Moto Boots

There were four requests last week for moto boot options. So clearly you ladies are into them. I love mine so much and they really stand the test of time. Because of the easy on/easy off and comfort, they make a great alternative to those furry Uggs you cannot let go of (guilty!). 

They can be an investment piece, which can be hard to pull the trigger on. Below are some designer options that have higher price tags and some much more budget friendly ones. Either way, there is the perfect pair for you.  

1. This pair by Chloe are elegant and edgy. Hard to find. $1175
2. These Fendi  have a chunky base for the snow $990
3. A refined version with great studs Tod's $995 
4. Jimmy Choo Own them, love them $995

And some much more down to earth pairs...

1. Love the worn in look of these Frye $298
2. These H by Hudson would be great in the snow $275
3. Still pricey, but these Rag & Bone are so cool $698
4. Love this pair by Topshop $125
5. These Kate Spade even have a charming bow on the back $398
6. This Steve Madden pair is very similar to the Choos above. Great shape $169


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