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This week was busy, but it wasn't. Do you know what I mean? Not a lot of things on the calendar, but the days were filled with to do lists, errands, cleaning up after the kids, and after bedtime chores. And because my mind is on lame things like how to get rid of the fruit flies in my house, my creativity for writing was shot. But I at least wanted to leave you with some things that are making me happy. 

1. I have been craving this sausage and kale soup so much. Cannot wait to make a big pot of it this weekend. 
2. My mother in law dropped off some of this wine, Imprimata, for us and it is AMAZING. If you see it or looking to order some red, it is delicious. 
 3. So loving my new Splendid jumpsuit. Think I might sport it to my high school reunion next weekend (15 years ack!). But I love that I can also wear it with flats to run errands and feel chic. 
4. Our current Netflix binge watching obsession is Damages. Have you watched it? If you like Scandal or Law & Order, it is kind of a mix of the two of them. And the clothes are impeccable. 
5. If you need a laugh this weekend, start following The Fat Jewish on Instagram. So so inappropriate, but so hilarious. Here is a recent NYT story on him. 
6. Fashion week(s) are ending soon and I usually just watch snippets on Instagram (follow Miraduma, anna_dello_russo, and ninagarcia) to see the shows. I thought Fendi was so lovely. Especially this leather pleated dress.  
7. I literally have like ten of these Clinque Chubby Sticks in my bag and I love them. Part balm, part lip color, and so easy to put on. 
8. Got to break out my favorite loafers this week. These Minnetonkas are basically like wearing slippers in public. 

I hope you have the best weekend and get to enjoy all your favorites too. 

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