Best & Worst Dressed: Emmys 2015

"TV's Biggest Night" is usually a bit of a disappointment. There is always a lot of mermaid, a lot of sequins, and zero risk taking since it is the ugly step sister of the Oscars. BUT, because TV is the only thing people watch anymore and every movie star wants their own series on HBO, the talent fashion-wise has also seriously improved. There was not any glaring absolute BEST dressed of the night, but all these ladies came pretty close. 

Though I am tired of the naked dress, I can get behind this see through number on Kerry. It is the perfect combo of fashion forward, sexy, sophisticated and the styling is on point. I worshiped this ODLR on the runway last season and this is one of the best looks for Maggie ever. Claire's hair is so, so wrong. But that Prada dress is so cool on her. Amber looks so comfortable and easy in this dress, which only amps the glam factor. It is simply perfect. 

And close behind...

Zoe (?) seems to be a cool girl that can pull this dress off. The print is great, so is the necklace. I would ditch that red purse, but otherwise I love this. Taylor always looks great in a bright color. This takes it to a new level, but is fun. Sarah's Zac Posen could be a tad old for her, but her hair, make up, and jewels keep it fresh. And I KNOW this is controversial, but my love for Kiernan runs deep. This girl can do no wrong and takes risks that almost no one does. She looks awesome. Really, this is my best, but I know you might hate me if I really posted that. So here she is in the second row. ha 

There was a lot of really modern, sophisticated black that stunned...

Julia. Always on point. Jaime Lee looks flawless. This girl from OITNB is wearing a dress I would love to sport. Gorgeous. And Lisa does a tuxedo well with velvet and a flare leg. Love it. 

Love Julie's dress. Hair, styling, she probably is one of the best of the night. Amy can be a little hit or miss, but she looks young and fresh and tiny. Could lose a couple of those bangles, though. Remember when Lady Gaga would show up in a bubble or meat suit or something? Glad she ditched the drama and slayed in this classy number. Another off the shoulder from Natasha. I don't love the long fringe, but it is fun on her. 

There was also come pretty pink that wowed… 

Elizabeth looks so pretty and this dress is perfect for her. Christine could use a bit more hem, but what a fun color on her. The girl from GofT (sorry, I am one of 4 people on the planet that do not watch!) takes a risk with those Fredrick's of Hollywood shoes, but I like the dress a lot. Samira is gorgeous in this caped number. As is Jessica, although the hair is a bit sever. 

 There was some classy sparkle… 
This might be Christina's best ever. Shows her curves without too much skin. So great. Cat goes way beyond the usual maternity dress and looks stunning. Ellie's dress is one of those that I like, then change my mind. I love the colors and that she took a risk, that is for sure. Sarah kills it in navy a black. 

And some other miscellaneous standouts...

Not ground breaking, but I like Amanda's entire look. This pose that Taraji is doing is ridiculous, but the dress is cool. I do not know why Sophia even bothers with different dresses, it is all kind of the same. But there is no denying she looks great. I really love Rachel's dress, but her make up and hair color are so dark and strange. 

Emma could lose that necklace, but this dress is pretty and her hair. Love this sporty look on Lavern. Normally I would probably hate this orange, but I love Mindy and she wears it so well. Gina looks pretty. 

Best dressed couples of the night...

Naomi and Live kill it. I love her entire look SO much. Stunning. Jimmy's wife went with the Jamie Lee in white, love a simple moment like that. Tina's little black shoulder pads are not great, but she looks good. 

Now, let's get to my least favorite of the night. There were a lot of dresses that I wanted to look way from, but all of these are on girls I expect more from, really. 

First off, these Downton downers.. 

Sorry, ladies. Love you, but these both missed the mark by a long shot. 

I do not know who this first lady is, but between the earrings, make up, and the awkward placing of the fabric, there is no saving this. January is actually someone I love to see, but this jumpsuit does not do it for me. It is too old for her, the brooch even more so, and the cut is strange. Love this girl from Homeland, but this dress is a train wreck. The odd placement of that fabric draping from her boob is so strange. Kathryn is also a fav of mine, but this is horrid. Out of a rack of dresses, how do you pick this?!?!

Allison is trying to do naked dress for the over 50. It is not a good look and this dress looks straight out of Caché. While Heidi's dress is Versace, it looks like a bad look from Project Runway. I can hear Nina saying that it is 4 dresses all at once and not in a good way. Amy's could be so good, but no stylist should let their client go out the door when their chest is dragging like that. Sorry. Robin's dress is so strange and unflattering. 

While I love a funny couple, this is not funny at all. The quilted jacket and her confusing dress (how many trains are there?) are not a good combo. 

What did you think?? You know I love to hear what you loved and hated, especially if it is different than mine! 


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