Girl Crush: Miroslava Duma

It has been a busy week and getting through all the images of all of the shows during fashion week is not happening. It is even a little hard seeing all the light pretty clothes when I am really looking forward to sweaters and boots. So far Alexander Wang, Victoria Victoria Beckham and Rebecca Minkoff are highlights and I hope to get through some more of the shows over the next week. 

Let's face it though, seeing the street style rivals the shows themselves. While the Courtin-Clarins sisters are still my fave girls to see, Miroslava Duma has seriously won me over with her eclectic, pulled together, yet I-just-threw-this-on style. 

I love her easiness and choices that appear to come straight from her own closet, not a stylist's. Miroslava also does not pick choices to make too bold of a statement, just to make a statement. She has fantastic style and I wish I could sit front row with this girl. 

At the very least we can get inspired by some of her looks this week and channel a bit of what this girl has showed us on the streets of NYC. 

1. Coach $198
2. ASOS $112
3. Baublebar $300
4. Marc Jacobs $298
5. Baublebar $49
6. J. Crew $175
7. Madewell $118
8. J. Crew $95
10. Baublebar $36
11. TopShop $58

Happy NYFW. 

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