Celebration: One Year

It is kind of unfair that in only one year's time your sweet baby can go from this

to this. 

The time warp is a little cruel, but the journey is also quite the ride. Nothing can prepare you for that first baby's arrival. And just when you think the second time around will be cake, it kicks you right in the ass. But keeping life interesting is what kids do every day. And what we love them for. 

My sweet Miss Mary is one today and we will be celebrating this little lady all weekend. The joy she has brought to us is immeasurable. I love her spunky, no fear attitude and the way she does not let her older brother run the show, at all. 

I am wishing my darling girl another year filled with belly giggles, tons of bananas, extra splashing in the bath tub, couch gymnastics, and endless smooches and snuggling. 

Stop growing up my love. 
Happy weekend. 

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