Style Snapshot: Stephanie Cross

I met Stephanie in what seems like a lifetime ago when she was a freshman pledging Alpha Phi and I was a Junior at the University of Arizona. And though college is far behind us, the blogging world keeps us connected. She is a first-time mom, who writes an uplifting blog about the many hats of motherhood, Life as I know It. Stephanie is also a Marketing Manager for luxury hotels and resorts like St. Regis, W Hotels and The Luxury Collection.  I love seeing the adorable pictures of her daughter and seeing how a fun, working mom juggles it all. 

She shares with us some of her favorite things and what she cannot live without. 

When I worked for Michael Kors I was immersed in style. This company taught me all about what was new and next in fashion. I adored living in this world. But, times have changed for me.
Today, I am a mom. I live in the suburbs with my husband and beautiful two-year old daughter; at the intersection where function and fashion meet. And even though I can fit all of my beauty essentials into one box, it doesn’t mean I have lost my edge completely.

I try to purchase timeless pieces. Pieces that aren’t ‘on trend’ but rather pieces that are trendless. Gold, black, silver, deep green – these are hues that do not go out the style window. As a mom, I don’t have time to hit the stores running for the latest and greatest; I need elegant classics that will take me from one stage in life to the other.

Timeless fashion items that I love:

Watch – Spend the money on a silver or gold watch that will dress up any outfit. 

Black dress (or top) – Black staple items will never (ever) let you down.

Gold accessories – Gold reminds me of riches and elegance. Paired with black, gold elevates your outfit to a more sophisticated look. 

Heels – Purchase a pair of heels and promise yourself you will take good care of them.

Under garments – Invest in a good bra. It will make every outfit fit and feel better. Once per quarter I try to visit the “Bra Specialists” at Nordstrom for a fitting.

Additionally, here are a few items I would be lost without.

Facial Cleaner – Purity by Philosophy
Perfume – Chance by Chanel (classic)
Powder – Bobbi Brown
 Eye Lashes – Maybelline, of course
Nails – OPI in nearly every shade of pink and red

    Hair – Biolage Shampoo and Conditioner
    Face Moisturizer – Hope in a Jar by Philosophy 
    Sunglasses – Kristina Aviators by Coach
    Accessories – (many) vintage pieces from my Great-Grandma and Nana

   Earrings – Marc by Marc Jacobs gold stud earrings (great gift idea!)
   Handbag – Large leather bag by Coach



  1. Anonymous5.4.12

    Thank you for this wonderful post! It does feel like a lifetime ago. We've gone from date dashes to play dates. What a wonderful life, indeed!


  2. very fun! love it.

  3. You are definitely a very stylish mom!



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