Secret Lives of Moms: What You Miss

I am glad that you all are loving this new series. It is so fun to collect the answers and see what everyone has to say. 

This week I asked, 

Besides sleep, what do you miss most about life before kids? 

Here is what some Moms had to say…

"Going to movies, reading the paper on weekend mornings, and not having to share my plate of food...no matter what is on her plate, she always wants mine."

"I miss completing a task the same day I start one. Before kids, I knew myself to be extremely task oriented. I'd work on something all day and all night if I had to in order to get it done right away. Now I feel like I have a hundred projects around my house/life incomplete and it drives me nuts! I also miss my communicative freedom. I don't know what it is but having to spell out the f word when it is the expletive most necessary just doesn't have the same impact point-wise. And having to tip toe around a story and use fake names and codes for certain people and behaviors so that two certain somebodies won't repeat the story at an inopportune time just takes the wind out of my storytelling sails… "

"Evening walks with my husband,  going a full day without having to check on anyone, and I miss the days when I didn't have to plan what I was going to do the next day."

"Sleeping in.  My son doesn't care if it's a Monday or a Saturday we are up at 6:30am. Also coming and going freely.  Even now when I have a sitter for a few hours or get to go away for the weekend there's a ton of prep that goes into it- prepping meals, writing out a schedule, making sure the sitter knows the house alarm code or remembers to turn on my son's sound machine during nap time so he gets a good nap.  Tons of little things to remember."

"I miss going to the store without a dependent entourage. Without a diaper bag, without thinking of who I'll pull out of the car first based on who's more liable to run while I'm busy pulling out the other kid, without the inevitable battle that comes with clicking independent little ones into their car seats. I miss just getting up and going!"

"Not having to pay a babysitter when I want to go out on a date."

"I miss the relaxing evenings, making dinner at a slow pace with no specific dietary requests or specific time to eat by. Making dinner together listening to music. Ah the good old days... Now it's more like me sweating in the kitchen and yelling at everyone to come sit when it's ready usually with wine in hand to make it through without crying."

"I miss being able to leave the house without packing...snacks, drinks, diapers, extra clothes, wipes, toys, band aids and on and on."

"​POWER LUNCHES…I took them for granted.  Now that we have a wee one, I can't remember the last time I had an hour for lunch to myself!​"  

"Being able to sleep in! Even when my hubby offers to get up .... I still wake up! It is so frustrating. And Friday happy hours that last till midnight."

"I miss having absolutely nothing to do on the weekends. Would love to enjoy a cup of coffee and read magazines on a Saturday morning, go shopping with no distractions, or spend a Sunday afternoon watching lifetime movies on the couch."

"Spontaneity. Being able to do anything (travel, workout, date night) without having to pump, plan around naps and bedtime, or persuading my parents to babysit. Also, the ability to start and finish a project without any interruptions.  And mostly, my mind."

"Running mindless, unnecessary "errands" - like going to Anthropologie 3 times in one week. I also miss binge watching a TV show for an entire day. And having no plans on a Saturday, which turns into a neighborhood bar crawl. Just because."

I could not agree more about all of these answers. Clearly, everyone really misses their freedom and ability to live their life on their own terms. We gave that up in the delivery room, ladies. But it was nice while it lasted. 

What about you? What do you miss most?

See the first post on nap time if you missed it. 


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