Easy Update

Slowly, but surely, I am starting to settle in and even hang some pieces on the walls. There was a big gaping hole over the stove that was screaming for something to fill it. I have never hung anything above a stove and thought it might be a little funny to have framed art hovering over pots and pans sizzling and bubbling on the range. I bought these vintage French serving piece prints at an antique fair a few years ago. They are pages out of an old catalogue and I love them. I had them mounted on charcoal grosgrain and framed in metallic silver. And I think above the stove is the perfect spot...

Given my current indecisiveness, I used 3M hooks so I can easily rearrange. Although, I think these two prints have found their home. 

After some searching on Pinterest , I realized there are a lot of ways to fill that empty space. Similar to what I did, these botanical frames are fantastic. 

This built in nook and faucet is genius. 

Charming dishware can be displayed.

A simple pot rack makes for a pretty space and functionality. 

More contemporary than my kitchen allows, bit this shelf is perfect for prep and tools

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