Met Ball 2012

By far my favorite red carpet event and I only have a quick minute to post, but could not miss posting today...

Let's start with my favorites...

Gisele looks incredible. The Givenchy is so chic and I love her slick hair. 
Diane is my best overall. The girl is flawless and this is dramatic, yet effortless. 
Emma Stone is her usual quirky self, but looks really pretty in this look. 
The color of Emma's dress and the on trend peplum is just enough. 
Lana is just enough glam and goth. 
Allison is simple and chic in Ralph Lauren. 
Such a great looking couple. Claire's hair is not my have, but they look so great together. 
Camilla has that same glam and vixen look that I love. 

As for the worst, it is more like that these people disappointed me the most. There were a lot of train wrecks, or people trying to hard to stand out. These ladies are just people that I love that I really wished would have picked something else. 

Most of these speak for themselves, but Cameron may be one that you are surprised by. Is anyone else weirded out by the cut of this dress? She is so rocking and the cut somehow is unflattering. Lily Collins needs a new stylist like now! She is constantly in gowns that are too old for her and swallowing her whole. Kills me because she is adorable. Chloe, Heidi and Kristen literally could wear anything from any designer and these are their choices?! Such a waste. Heidi's dress looks like it came from the ale rack in the Prom section at Macy's. Elizabeth's dress, there are really no words. 

There were so many looks to comment on. And I loved so many, but with limited time this is as far I can get today. What did I miss? 


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