Hide and Peek

Though I recently shared my favorite new swim styles for this summer, the more important piece of my summer wardrobe would have to be the cover up. Because as much as I am willing for my former self to reemerge, it is most likely going to take me much of the summer for things to fall back in place post-baby (does it ever, really?). 

Cover ups can be just as cute as the suit they are hiding, but what makes some of them even better is they sneak a peek at what is underneath. So if you are feeling a bit bashful, at least you can show off your bikini without even having to undress. 

A little bit see through and enough coverage to make anyone feel comfortable. And if you never feel like taking it off, I do not blame you. Because clearly these are worth staying covered up for. 


1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9.5.12

    Actually just purchased the Roberto coverup yesterday!... Fingers crossed!
    Good luck with yours!



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