E Drop Off

As I mentioned in this post during my closet organization and Kat mentioned in her Style Snapshot, E Drop Off is the best way to sell any designer items you have in your closet. Those you are willing to part with, of course. 

You can drop off your pieces if you live in Chicago, but the genius is that they will coordinate a pick up anywhere in the country. I can say as an E drop Off client, that it is the easiest way to increase your shopping budget and get organized at the same time. 

Now you do not even have to take my word for it, you can watch the girls in action on their new show House of Consignment on VH1. It is on tonight and I love seeing what happens behind the scenes. Corri McFadden, the owner, is a girl with some seriously great taste and a fantastic drive that helped her build her business. Plus, from meeting her a few times I can say she is also super sweet and fun. 

The most fun part of the show is seeing the insane loot coming in from some of Chicago's most fab closets. And let's not forget that you can bid on items on Ebay. You can get that pair of Louboutins you love or the Prada tote for a lot less than retail. Good luck bidding, ladies! 


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