Retinol Remedy

I have been using a form of Retinol for the last three years. Before I was pregnant, I was on a prescription Retinol for acne, Ziana. I loved it and got the benefit of not only clear skin but fading fine lines. 

For those that have never used Retinol, it is a form of Vitamin A that is prescribed to many for the treatment of acne. It also is used to fade age spots, acne scars and as an anti-wrinkle remedy. Obviously, it works in many ways. Retinol is very powerful and can only be used in certain doses with a script from your dermatologist. Many other friends of mine that have tried it have not liked it because it can be very drying and irritate skin easily. If you tough out this period, your skin tends to adapt after a few weeks. 

When I got pregnant and during breastfeeding, I was not allowed to use a retinol and I mourn it every day. My skin is still recovering from the hormones and my appointment is booked to get my prescription back asap. 

Because of I cannot resist any product and it's promises to "fix" everything and anything about my skin, I tried a ton of Retinols over the counter (ok when breastfeeding, but check with your doctor first). My favorite of them is Philosophy Help Me. It has a price tag that is middle of the road, does not irritate as much as others I tried, and works well with other products. I did have to amp up my moisturizer the first two weeks, but eventually my skin came around. 

I am curious if any of you have tried Retinol and what works best for you? Retinol is honestly an aging acne-prone girl's best friend. Don't know about you, but that category includes me and many girls I know. 


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