The Secret Lives of Moms: Nap Time

Today I am kicking off a new series that highlights the Secret Lives of Moms. We all share a lot of information with our Mom friends, but there are some things we never talk about. I have asked some other Moms to help me out and will highlight one question a couple times a month. This is just a fun way to see what is on other Moms minds or what they are doing when they are home with the kids. 

This week I asked what everyone did at nap time. Nap time is sacred at our house. The day I lose it, I might cry. No, I will cry. Until then, this is how I and some other Moms use nap time and the results are amazing similar…

"While my little ones were napping this summer, somehow I got addicted to Orange is the New Black.  I found that it sucked me in and it became just that...a total "time suck"!  I should have been organizing, cleaning, folding laundry, etc. but instead I was just relaxing.  Because I took the time to just veg away in from of the T.V., I was able to relax and then become super mom again!  It was nice when the shows were over because I was able to focus on all my reading I had to do for school!  I'm not going to lie, an occasional glass of wine or a beer may or may not have been consumed as well during this time of the day!"

"After I put both children to bed and wait for my 4 year olds subsequent 3 reappearances afterwards to tell me she has to potty, her shirt isn't right for nap time, and could she get some water, I wait till they both fall asleep.  Then I sit on the couch and enjoy the silence for about a half an hour till my mind wanders to what is going on with facebook or I still have to beat level 534 on candy crush.  Where I tell myself I will only go online for 30 minutes before I get some housework done.  Then I'll hear one of the children stirring and realize I have been lost doing absolutely nothing for an hour and a half"

"After I have done all my chores (I have to clean the floors pretty much daily since the baby is non-stop crawling) and made enough baby food so that she has a variety, I usually lie in my bed and watch one of the Real Housewives shows on DVR. This is my crap-TV guilty pleasure - my husband will not allow me to view in his presence."

"One of my favorite ways to pass nap time is to bake.  Everyone deserves a freshly baked chocolate cookie from time to time.  When I'm not in the kitchen, you will find me in bed watching Dexter episodes on Netflix...with my dog.  "

"I usually get at least an hour of both kids sleeping so I like to break it in half. The first 30 minutes I might clean up, pay bills, make phone calls, and plan meals for the week. The second half is "me time" where I catch up on my favorite blogs, browse online, or watch the latest housewives. It gives me a good balance of getting some things done, and then relaxing a little! "

"If I am being really ambitious, I try to run on the treadmill while the kids nap, but that rarely happens. Most time I am cozy on the cough with a bag of Skinny Pop, a diet coke, Bravo, and maybe an issue of Vogue. I also use the last remaining minutes to prep dinner a bit. Makes for an easier dinnertime."

"Since I am newly transitioning and getting to enjoy this nap time thing more that I’m not working, I've changed it up a few times already.  I try and hold off on lunch, so that I can eat right AFTER I put them down, so I make lunch, never anything special and have a diet pepsi while watching anything on the DVR or HGTV. I usually check email, facebook, US weekly, and read during this ‘break’ time as well.  Then I clean up all of the toys that the girls threw everywhere in the morning, this is a waste because the toys are all over the place minutes after they wake up.  When all of that is complete I walk around the house looking for new ‘home projects’... I need to stop watching HGTV!  I try and throw in a shower if there’s anytime left!"

"When the kids are in school and Jude is napping I spend an hour studying online education for my real estate license and any additional time is spent cleaning, laundry, or prepping dinner. If it's a long nap I get to take a shower. Ha!" 

"First thing I do is straighten the house- real basic things like making my bed, putting away my son's toys and washing the dishes in the sink.  Giving the house a little once over normally takes about 20 minutes.  After that I enjoy food in front on the TV while also checking emails and skimming FB. If we are hitting the road right when the babe wakes then I'll also take this time to pack his lunch and get the car packed up. "

"If I can get both kids to nap at the same time, which is a HUGE if, I like to enjoy a quite lunch with my smut TV. You know, the Real Housewives of Everything and The Kardashians. And the if I have time, I get to shower.     I know, you don't need to tell me, I live the life!"

So what I love most about this is that everyone loves to eat, watch tv, and relax. We need it! But I also love how no matter what, everyone does at least one productive thing for the house or themselves. 

Thank you for all the Moms that participated. Now we want to hear what you do! Comment below so we can hear what you do. 


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  1. Nap time is SO sacred in our household. I wish I used it to veg out a bit but I'm normally answering emails, blogging, eating lunch, showering, paying bills, making phone calls, cleaning, cooking, laundry - etc. Sometimes, during the last 15 minutes or so if it's a long nap I will just lay on the couch in peace and quiet.

    Fun new series!



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