I think there is another Dior that does not look like something she has already worn.
Amy looks pretty in tulle, per usual. 
Jennifer departed from her usual color and silhouette, which is great, but we have seen this dress before and she is better than this. 

And now, the worst.....

I have NO CLUE how Brandi Glanville got to the Oscars, but this just gives Bravo a bad name and I do not like it. Put your boobs away! 
Selma is so small that this dress looks like it is strangling her. It would look amazing on Charlize, Nicole, or one of the other mannequin ladies of the carpet. 
Kristen's dress does not fit, her hair is a mess and her general look of discomfort is getting old. 
Renee forgot what time her car was picking her up and did not have time to wash her hair, or get it colored. The dress color washes her out and the bracelets confuse me more than anything. 
Amanda, I had such high hopes for you all season. You only dazzled me a couple of times and then this. The choker halter top is just such not a great look, unless you are headed to a frat party circa 2000. The fabric and color is so pretty, but it does not make up for that neckline. 

There were really not that many misses last night. Even the guys looked good. Bradley Cooper could have used less hair gel, but he is fine enough to forgive him for that. 

In closing, I just have to ask, was Melissa's hair a joke I was not in on? Or was the top down on the way to the ceremony? Love you girl, but wowza. 


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