Weekend Wish: Anthropologie Swim Style

Even though I feel like I am far away from feeling fine in a swimsuit, I could not help but start my search for cute suits when I checked out Anthropologie's newest offerings. Honestly, their selection is amazing and colors, patterns, and cuts are flirty and chic. 

Clockwise from top left: SpottyPrint Share, NewsprintPrimrose

I love all of the bikinis. The use of different prints is so fun for summer. How sweet is the Primrose print with the ruffle? But I think I am leaning towards the newsprint or the print share. 

And dare I say that I think I am in the market for a one piece? Not that I think I am too old for a bikini, but with styles like these, I think you would be the envy of the pool deck...

From Right: Caroline $168, Palasari $148, Arvette $158
Kind of obsessed with all of them. It makes getting ready for the beach a lot easier, just throw on a cute pair of shorts or skirt. You are even ready for cocktails after. The neon reminds me of a leotard from the nineties (early), and I like it. 

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend, bathing suit shopping without tears and hopefully lots of sunny days to sport them. 


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